Picking Qing aside to smile is just waiting to see Lin Yu take a look at the hot potato. Unfortunately, this guy Lin Yu didn’t play by common sense and declined the white man with a face of primly replied, "Don’t lift a finger."

Then she turned to go. Lin Yuxian regretted that she had just coveted beauty and wanted to show her before she walked to people. She felt that this group of people was unusual.
I can’t tell you what’s wrong with that sheep fat Hosta, but she looks like she’s seen it somewhere, and she’s seen so many treasures that she really can’t figure it out from her mind for a while
But she can be sure that a person with this simple texture like snow will be extraordinary!
Just two steps out, Lin Yu was stopped by someone, holding the handsome man in white. He said, "If you are kind today, please leave your name, place of origin and visit another day."
Lin Yu winked at Cai Qing hard and asked her to come to the rescue, but she just hid in the crowd and grinned at her, pretending that she was in trouble and cleaning herself up.
As soon as Lin Yu closed her eyes with anger and turned around, she heard that the other accompanying woman also asked him what his life place was, saying that he wanted to be rewarded and arrogant, as if to say, don’t be shameless!
Lin Yuxin sneered at me for being satisfied with my face. I really don’t want others’ faces!
They all waited for a moment. When Cai Qing saw that Lin Yu’s exposed lewd eyes were perceived to be in danger of being beaten into a pig’s head by that group of people at any time, he was ready to fight at any time and then dragged Lin Yu to escape. Nai Lin Yu’s language was not surprising, and he kept smiling at the white man in the central government. "Beauty is as good as jade, and beauty is waiting for you in my building."
Then he immediately jumped into the crowd and ran away with Cai Qing.
Thanks to her, they both run fast, or they will be smashed by Feng Ling’s chair.
The two returned to the guest room and picked Qing to laugh. The bed rolled around and there was no image at all.
Lin Yu a sharp eyes like a small blade to pick qing body fly to see pick qing is still laughing just bed a will people up "what are you laughing at! Tell me what you just noticed! "
She knew there must be something wrong with Cai Qing!
And she also found the problem. Cai Qing couldn’t stop smiling and rushed to Lin Yu at the bedside. "Why don’t you tell me what you noticed?"
"The man in white was badly hurt."
"…" Nonsense!
"That a few people identity uncommon that suet Hosta is very rare I seem to have seen …"
Cai Qing laughed even harder. Lin Yu couldn’t see that people had changed. She saw Mu Junze’s eyes in vain and couldn’t wait to tear him up. No wonder she dared to flirt with Mu Junchen.
It’s a good thing that both of them have changed their faces. Otherwise …
Cai Qing really thinks about it and feels … I can’t stop laughing!
On the other side, Mu Junze held the injured Jun Chen and took medicine to heal him. Anya rubbed his face and said, "Is it possible for the third report to have a leather mask?" I don’t feel comfortable wearing it! " Said the canthus also squeezed out two drops of tears.
Jun Chen holds Anya’s hand and breathes unevenly. "No! Now the assassin will not leave and can’t show a flaw. "
Mu Junze also said to Anya that Anya knew that what she said before the overall situation was insignificant and she was very worried that those powerful assassins could be wronged and shut up and sit aside.
"Brother, you seem to know the man just now?" Mu Junze looked at Jun Chen doubtfully.
If not, Jun Chen wouldn’t want to give him the suet Hosta as collateral, but it’s a relic of Jing Xuan’s wife, who has been wearing it for many years.
"He is Lin Yu" Jun Chen eye closure light way
Once upon a time, Lin Yu is still wearing a hat, but he is not hiding. He can recognize it at a glance, but he has a strange familiarity in his heart
He and Lin Yu seem to have been together for a long time. Chapter 98 Beauty, I’m coming to save you!
"Lin Yu? Is Nangong Yi recommending Jinling’s first talent to his brother? " Mujunze surprised way
The first purpose of their trip out of the palace is to make an unannounced visit to the people’s talents. The other day, Nangong Yi recommended Lin Yu to them. He heard that Lin Yu is an eccentric talent, but he is a first-class scholar. Now it seems that this person is so … incorrect? !
Is this a big burden?
They are now at loggerheads with the four lords of Lin, and a slight carelessness will lead to a serious situation. In the past three years, it was Lin’s power that was in full swing, but Xin Yao did not control the situation. Most of Lin’s troubles have fallen into the hands of Jotoffee Mu Ninglang, and they have been overwhelmed by the constant troubles in the DPRK.
"Well, I’ve seen Nangong Yi earlier, and I’m sure I won’t see the wrong person." Jun Chen lay tired in her voice after taking the medicine, light way
All five of them have asked Jun Chen to wear Mujunze’s human skin mask. The news that they left Beijing this time can’t be leaked. Otherwise, there will be some turmoil, and Mu Ninglang and Ruo Taifei are constantly sending people to assassinate them. They have escaped the third batch of assassins outside Jinling. Jun Chen saved Anya and got a knife. At the moment, they are a little weak.
Jun Chen rested and everyone went back to their rooms.
I didn’t hear Mu Junze talking to Jun Chen. Feng Ling drew his knife and was about to go out. Ling Yan quickly stopped him and said, "What are you doing!"
Feng Ling that * * * * * facial paralysis face expressionless cold way "cut that small!"
Unexpectedly, coveting the emperor of the dynasty and his brother is simply dying!
Ling Yan knew that Glide would never tell a lie, but he was afraid to stop him, so he hugged his arm and dragged him to a clean place. "Don’t mess up the Lord! If you want to clean up people, the little one will not live. The Lord left him alive. Isn’t it unnecessary to chop down people at this moment and say that there is peace … Are you afraid that little one will get into the eye with a second wife? "
Although silly wait for a while Feng Ling didn’t know that Anya Lin Yu couldn’t get into Jun Chen’s eyes and he was going to cut down Lin Yu’s newspaper and be humiliated and avenged, what was the inevitable connection? But since Ling Yan said that brother didn’t want to kill anyone, he didn’t kill Ling Yan and went back together.
However, he is still angry that he lost his wallet during the fight, otherwise how could he have fallen into this situation?
Just from the’ clean’ place to solve the physiological problems, Lin Yu happened to hear the dialogue between Ling Yan and Feng Ling and shivered all over and immediately found Cai Qing.