Lin Jin wondered when she provoked people. You know, that third-line professional player hasn’t played a few games, and now he is also a substitute. He doesn’t have many fans at all, and these people spray themselves. Except those just-minded off the charts netizens, someone definitely maliciously hired the water army to attack her.

However, her live broadcast has never been quiet, and it is not bad to be with several big anchors. She has never provoked anyone. Why would anyone hire a water army to make things difficult?
After half of the water army was missing, Lin Jin’s fans occupied points in the battle of abuse, and soon some fans found out that these water armies were definitely maliciously hired by someone, even though fans quickly searched for clues to find out who was behind the scenes.
And Lin Jin seems to have to continue playing live games and occasionally sing a few songs, which seems to have completely watched those guys with rhythm.
Then her cell phone rang. It was summer.
"Jin Lin? Are you okay? I saw a lot of people hacking you live! What is the situation? "
"I quarreled with my teammates when I played games yesterday, and today I was brought to the rhythm. Someone should be targeting me."
"Then I’ll study it and definitely help you find that person!"
Then I hung up in the summer.
Lin Jinnai flattened her mouth, and she didn’t want to pay attention to this kind of thing. As a result, summer seemed to be very happy, and those audiences were indignant.
God knows why they are so angry.
Lin Jin felt that she didn’t have much anger, but she was a little naive. As a result, this group of people became angry on behalf of Lin Jin first.
She lifted her foot and put it in the chair. She continued to broadcast the game at will and pulled the cupboard to eat the food inside.
Speaking of it, because Lin Jin’s live broadcast is also a lot of viewers, she also received an advertisement for Taobao, and these foods were sent by that store to Lin Jin to taste.
After taking a few bites and glancing at the barrage, Lin Jin felt that she should divert their attention and not let the barrage be the rhythm of this matter.
"Come on, let’s stop advertising today." Lin Jin clapped his hands and waved before the camera that he had just eaten food packaging. "This is the food store that wants me to advertise and let me try it …"
"But this potato chip tastes really bad …"
"This beef jerky is too hard to taste, and banana milk is too sweet and spicy. If you don’t like it, the meat muffin is delicious but sticky …"
When the audience saw that Lin Jin didn’t give the advertiser a face, they suddenly became happy. To tell the truth, then no one dared to advertise here.
Chapter 579 Summer came back in 574.
Because Lin Jin’s network was brought with the rhythm, he came back from his hometown early in the summer for fear of any accident.
So Lin Jin was awakened by the sound of the bedroom door.
She looked blankly at the gate and saw Xia Tianzheng carrying a huge bag. wait for a while looked at Lin Jin in front of the gate.
Jin Lin saw him in a daze and looked down at himself.
Well, the clothes are a little messy
Well, Miss Lin’s clothes are a little messy, too …
When did Miss Lin climb into my bed? !
Although Miss Lin has lived here for a week, she has always lived in the factory for a few days. In those two days, Lin Jin will lock a bedroom door. Later, I saw that Miss Lin didn’t seem to have any strange intentions for herself, so it was called that when I just came back this summer, I happened to see myself sleeping with Miss Lin.
It seems that it’s no big deal for two younger sisters to sleep together. After all, lily is not very common, although Miss Lin seems to have this tendency …
Why does Mr. Lin have to wear pants and a tight vest when he sleeps? And at this time, I was rubbing Lin Jin’s waist with my hands and my legs were unceremoniously pestering Lin Jin’s thigh …
I may have been kicked out by Lin Jin or Teacher Lin for sleeping dishonestly, plus the disheveled teacher Lin’s exposure …
Well, my eyes are almost straight in summer
Lin Jin will not hesitate to be re-covered by Teacher Lin and then stare angrily at Summer.
Although my figure is really inferior to Miss Lin! Although teacher Lin is really much sexier and more mature than himself! But boyfriend, can you live up to expectations!
"Well … I went to the live broadcast." In the summer, I ran to the next door to work, but I just saw the teacher Lin’s close-fitting clothes at a glance.
Teacher Lin Jin … There’s something really wrong.
Either there is something wrong with the brain or the mind.
Summer sighed and felt that it was a little difficult for me to ignore this scene. After all, the camera will easily capture the eye of the bed when it is broadcast live later, and the audience will find these things if they are not sure.
So it’s a little difficult to put my bag in my hand in summer and stretch out my hand to sort out those close-fitting clothes
"What are you doing? !”
In summer, my hand just touched that pair of pants, but I heard Lin Jin yelling.
"I pack my things."
In summer, Shan Shan withdrew her hand and turned to look at the door, wearing a nightgown, Lin Jin.
However, Lin Jin looked at him with abnormal eyes whether he believed it or not.
"I’m really packing!" Summer immediately increased the tone to express his pure heart.
Lin Jin still looked at him with suspicion and said to the summer with great enthusiasm
"If you are a fetish, it’s not that I can’t accept it … Don’t keep this kind of thing from me. We are all engaged …"
"I’m really not …" Summer covered her face with one hand and a face of despair.
"And you must not to miss Lin things hand! You ….. "Lin Jin said blushing and faltering." That … you can wash your hands with me. Well, I don’t mean that you are a fetish! I mean! If you are a fetish, don’t treat other people’s hands well! "
"I’m really not …" Summer shuffled step by step and sat down in front of her head, then her forehead was supported with her hands and her face was in despair.
Lin Jin is still suspicious. Seeing that he turned his head, he hurriedly packed up Miss Lin’s personal belongings and lost them in her satchel.
"aye? Lin Jin, why are you awake? "
Lin Jin looked back only to see that Miss Lin was wearing an exposed garment door with a confused face.
She immediately rushed to push Miss Lin out of the door and looked her in the eye seriously.
"dress! Summer is back! "
"aye? What? " Teacher Lin is a little sleepy.
"What do you say!"
Teacher Lin frowned at Lin Jin’s chest and suddenly realized, "Do you think your chest is not as big as mine?" Say shame! "
What is a teacher, but the brain circuit in private life is more amazing than the average student?
"Don’t you think it’s rude to hang around in front of a man dressed like this and that man is my boyfriend?" Lin Jin gnashed her teeth and stared at Miss Lin.
Teacher Lin suddenly realized this and then pointed to the door and said, "But my clothes are all inside."
"I’ll go in and get it for you. You can wait in my bedroom."
Lin Jin turned her head and walked into the work. She helped Teacher Lin get clothes and let her change. After that, she sat by the brain and watched the live broadcast in summer.