Control the equivalent situation, all life will disappear within 10 kilometers.

"Report that support has arrived."
"Where did you come from?"
"Five base to four mecha level is …"
"Nonsense, give me the person in charge of the No.5 base and ask him if he is crazy. Send someone to support him?"
"They didn’t send it, but four mecha were executed in this area because we changed them."
"…" The captain was silent for a few seconds. "Let them go."
"Yes … report that they have appeared in the enemy’s field of vision. The enemy has identified six mecha to meet them."
"Then wish them luck and wish us luck."
The captain of the Heart Moon Fox looked at the screen and showed a picture in which the four planes were about to be besieged by six imperial mecha. The federal mecha suddenly regretted that they had decided not to choose this area to land. If they were about ten kilometers away, wouldn’t they come so fast?
He didn’t hesitate to prepare to detonate a nuclear bomb, but he regretted that Su Chuanyun and others were about to die. This contrast is not surprising, because everyone in the Heart Moon Fox is a whole. They don’t talk about life and death, but they choose to live and die together.
"Report and support to a mecha"
"Where did you come from?"
"No.6 base transfer convoy escort mecha"
"It’s fucking nonsense. Tell him to get out of here."
"Is … report No.5 base replied that their method forced the mecha to retreat"
"What do you mean? Is it ace mecha? No, it’s impossible. It’s impossible for an ace mecha to perform an escort. Is it the kind of super mecha close to an ace? "
Thinking of some possibility, the captain of the Heart Moon Fox suddenly felt the hope that a powerful super-class mecha could play out in such a group of mecha battles, which was too big to change the outcome.
"No, it’s a first-class mecha."
"Then why can’t he be forced to evacuate?"
"No.5 base replied … because he is Ji Xinghe"
"Ji Xinghe? Who is Ji Xinghe? "
Captain Xinyue Fox didn’t know that Ji Xinghe’s "The Old Man’s Stars and the Sea" was broadcast in the blue star, and the stars knew that most of Ji Xinghe’s people were at the No.6 base, a few at the No.3 base, and a few at the side of Major Han Li and Major Jackson.
"I found out that he is … he is a first-class mecha with twelve gold stars, and he is also a professional technician, a mechanic or a distinguished combat instructor in the training area of the original No.6 base."
"That he is a mechanic or mecha or combat instructor? Why can’t this command him? "
"Report that our battle damaged seven mecha and defeated six enemy mecha."
A few short conversations, serious war damage has already appeared, and the captain of the Heart Moon Fox has stopped paying attention to support. Since the five mecha can’t leave, since they don’t want to leave, they can wish them good luck and wish everyone good luck.
But will luck really come?
Ji Xinghe is here.
He didn’t start the power state before, but he was a few minutes slower than Su Chuanyun and others because the two spaceships landed in the direction in front of the motorcade flying overhead from Su Chuanyun.
第19章 残暴