Undertaker looked at Mark and asked, "Did I say I could live?"

Mark looked at Tony.
Tony hesitated for a moment and finally nodded.
Mark then nodded at undertaker.
Undertaker was skeptical, but he had no better choice.
Undertaker came clean about what he knew.
It’s simple
At noon on 16th, it should also be when Pepper left from Tony Villa. undertaker received an old customer who had a pleasant relationship before, and named his name to make an urgent order for Pepper Potts.
Undertaker initially refused.
Although he has a cancer killer at hand, he always likes to make a decision before acting.
However, undertaker still left room to tell his regular customers that the urgent order must be requested by the regular customer himself.
After …
Undertaker received a conversation and directly revealed his identity.
This is also what undertaker requested for urgent orders.
This is also a guarantee.
Urgent orders are risky, and he must know whether it is a personal order, which is also a way out for himself.
After all, the meaning of the urgent order is almost self-evident.
How many killers were killed in a daze after finishing the urgent order? undertaker protected himself very well
After that, it is proved that he has the financial resources to pay the urgent bill. Urgent urgent means that he can’t receive the information step by step like the previous ordinary bill, which also increases his exposure risk.
But something is beyond undertaker’s estimation.
Or … Is it going well?
Undertaker doesn’t even have to do Ms. Pepper Potts’ homework by herself.
What he needs is to connect him with the cancer killer on standby.
And then …
When you receive obadiah Stein’s words, just inform him that the cancer killer will be in the exact position when he is accurate and create the most accurate car accident.
In the whole process, almost the role played by undertaker is a third-rate killer intermediary …
When it’s done,
Undertaker also specially delayed this for many days to set up an overseas account and put the agreed death into the trust account of the cancer killer’s daughter
The original calm.
Who knows …
Undertaker added a lip with a dry cough and said, "There is a mobile phone in the washbasin on the second floor of my room, and there is a photo of obadiah Stein’s video screenshot."
Mark frowned. "Did you still video chat with obadiah?"
Undertaker dry a smile "this is also my rule urgent list must meet to talk, otherwise he said he was obadiah I believe it? I’m not that stupid, or I’d have died nine times in this business. "
Third-rate killer intermediary goes with the flow
Second-rate killer intermediary adapts to local conditions
In the first class?
First-class killer intermediaries make their own rules.