People in the communication channel didn’t finish Qin Tong and other members of the original Xinghe squad, such as Chen Xun and Liu Mian, who were still in school.

"Colonel, I have calculated that when you formed an independent group before, you borrowed those resources. Up to now, you and Qin Tong have accumulated 40% value after breaking the imperial mecha recycling, but …"
The account was handed over to Liu Mian by Chen Xun, and Liu Mian’s temper changed. "It would not be enough if we had both the Prince A and the General A"
Independent regiment ace mecha have chosen the same as Ji Xinghe, not counting that they have broken Ji Xinghe. In the last nine days, the number of western war zones and No.5 base war zones has been close to one thousand.
The moon and the moon break nearly 500 mecha. It must be the head of the horse and the milky way.
And these imperial mecha except Ji Xinghe took Kaidilin to attack during the war, and those were recycled by the western theater and the No.5 base theater, that is, by the Federation.
But the recycling value of so many imperial mecha is 40%, including many Duke armour, Marquis armour and Earl armour, but they are not worth one hundred. It is conceivable that it is expensive to cut mountains by building resources.
Chen Xun said, "Because we still have to repair more than half of the mountain-cutting losses, it takes a lot of resources to restore the configuration of 300 mountain-cutting planes. Even if you hand in the armor, the stars and the moon, it is not enough."
See Liu Mian Chen Xun said so directly and directly.
"Now the key problem is not this. Although we are short of some resources, you said that when the dust storm ends, the divorced Star Academy of Sciences said that the dust storm will definitely appear one week and last for one month less. It is not a big problem for us to make up these resources, but … we don’t have so many people."
After the establishment of the independent regiment was confirmed, it was never full, including the former Xinghe team.
The establishment is 30 mecha, not counting Ji Xinghe Xinghe squad. At most, there are 25 people
The reason is that there is no suitable mecha.
Although there are 300,000 mecha in the Federation and most of them have no mecha, the independent group Galaxy Team has always been the best among the best.
If it weren’t for this selection method, even if the independent regiment was able to raise 300 people before the first world war and transfer all 300 mountain-cutting planes to the western theater, it wouldn’t be only half.
There are bound to be more casualties, not to mention less success.
Qin Tong said, "Some of us here want to join our independent group. All of them are western war zones, but we dare not promise because we are worried about their real purpose of joining the independent group."
Harris was embarrassed and said, "I believe they want to join the independent group to kill the enemy, but I can’t guarantee that they will refuse some unreasonable transfers like us."
Sighed blindly, "The mecha in the theater of Base 5 have all been selected by us. Although they have not been selected, the mecha have a lot of fighting capacity stronger than our current players, but as Harris said, they may not be United with us."
Liu Mian frowned and glared at him and said, "Don’t say such things to affect unity."
Suppressed along while Su Chuanyun finally unbearable "Liu, what do you mean? The current situation is not that we want to influence unity, but that they want to influence unity. If we don’t talk about it, we won’t split our independent group? "
"Su Chuanyun" Chen Xunyin is indifferent
"Go out for 30 kilometers and 30 minutes."
Su Chuanyun did not hesitate to accept this punishment order. Although he and Chen Xun are both school ranks, Chen Xun is the chief of staff and the highest independent group except Ji Xinghe.
The third master is not Qin Tong or blind or lame, but Liu Mian, the school staff.
But because Liu Mian is a latecomer, we get along too short and have never experienced life and death together. At ordinary times, we talk about disrespect for Liu Mian’s attitude.
If Ji Xinghe is not far from Chen Xun, it is also here. If Ji Xinghe is going back to the Blue Star, Chen Xun must regularize the independent group.
But running belongs to running. Su Chuanyun is not away from the communication channel, and he is not silent when he goes out with his helmet.
"Old horse, if you have any plans, just say it out. It’s a good thing for you to come back to the blue star. Don’t panic, or we may not be able to cheer behind you when the king returns."
Su Chuanyun’s words silenced the communication channel. At this time, due to the reason of Ji Xinghe, he was also in the communication channel. Han Li looked at the ladder and Ji Xinghe.
Just now, due to the actual number of independent groups, the repair was stopped. At this time, the repair and transformation of General Jia was carried out.
He has a strong heart.
Li Han felt this way when she heard a problem with Ji Xinghe.