Demon thousand charm attack, but it seems that everything is too late … The whole world suddenly went dark as if nothing was like the collapse.

For a long time, he heard breathing, as if he was vaguely breathing by others.
The sky turned into gentle blue.
The water seems to pass by me again.
Everything is so peaceful and quiet.
Ziyun proudly rose from the bottom of the water bit by bit, and her eyes were covered with ice.
Demon Thousand Charms and Bailong Cui are next to her. Bailong Cui’s hand is tightly holding Ziyun’s proud hand, and her hand becomes hot.
"The array is broken."
I don’t know who said it first.
Then the undercurrent became softer as if waiting for something.
Then they saw several soldiers and crabs, and this time they no longer knew how to kill as before.
Ziyun proud sword seems to have been determined to rush out.
But who knows that in a second, those soldiers and crabs will kneel down-
What’s going on?
What happened?
Three people are not in the same place (Bai Longcui turns into a human being)
The front row of soldiers and crabs will kneel, and then the second row will kneel, followed by the third row and the fourth row …
Orderly and spectacular
When all the departments prostrate themselves to three people, it seems that it is white. Why doesn’t kneeling mean surrender?
Ah, ha, ha, they successfully brought down these soldiers and crabs!
However, it suddenly occurred to Yao Qian’s charm that these fools were desperate to climb over and catch him just now, and the scene was very angry. Don’t let them die if they kneel on his body now! He is very distressed by the blood he just dropped! ! !
"You fools kneel down to solve the problem! ! !” Demons and spirits vent their anger.
According to the normal plot, those soldiers and crabs should kowtow and beg for forgiveness with trepidation, but this story obviously deviates from the normal route. In the face of the demon’s thousand incarnations, it is cold and angry, and no one is moving …
What’s this? The demon is completely black-faced.
Seeing a turtle kneeling in the first row, he truly shouted, "It’s a welcome to the queen."
Look at Bai Longcui, Bai Longcui, and look at Ziyun Ao. There are only two daughters here, but this queen …
They have never been to Bailong Palace. Chapter 54 Bailong Palace
"The queen’s pursuit of Hongfu will last forever …"
Wait, wait, wait. Keep reading this line. How does she feel like she’s crossed into the legendary swordsman?
The demon is stiff because he realizes that he is a man, and these fools obviously don’t see him as a woman.
At this time, he took the lead in another lobster mouth. "We, the Queen, will follow the Queen to the death at your command."
The demon is still messy, and the great god’s self-esteem is disillusioned, okay? Are these idiots’ eyes polished? Know who he is! ? It’s a bunch of idiots. Every idiot in the White Dragon Palace is blind. He glanced at everyone angrily, which is even more contemptuous. Why is everything in the Dragon Palace so ugly?
I glanced at Ziyun Pride and Bailong Cuier with a bad taste. Forget it. He is much more watery and refined. In short, he looks like her father and this Ziyun Pride …
It’s more like a fellow traveler with these idiots. Whether this logic is right or not, the conclusion is that the queen in their mouth is none other than Ziyun Ao!
Ziyun ao obviously found this, and the world suddenly became mysterious? Just now, I was fighting with myself. I’m going to rush to die until I die. Now I actually threw myself at her and called her queen.
But don’t they have a dragon king in Bailong Palace?
This …
"Where is your Dragon King?" Ziyun proudly blurted out that she came to get the White Dragon Horn. If there is no White Dragon in this Dragon Palace, where will she get the White Dragon Horn?
The demon’s eyes are even more proud. Looking at her is like looking at a snob, and then he will dump him. He really can’t really look at her at a glance.
Ziyun Ao seems to have discovered the demon thousand charm and despised her, and she is too lazy to explain anything. At this moment, the demon thousand charm stuffed the mask of Ziyun Ao into her hand. "You put on the mask." Bailong likes to compare beauty with others most, so Ziyun Ao wears the mask because of the trouble.
When did he have that mask that cover half her face? But it doesn’t matter anymore. At the moment, Ziyun’s pride is not white, and Qian’s charm wants her to wear a mask.
As soon as she put on the mask, she suddenly felt a figure flying past her …
A faint aroma overflows the tip of the nose
White clothes are so beautiful.