Then their protection these two days is not white!

"Little useless talk! Go to the car! "
Feather pulled a coat cover in Royi body lift and went out.
Nothing is more important than his wife’s life.
It’s all his fault. She should have thought about going to the hospital when she had a headache yesterday, otherwise she wouldn’t be so serious today. Thinking disorder is also a disease. If she is sick, she needs to see a doctor.
Lin Yuan sighed and hurriedly followed Ling.
The car sped out of the villa and headed for the hospital in the city.
At the same time, there are more than one wave of people who have not slept.
The man stood quietly in front of the large French window overlooking the bustling capital.
Section 5
"I want something too much."
A respectful voice behind him
The man shook two glasses without reaching out to pick them up or looking back, but simply said, "There should be no gain, right?"
The people behind him silently bowed their heads. That’s true
Hmm. How interesting
The boy’s thin lips chuckled and smiled two times.
"I don’t blame you. This is his place after all. If it is easily inserted by you, he will not be the third child."
They are his most cunning.
I wouldn’t hide someone under his nose for three years.
"Third Master is really cunning."
The man behind him said to the point, in fact, he didn’t understand what to do, and he was as cold as ice. At one time, the two men wanted to fight to the death.
But in the past two days, it seems that there is no war spreading.
Hearing this praise from Dede, Taitai slowly turned around and gave him a deep look.
"What do you know?"
"Back to the investigation, I learned that there are not three big families in Beicheng, but this is the surface entrenched in Beicheng. There are three yes people, but I heard some hexagrams."
See too weird expression belongs to stuffy smile two said, "the girl around the third master is Nanjia. I heard that it is because she has been calling her brother Mo Shaoting that the Mo family hates him too much. If you want to finish it, you can finish it."
A sharp eye shot at him to belong to immediately shut up.
"Get out!"
Pa, the one who belongs to himself slapped himself and pleaded guilty and said, "It’s a big mouth!"
Too show don’t want to see him each other ChuiShou back out.
One person left in the room, Yan Yuan, took a deep breath and slowly spit out his fingers and rubbed them on those materials, slowly hooking his lips.
This smile is extremely cold.
Even if the third betrays him, he can take care of him himself, but he doesn’t want to do that yet. It’s better to pay him back in equal value if both sides lose.
Royi was awake before he got to the hospital, and returned to normal after the pain as usual.
"Why are we here?"
Royi pulled up his coat and looked at the worried man.
"Don’t you remember?"
Ling hoarse voice.
Royi zheng big eyes confused thought will say, "didn’t you tell me to sleep?
Then she woke up in the car.
Ling’s face is getting whiter and whiter