Are these two mutant giants singing a duet for the US government?
Mark glanced at Professor Charles and smiled.
With the utmost malice, I think of …
Chapter 132 Bald head is not a good thing
Sure enough, the older you get, the better you become!
An ordinary human bee clamouring for peace outside!
One is holding the banner of peace here …
When you leave!
Mark turned his head and glanced at the iconic smile in a wheelchair. Professor Charles still felt a chill!
Ma De was puzzled by the appearance of this bald old handsome guy if his brain hadn’t turned quickly!
"… goodbye!"
After leaving college with Leslie, I took the co-pilot Leslie and immediately glared at Mark after reading a short message!
"What’s the matter?" Mark asked as if nothing had happened while watching the road!
Leslie said nervously, "Gwen just sent a message. The college has just been attacked by Dr. Connors."
"What …"
Nonsense. If the lizard man doesn’t attack Midtown High School, will Mark Yu take Lilith away from the danger center?
Things are hanging high!
It’s not a federal case, and Mark is too lazy to take it with him to rob the NYPD.
Not only hard but also thankless!
Looking up at the sun, my father-in-law Mark sighed and directly found out the phone and dialed George’s words!
"Now is not a good time, Mark!"
As soon as the words were connected, there came the fierce rotating noise of the propeller. Wearing a bulletproof vest, George directed his hand to enter the college to arrest Spider-Man and boarded the helicopter.
George is in a bad mood!
First, the other day, out of nowhere, a guy dressed in a weird system wandered around new york.
After a family dinner, a strange boy paper was found in Gwen’s room.
Then the dining table was refuted by boy paper Peter.
Are you kidding? That spider is a joke. The police fill their gaps.
If you need vigilantes, why do you need them, NYPD? Tea party every day?
But I don’t know where a lizard monster appeared.
When arresting, two police officers lost their lives!
Near noon, I received an alarm and learned that Lizard Man and Spider-Man appeared in Midtown University at the same time …
I just got here when I heard the hand say that the lizard man was running towards the Aussie Building …
While driving the car from the path into the road, Mark said to George across the street, "That lizard man is going to Leo to release lizard virus serum to the city from the top device …"
"What …" George a listen to immediately toward the next deputy said "inform the station to strengthen the police to Austin building and then send three helicopters …"
"Yes!" The deputy didn’t doubt that he immediately took out his walkie-talkie to communicate with the intelligence bureau!