At the same time, he is also a pastor. The so-called pregnancy is mainly to comfort people, especially when he is dying. He can help people treat diseases and treat them well.

Pastor Patty often visits some local neighborhoods in his spare time, which is a very dangerous thing. He can successfully enter those neighborhoods because the gang leaders in those neighborhoods have received his treatment.
Pastor Patty is not keen on teaching, but he can also diagnose and treat some diseases. On his deathbed, he seems to enjoy people’s praise and thanks, and he is always a respectable good man.
A few days after Walich came to Wago Mining in Hua Zhen and accompanied the work team, Pastor Patty’s assistant team resigned.
At that time, all the work had just been paved, and at one time it was a bit messy. There were also many middle managers in Wage Mining who didn’t pay special attention to this matter.
Pastor Petty was either hired by Wago Mining from Luoba, or hired locally. It’s hard to quit if there are such talents. It’s a pity that he also brought a team of assistants, including five people, three men and two women.
By the time Hua Zhenxing got the latest investigation clue, Pastor Patty’s team had disappeared, and the new alliance organization had gone deep into various blocks. If they wanted to return it here, it would be impossible to find it. It was probably that time that they left Wago City.
Since he was suspicious, Hua Zhen immediately took someone to check the apartment where Pastor Patty used to live. Although Pastor Patty was employed locally, there was an apartment in the executive residence area because he was a special talent office, but no clues were found there.
Not only was it not found in Pastor Patty’s apartment, but it was also found in the dormitory of his five assistants, which was not normal.
If there is no problem with these people, they are unlikely to walk so "clean". The trip to Hua Zhen was originally to investigate whether they left evil practices, but there was no trace. It was like someone used their magical powers to erase all clues and let the latecomers trace them.
Today, Yogaole’s sudden visit to China was really a brainwave, so he took out the materials with Pastor Patty, which were sorted out yesterday, and asked Yogaole if this person had a job in Gambyshire.
Yue Gaole took over the file desk like a gust of wind rolled over the page and quickly flipped it in the blink of an eye. Then he put the material and said, "There is no such person in Gambistine now. Of course, I can’t know everyone in Gambistine. Since Boss Hua has talked, I can ask someone to check it again, but I can’t guarantee the result."
Hua Zhen trip "Thank you very much, Mr. Yue!"
Yogoro: "Don’t worry about thanking me first. My scope of investigation is only to register the theologians in the Gombe court, but you also know that many theologians are not registered in the Gombe court, such as Mr. Locke."
Hua Zhenxing shook his head and said, "You are wrong. Mr. Locke’s early name was Awagi, a third-class apprentice of Mr. Dawson, a theologian. He belonged to the Fogan Friar’s Association. This Gambisi Court was registered. Later, he disappeared and reappeared. Today, Locke has a strange life experience … Mr. Yoo came to Porto to investigate this matter."
About Gao Le wry smile way: "You say it’s also true that Gambistine is an organization, and it can’t know everything, just like Kunlun League can’t know all the monks in the two Kunlun Mountains, so I can ask someone to help me try."
Hua Zhen trip "I owe you a favor whether I can find the clue or not"
About Gao Le: "Boss Hua’s human feelings are very valuable, so I’ll save the real black wasteland first. This place is a bit sinister. Since I joined Gambisi Court, I heard that two great gods have been planted in this area, and both of them can’t find the truth."
Hua Zhenxing wondered, "Is there such a thing? Is the wizard here more powerful than the Great God Magician in Gambisting? Even the court of Gambisi can’t find out the truth? "
Joko suddenly laughed again. "It’s not necessarily that indigenous wizards did it, or that they met a stronger opponent. The Great Gods are also flesh and blood, and maybe they will capsize in the gutter. One of the two Great Gods is Frick!"
I see! But why does this sound so bad? Capsize in the gutter. If the boat refers to Frick, then who is the gutter? Can Hua Zhen pretend not to understand and ask, "What about the other one?"
About Gao Le "that was five years ago. This person beat around the bush and you are a bit."
Hua Zhen trip "Five years ago, I was only eleven years old. I read the Internet in the grocery store every day. What can I do with this kind of person? Don’t tell me that he was planted by three old people and you can’t find out the truth. "
About Gao Le "That’s not nothing to do with your three old-timers, it’s just that you know ancient prose, right?"
Hua Zhen’s trip "Guwentong is not a great god craftsman … Do you mean that the man is Guwentong’s master?"
About Gao Le "Cong", you got it right in one sentence! The name of the great god craftsman is Lalfa, who is the tutor of the ancient Chinese prose, the ancient Chinese prose master of illusion and confusion, and he teaches it.
Lalfa’s identity is different from Frick’s. Frick is a member of the Fogan Friar’s Order. Although he is also registered and supervised by the Gambies Court, the Gambies Court cannot interfere with the affairs of the Fogan Friar’s Order.
Lalfa, the great god of Gambis, was in charge of tracking down a black wizard five years ago and chased him all the way to the black desert mainland, but he disappeared. I don’t know if he was alive or dead, and nine times out of ten he was killed.
All I’m saying is that this place is evil, and I don’t know what master lurks that can make a great god magician disappear! "
Don’t you know if you can’t live or die when you go to Hua Zhen? Since you are a great god, you can’t leave a soul lamp in Gambyshire. I have seen it in many novels. "
About Gao Le was amused by him again. "You are a monk yourself. How can you say such a stupid thing? Leave a soul lamp at home when you go out. If you die, the lamp will go out. This is really a plot in a novel, but Gambistine can’t do it. "
Hua Zhen’s trip "There is no such thing or technology in Gambit Court?"