Two days later, Guixian County.

The leaves have gradually fallen and covered the courtyard, and several maids are struggling to clean the courtyard. The rustling sound keeps coming like a kitten scratching Shi Wanbao’s heart.
Shi Wanbao is very depressed. Since he was put back by Yang You, many people have looked at his eyes strangely. These people include his rival Ma Sanbao, Pan Ren, and even Shi Wanbao, a maid around Li Xiuning, who knows that this is their extreme distrust of themselves.
After Shi Wanbao came back, Li Xiuning punished him in the name of poor performance in Lantian County in World War I, depriving Shi Wanbao of his soldiers. Shi Wanbao knew that this was just an excuse. The real reason was that Yang You put himself back.
Shi Wanbao lay in his room with a sigh. He understood Li Xiuning’s practice. If he were a celebrity, he would do the same. He might even kill each other. But now that he is demoted, his mentality is different.
Many times, the bystander and the client react differently to the same thing. The bystander will think that the client’s reaction will be ridiculous or that the person is not mature enough to bear some kind of blow, but when things happen to him, they will feel unfair. I will be angry in my heart.
Shi Wanbao is in such a mood at the moment. He feels very wronged, especially when Li Shentong in the whole army believes in himself, which makes Shi Wanbao very frustrated. When he is depressed, someone comes to visit him.
This man is actually sent by Yang You, which makes Shi Wanbao feel embarrassed? He never imagined that Yang You would send someone to find him, and that person brought an inquiry, "Is General Shi well?"
This almost made Shi Wanbao crazy, but he still held back. He didn’t kill the man, but sent him out of Lingxian in the dark and windy night.
Shi Wanbao didn’t sleep that night. He kept speculating about Yang You’s meaning. Finally, he came to the conclusion that Yang You wanted to divide the rebels by himself. This kind of soft knife is really fierce! However, Shi Wanbao had to defend himself again.
Shi Wanbao felt that he was Han Sui in the Three Kingdoms, and was driven by Cao Cao’s altered letter to turn Ma Chao against Han Sui. But a moment later, Shi Wanbao felt that he was a sheep trapped in a fire and could be swallowed up by the fire at any time.
Shi Wanbao couldn’t help but feel excited at the thought of this-he was a little depressed after a few days. On this afternoon, someone came to report that the general manager called the people to discuss and invited Shi Wanbao to go.
Shi Wanbao hesitated for a moment, then changed into a plainclothes without a QinBing, and rushed to Li Xiuning Mansion, not far from Li Xiuning Mansion. Shi Wanbao rode a war horse and half-scented kung fu to Li Xiuning Mansion. He let Li Fu people take the war horse away and hurried to the Chamber.
At this time, Li Xiuning in the Chamber sat first in Li Shentong’s left, first in the right, and first in Pan Renyu’s Qiu Shili, Li Zhongwen, Xiang Shanzhi, and so on. After entering, Shi Wanbao had the right hand side and the last position. He sat sullenly before leaving.
When Li Xiuning saw that everyone was here, he said, "All right, everyone is here. Let’s start the discussion!"
At this moment, Ma Sanbao Li Xiuning pulled a piece of white silk cloth behind him and rolled it in front of everyone when the silk cloth stopped and a map appeared in front of everyone.
Li Xiuning laughed. "General Qiu, tell you the news!"
Qiu Shili raised his fist and said, "Hey, Chief Manager!" With that, Qiu Shili looked around at the crowd and said, "According to reliable information, Xue Ju has taken Xiao!"
Everyone was taken aback. Xiao’s city is tall, but it is quite talented to resist the bridgehead Fufeng County. He stationed five thousand troops in Xiao and Xiao fell overnight. Seeing everyone wondering, Qiu Shili said, "According to the news, Xiao Yu Xue Ju made a deal, and he seemed to let Xue Ju let him go back to China and gave Liang Quan County to Xue Ju."
Pan Rendao "I heard that Xue Ju has been besieging the city for a long time, and it will be unnecessary to take Liang Quan County sooner or later."
At this time, Li Shentong ha ha smiled. "I don’t know this matter. Li Rail occupies Liangzhou and is eyeing Xue Ju, and the weather is getting colder. I’m afraid Xue Ju is also considering that it will be inconvenient to operate frozen food in winter, so it’s probably not difficult to reach an agreement with Xiao Yu to get what they need!"
Pan Ren strange asked "but xiao city tall that Xue Ju how can take xiao? What does Xiao Yu have in this matter? "
Pan Ren this words say a few people are surprised at Qiu Shili.
Qiu Shili shook his head and said, "The specific situation is temporarily known, but the fact is that Xue Ju took Xiao the night Xiao Yu arrived!"
They gasped at this moment Li Xiuning said, "That’s what I’m worried about. I suspect that this is what Xiao Yu led Xue Ju into, and it may even be Yang You’s inspiration! If so, our army will face the danger of being attacked! "
Chapter 57 Yang Mei’s mind
Yang You Imperial House in Daxing City paced uneasily.
Since crossing, he has sometimes kept his posture to fool some people, but it can be said that he has never suffered any big losses and has been calculating others. At this time, he did not expect to be calculated by Xue Ju.
According to the latest information, Xue Ju sent someone to follow Xiao Yu. Although Xiao withdrew nearly, it was just a cover-up. Xue Renguo hid in the dark and sent troops to attack Xiao at night, which should help him get Xiao smoothly.
Xiao was so vulnerable that Xiao Shoujiang listened to Xiao Yu’s arrival and wanted to please Xiao Yu, so he relaxed his vigilance and was struck by Xue Renguo, but Xue Ju still had a certain letter and was polite to Xiao Yu and put Xiao Yu back.
At this time, Xiao Yu is living in Doulong Mansion in Fufeng County, and the worst result has appeared in front of Yang You, that is, China is about to face Xue Ju’s invasion!
Tian Xiongxiong is not a simple creature. At this time, Yang You felt that he was sometimes too naive. There are still many opponents in the future who must play full spirit, and none of them can despise the current situation. I’m afraid I can’t afford a failure.
Yang You paced the room and called Xiao Gui "Xuan Lijing, Hou Jun, Cui Pijia and Li Renzheng".
Moments later, they all came to see Yang You sand table and stared at Shu County.
"You love Qing, and now Xue Ju has taken Xiao Gu. I feel that it can’t wait any longer. I’m afraid it’s hard to take Li Xiuning in the cold," Yang You said slowly.
Everyone around the sand table looked at the sand table crisscrossed with red and white. Yang You took a crimson flag and inserted it into the site of Yan County. "Do you have any clever ideas for loving Qing in Yan County?"
Yang You finished his eyes and swept the crowd. Finally, Li Jingshen fixed Li Jingshen’s eyebrows and frowned. Although Li Xiuning lost a battle, the strength was still dominant and the weak forces attacked the strong and the odds of siege were even less.
Although Hou Jun is brave, when it comes to advice, he is not as good as Excavate. At this time, Excavate still can’t figure out a coup. He is holding his head and puzzling over his whole face.
Li Renzheng and Cui Pijia just came to go through the motions to prepare the equipment for the grain production and need them.
A moment later, Li Jing said, "I have a plan to take Gui County."
Li Yuan’s attack on Hedong City for a long time did not upset him. It was getting colder and colder. It was even more unrealistic to wait until the snow closed the mountain to transport food from Taiyuan. What did these 70,000 soldiers eat? Without food, the army will mutiny and the uprising will face failure.
It is absolutely impossible for Tang gaozu to return to Taiyuan while he is happy, which means that failure is absolutely impossible
At this time, because Yang You blocked the pass ferry, Li Yuan knew almost nothing about the situation. He could guess by imagination whether he wanted a paralytic temple or not. Although he knows that this may be very small, how can he know it until he tries?
At this moment, the soldier told Pei Ji to ask for audience.
Pei Ji Li Yuan is very good. After Pei Ji came in, he briefly saluted, "Tang Gong!"
Tang gaozu laughed. "Xuanzhen, sit down!"
Sitting on the soft couch, Li Yuan couldn’t help sighing for a long time, "Xuanzhen taught me?"
Pei Ji coughed, "Tang Gong, I think it’s better to divide the army to get Pujin Ferry."
Tang gaozu shook his head and said, "I’ve thought about it, but what if I take Pujin Ferry?"
Pei Ji smiled. He knew that Tang Yuan was worried. "The other day, I heard that Daxing City called back 20,000 soldiers and horses, which proves what difficulties Daxing City encountered!"
Tang gaozu’s eyes lit up and encouraged him, "Is Xuanzhen insightful?"
Pei Ji felt a burst of ecstasy in his heart. "My big Xingcheng may be faced with Xue Ju or his invasion, and he will not hesitate to transfer the front-line military forces back to our army. If we can take Pujin Ferry into the middle, we will inevitably shake in the harassment of Qingqi! When the time comes, if Qu Tutong or Yin Shishi has a flaw, it will be Tang Gong’s opportunity! "
Tang gaozu’s plan is a bit risky, but if he can get into it, he will gain a lot. More importantly, once he knows the situation, this cavalry can’t take advantage of it. If he can get the information, it will be worth it.
The more dangerous the plan is, the greater the gain, which makes Tang gaozu, who has always been calm and sophisticated, feel really excited.
At this moment, Pei Ji laughed again. "Li Xiaochang, the magistrate of Tang Gonghua Yin County, is Li Yuantong. I think we might as well win him if we can kill him."
Tang gaozu’s eyes lit up. At this time, he also thought that it was Yongfengcang food! If we can take Yongfeng warehouse, with this huge warehouse, the rebels will not be in danger of lack of food, and we will take Daxing city capital!
Li Yuan kept pacing in his account. Obviously, this plan attracted him deeply. Li Yuantong’s wife is a Dou family, and Li Yuan’s wife is also a Dou family. It would be good for Li Yuan if he could understand that Li Xiaochang would take advantage of Yongfengcang again.
He thought for half a ring, and finally made up his mind and discussed with Pei Ji the candidate. Finally, he chose Yin Kaishan, the main commander, and Sun Shunde, the deputy commander, to lead the troops of 5,000 cavalry and 1,000 soldiers into Pujin Ferry.
Caotang Temple in Lingxian County
Li Xiuning lit a column of fragrance, and she made several obeisances before the Buddha. The death of the child who murmured in her mouth has always made her feel deeply guilty. Since she was well, she has come back to Caotang Temple every few days to light a column of fragrance and pray for the well-being and happiness of the child in Jiuquan.
At this time, the host Yuan Zhen came forward and crossed his hands and stood on his chest, saying, "Donor Li, please do not grieve."
Li Xiuning got up in return, took out two diaoqian from his arms and put them in the merit box, saying, "Thank you, Master, for reciting the scriptures every day."
Yuan Zhen said, "Li benefactor has taken good care of Bi Temple, which is what should be done."
Li Xiuning smiled and walked out of the hall door. Two female soldiers held the reins in their hands and followed Li Xiuning out of Caotang Temple and walked along Guifeng Mountain Road towards Gui County. At this time, the weather was cold and Li Xiuning could not help but tighten her clothes.