Good pastoral language once again cast a serious eye on the display screen. Zhang Shaotian has eaten a giant potion in front of him. It won’t be dangerous to jump into the pit for a short time or die. A few people will cast their eyes on the LingZhiwei picture on the other side of the display screen.

Ling Zhiwei’s role is also a witch Nana, but his mount is still a thunder flame. The lion king doesn’t know why he has no money to buy a leopard, but he still thinks that the lion king is more burly, aggressive and magnificent. But even though the lion king appeared a lot earlier than the leopard, he is still strong and has run so far. Ling Zhiwei’s performance score is not lower than Zhang Shaotian’s.
Ling Zhiwei seems to be a little less edgy on the track, which makes Mo Tianyuan a few people secretly nervous to watch a person play. For example, many times, one or two people can infer from his external emotions that this fellow is impetuous in private. I didn’t expect to be a different person when I arrived at the stadium.
At this moment, Taiwan Cao Ling Zhiwei also has some excitement in his heart, but at the same time he is a little unhappy.
The reason for the excitement is that the game is playing very stably, and there is no such thing as hanging up a low-level mistake 10 thousand meters ago. The reason is naturally that the opposite one from No.7 Middle School is not dead now!
You know, it’s always home!
Home and away are two different things!
Most people at home are their classmates. It may be a little nervous, but it will definitely not be stronger than the away players. But now it’s a long way from No.7 Middle School, and it’s still alive! What is this urine!
Knowing that he naturally wouldn’t think that this reason is actually because Zhang Shaotian has lived in this school for more than ten years …
To say that you are more familiar with the environment here than everyone present!
Lingzhiwei knows that his farthest distance is 12,000 kilometers. It’s a bit bad if he doesn’t die in No.7 Middle School …
But none of those people in the school are shouting for themselves. This cheerleading team is really incompetent!
Ling Zhiwei is depressed. If you shout two slogans, maybe the little one in No.7 Middle School will just hang up.
Just want him to see is walking in front of the ground appeared two closely connected spikes, these two spikes alone stand out from the crowd nature is no damage LingZhiWei corners of the mouth float a disdain to laugh at.
However, behind these two spikes, there is a fault about five meters. In the second half of the fault, a flash monster floats on the horizontal line of the fault to a track height, and a gold coin line leading from the spike to the flash monster rises along the bottom surface of the flash monster and extends to the rear flat ground.
There is a route between the flash monster and the bottomless fault, and the fault and the flash monster are paved with that gold coin line. At this time, you should choose to jump over the flash monster’s head. Because the flash monster is too high, it is not difficult to pass this point, but if you walk into the pit to eat gold coins, the difficulty will increase by more than a little …
At this time, however, LingZhiWei eyes is a round.
"If I jump from the top of the flash monster’s head, it is estimated that everyone will feel normal and there will be no special reaction. But if I go into the pit along the gold coin line and eat gold coins, and then turn over and jump out after eating the gold coin line from the flash monster’s face when necessary, then it will not make everyone blind. Maybe the brothers frightened the junior high school student in No.7 Middle School as soon as they applauded me happily. Then I won easily? "
Is deadlocked with Zhang Shaotian, and he can’t wait to finish the game early. Besides, he has seen many videos recorded by experts on the Internet. At this point, it is the method of eating gold coins from the flash monster’s ass. Although the operation is not difficult and the danger is not low, it can be said that it is a good one from the comments!
Just do it!
Everyone was waiting for him to jump over the head of the flash monster when he suddenly found that the witch riding the lion king in this little hand actually went straight into the pit. Looking along the gold coin line, it meant eating the whole gold coin line!
The crowd immediately let out a breath of air conditioning!
You know, the position of the gold coin line on this strange face is already very low. Ordinary people will choose to go over the strange face and go straight into the pit to eat the gold coin line like him. It is estimated that few people can do it except some special abnormal gods!
I saw the lion Wang Xiong, who jumped into the pit to eat the gold thread, correcting his arrogance and came to the flash monster!
The horse will turn over and realize that it is exactly the same as those video recording scenes of the Internet.
Suddenly …
The screen picture that attracted thousands of pages present belonged to Lingzhiwei’s half and suddenly became quiet.
The pages wiped their eyes, but the reason was not being blinded …
What happened?
Everyone saw that the lion king who went into the pit to eat gold coins didn’t jump again after jumping, but directly fell into the pit and couldn’t get out again!
I wiped the pit! ?
Everyone was surprised. I thought I could see a gorgeous exercise track and it just hung up! ?
Taiwan LingZhiWei an old face suddenly gloomy to his right thumb rushed to poke the jump key location, but at the moment there is no half a dime eggs …
After several hundred pages in No.7 Middle School stupidly for a moment, the horse reacted.
"Wow ha ha! This cargo tried to install a B and ended up pretending to be dead! "
"Yes! It’ s so funny! "
"It’s really’ nozuodie’ to want to learn great god exercises without the level of great god!"