Knock, knock, knock

Justin changed his clothes after knocking at the door and looked at the window. Mark smiled slightly. "I remember you have been to Brussels, right?"
Mark nodded and looked at the Royal Library of Belgium!
It was nine years ago that Mark and the CIA had a close relationship, which was Brussels.
Mark still remembers that wonderful afternoon.
The location is in the Royal Library of Belgium!
There Mark met a beautiful woman with all kinds of amorous feelings.
After a night, the beauty quietly disappeared, leaving a note and floating away.
It was not until 1999 when Makedon became the first agent that he learned from TV.
That beauty has already married someone else’s title!
Mark looked back at his minister and smiled and said, "Where is the minister going?"
"Is the Belgian Minister of Justice interested in hearing that I have come here to hold a special dinner to entertain me?"
Mark laughed and then shook his head, pointing to the lights not far away and said, "I prefer the bar atmosphere!" "
"… ok, remember one thing!"
"I know, I know that Belgium left it to Belgium. I remember you saying it when you first came out with the CIA."
"I wish you hadn’t forgotten!"
Justin looked at his family, who was merciful everywhere, and asked Shen not to force Mark to go to the dinner with him.
In half an hour!
Mark tightened the door of the tight suit hotel for about a minute before turning right and walking towards the so-called Belgian paradise block not far away.
Tunnel bar!
As the name implies, this is a tunnel bar!
Formerly known as the underground pedestrian passage, the arched stone wall is smooth, the bar is large and comfortable, and the bar chair creates a romantic and classical atmosphere at night, which makes people linger …
Just walked in, because the night hasn’t come yet, there are several customers scattered in the bar.
But they are all drinking their own wine!
"Bourbon, please!"
Sit down. Mark glanced at the bar with his arms on the table. There was a football match playing in the middle of the suspension. The screen was facing the bar and the glass was wiped inside. A decadent bartender said lightly!
The bartender glanced at handsome Mark.
After a while, I pushed a glass of wine like amber waves to Mark’s side and asked faintly, "American?"
Mark nodded and took a sip of wine and said, "Is it so easy to recognize?"
The bartender continued to wipe the leftover glass and said lightly, "There are also you Americans who like waves!" "
Mark shrugged his shoulders.
There is no way to wave for Americans as the national pits are for easterners!
It was a belief that brought me to …
The bartender turned to look at the movement, washed his hands, frowned and said, "Shette! This is a bar, not a cheap motel! "
Then the bartender frowned at Mark and said, "What the hell are these young people thinking?"
"Ha ha!" Mark also smiled and raised his glass to reveal a nostalgic smile.
It is said that he once washed his hands and had a special memory in it!
When the bartender complained, a woman with a few shallow scars came out of her hands …
The woman glanced at Mark sitting at the bar and smiled. She sat down beside Mark and said to the bartender inside, "Thank you, Cointreau!" "