Ross is still going on, counting from politics to the military.


"… Kuangke?"
Mark glanced up at Ross consciously.
Ross smiles and nods, "It’s Kuangke, etc. I can guess. Let me think about what’s wrong with female senior officials of Kuangke. There are not many female officers in the Kuangke military base who can come into contact with this matter except the commander in charge of the Warlord Department …"
Speaking of which, Ross suddenly got stuck.
Mark glanced at Ross directly without good the spirit.
After Ross recovered, he said in disbelief, "You and Turnbull? I am. Why didn’t I know? When? "
Mark shrugged. "You forgot? I once studied law in the Federal College of Quantico, but I was not a conductor or a second lieutenant, Turnbull, to be a lecturer. "
Ross "…"
Chapter 71 Letters from Fox
"Are you still in contact with Turnbull?"
"Of course we are friends."
"Ha ha … what don’t I believe?"
"What will you politicians believe?"
"So this is what Turnbull told you?"
"… who’s that?"
"I am very protective of my informant."
Mark sipped a wave and smiled without saying a word, looking at Ross. Ross frowned and struggled again.
What informant is there?
It’s just that Thomas pentagram hacked into the Kuang Keju that day and left the information in the Kuang Keju.
quite a while
Ross, who couldn’t think of a possible candidate any more, glanced at Mark and decided that Mark wouldn’t tell him the identity of the informant. Then he smiled and said in a low voice, "Do you think Hammer Industries’ plan to come out of the steel corps has got a head start?"
Mark put his glass down. "Want to hear the truth?"
"Of course"
"This will be another failure after the Super Warrior project."
"… what do you mean?"
Mark sighed, stretched out his hand and called the bartender to fill the wave, and asked faintly, "Let me ask you a question. What does Hammer Industries want to pull the military or study this so-called steel corps project with you?"
Ross laughed. "I heard that several of his generals refused."
Mark nodded and said, "I don’t believe you, general Ross, why did he refuse?"
Ross frowned.
Mark shrugged. "Hammer is trying to kidnap the whole army with this steel corps plan and see what his slogan is." Army steel knight, army steel eagle … This is a rhythm that wants ordinary soldiers to be completely unemployed. "
"But it can change the mode of war."
"Talk to the military union. Do you believe that once the fresh flag expresses support for Hammer, the generals who rejected Hammer will immediately attack you?"
Mark will just drink it off again, then get up and look at frowning Ross and say, "It’s getting late. I should go back."
Ross nodded his head as if he didn’t hear it.