Lu Chen’s condition was very poor at this time, and his basic crack caused all the secrets of the human body to be motionless, which was different from that of Ye Fan at that time.

Ye Fan is physically injured. Although he often coughs up blood, he can still peak his strength and fight others.
Now, Lu Chen will show signs of collapse if he wants to exert his strength in all the secret realms of spiritual power, and he will exert his strength with the intense pain of going deep into his soul.
He told Chuhang about his situation, but he didn’t tell Modern Pear Dress that he wanted to see it first.
This is the oldest forbidden area in the original mine cave-if there are living creatures here, he can find what the secret blood ancestor said, then his situation still has a chance to be solved.
A group of people walked in the desert, and Xiaojinlong was very satisfied with Lu Chen’s taxi.
The little guy doesn’t seem to think it’s a ride for people. It’s a deal and it makes money.
After another month of exploration in the desert, the spectre still followed Liu Chen and others but did not dare to make moves.
Liu Chen no longer heard that strange sound because he had cracked.
Thousands of snow around him that spectre, dare not make a move and small golden dragon capture each other is becoming more and more accurate.
Just as the two men Yi Long felt that the roots in the desert could not find the entrance and exit, some fog rose faintly behind the sand dunes in front.
Qian Xue’s expression of joy awakened Liu Chen, who was secretly recuperating the injured body. "There seems to be something different in front of the captain."
Lu Chen’s eyes are full of fatigue. It is a technical job to maintain Daoji state for a long time. If there is a slight mistake, his injury will continue to deteriorate.
And constantly repeating his mysterious blood essence blood also consumes the overall state slowly and smoothly.
According to Chu Hang’s suggestion, if he can’t find a way to treat Daoji in his original mine, they should consider returning to the modern more secure era and entering the star or finding an safe place to wait for the return.
Almost everything in the world can’t find a cure. When you go back, the origin coin and the crystal can be solved.
"fly over and have a look"
Lu Chen patted Xiaojinlong on the back and motioned for it to fly in that direction.
A few people flew over the sand dunes before they saw the scene behind them. There was still an "oasis" in this dead place.
Different from the ordinary desert, there is no scorching sun here, only a red moon shines with cold light, and the earth and gray dust complement each other to construct a world like hades.
If they are desert elements, this place is indeed a grave.
However, a few people are seeing a vibrant green tree and flowers everywhere, about two kilometers away from Fiona Fang, with dense vegetation everywhere. There is a quiet small lake in the center of the vegetation. They had previously seen fog as water vapor rising from the small lake.
It’s a bit weird that there is a vibrant place in this place.
Qianxue hurriedly stopped Xiaojinlong to observe this oasis with open eyes.
Lu Chen struggled to open his eyes to the martial arts and scanned the vegetation. These are all elixirs that grow from the body of the fairy gods. They are of extremely high quality. He even saw a elixir that transcends the fairy level.
It’s an elixir that looks like a bird. The shape of the strange lake is still changing with the water vapor, from fish to bird.
"Kunpeng! ?”
Liu Chen whispered in her eyes with doubts.
He is also a person who has seen the world. He can judge that this is definitely an immortal medicine, that is, an immortal medicine. He feels something wrong
I’m not so lucky. When there is a problem with Daoji, I can just meet the immortal magic medicine that even the martial god mountain master has never found.
Qianxue also noticed this pearl medicine. Behind the little Kunpeng on the riverside, it seems that Qianxue and Liu Chen are aware of the fact that they are rooted in the gray dust, and their eyes are closer to the edge of the lake.
"Captain, I’ll go and see first."
Qianxue decided to explore Lu Chen’s mobility first. She asked Xiaojinlong to stay with him in the morning.
"Be careful. This place is weird."
Lu Chen has never studied source art or studied geomantic omen. He has not seen any traces of kill array in this place, but he always feels that something is wrong.
Qian Xue nodded and carefully lowered her body until she stepped on the ground, and nothing happened. Her heart was slightly relieved.
She leaned over and picked an elixir, which was an elixir of unknown age. Her experience judged that it was at least a fairy-level full-scale elixir.
There was no abnormality, so she ran the psychic force and threw this pearl fairy ginseng with full score to Fang Luchen to "give it a try"