Now Gao Bao, they still have to eat, or they have to have lunch themselves. There is no time to bring them to the horse. Now it is a precious time to make a profit. At this time, hurry up and replace a batch of equipment with other players.

Otherwise, they are just at this level, but they can capture the bull monster, which also gives people a feeling that it is too strange and their luck is a bit too good. It shows that there is something to help them so that they can barely finish this thing.
When we get to the park, it’s as lively as a flea market. I wonder what kind of second-hand trade fair ordinary people are doing here to buy and sell things they don’t need.
It can also be seen that after yesterday, all players did not need Star God cards, and the most primitive exchange trading banks began to appear.
"I don’t know if there is." Li Qianru learned what the situation was and knew that the situation was very troublesome now, which was even more troublesome than her being stared at by that man.
Chen Ying was temporarily kept from knowing what was going on, and Ma was happy to have senior players take them to train.
Mu Jiao Jiao doesn’t want to come out to play on a hot day, and he doesn’t want to be Wu Xiaojian and Li Qianru’s’ light bulb’ to go back for a nap. He went back first and was a little afraid of the hot summer near autumn.
"Look for it first."
It can be seen that people who want to trade games just find a newspaper or plastic bag and spread it in front of them like a booth. They don’t know if they are coming for a walk and just put garbage in it, but everyone who knows it knows that this is a code word of’ I have something to trade’.
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Chapter 55 Good Weapons [Chapter Words Last Updated 1391 18:44:5]
Now I don’t know how many people participate in this game, but it can be seen that it is a small part in Houhu Park.
Wu Xiaojian found a tourist leisure stone bench near osmanthus forest, which happened to be taken out by people. Above trading places’s head is a 30-year-old buttonwood tree, which can enjoy the cool. Although it is far from the central place, it is a good place to enjoy the cool. Less Li Qianru and Chen Ying will feel better.
"In exchange for what?"
When he was in the secondary dreamland, he thought about brushing some bone-stirring pills too much to make a fortune. But now, if the bone-stirring pills are exposed, they will definitely be owned by Brother Bao and Glasses. It’s unnecessary to bother, so don’t take them out in a hurry. Maybe you can get more benefits from them.
But when it comes to the Star God Card …
"Brother Xiaojian, I will support you no matter what you do." Chen Ying suddenly said something that sounded a little puzzling at this time.
Wu Xiaojian understood and knew that she was sensitive. She had noticed that he and Li Qianru were eccentric and knew something was not telling her, but she was very clever and said that she was not in a hurry to know that she would support him no matter what.
It’s not that Wu Xiaojian doesn’t want to tell Chen Ying about it. It’s Chen Ying’s character. She is used to showing all her feelings on her face. Once she knows what is happening to her now, they have joined Brother Leopard. It’s not a good thing, but it’s even worse that she broke into the dragon’s den with her bare hands. It’s better to let her know nothing, but it’s the safest choice for her. It can protect her and make her really have an accident.
Chen Ying smiled and didn’t care knowing that Wu Xiaojian wouldn’t hurt her.
Wu Xiaojian also remembered that he got several other three-star cards from Brother Bao and his gang. Although it is quite common compared with grandma, the two-star cards are not even more real than the two-star gravity field, but they are very valuable to these low-level players. At least it is something to be proud of to show off.
Finally, choose two three-star cards that are not very lonely or very eye-catching, exchange information patiently, and others who want to exchange information come and take the initiative to find them.
It turns out that there are two beautiful women, Li Qianru and Mu Jiao Jiao, one big and one small, who are wondering whether they are attractive or not. They just put a newspaper in front of them today and it looks like a family is here for a picnic. In less than five minutes, there will be a hook.
"Do you have a star card exchange?" Come here. A guy who thinks he’s natural and unrestrained just comes over and squats his eyes and stares at Li Qianru and Chen Ying as if he’s even more upset about which beauty to choose. He doesn’t care about his female companion coming over with him.
"What do you have to exchange?" Wu Xiaojian asked him if he knew it was better to finish the exchange as soon as possible, and he didn’t take the initiative to find someone. He also didn’t want his goal to be too big. It’s hard to say when Brother Leopard will appear.
"An environmental card and an ability card" The man gives a vague idea of his own things with a pair of "I have good goods at hand". Whether to stare at Li Qianru directly seems to have made a decision on the other hand.
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
"Don’t change" Wu Xiaojian vetoed him and told him "I want equipment cards, especially weapons cards"
Gave this narcissistic guy the door.
"hey!" The man and the horse were unhappy, but he took another look at Li Qianru and left with his female companion.
I’m afraid I can kill him with blood because I’m too focused to notice that his girlfriend is about to release great stunts.
Wu Xiaojian was too lazy to wake up kindly. He told him that he had stepped into the cemetery.
At noon, the sun is still burning in the Woods, and cicadas have the strength to sing. Except for the warm breeze, there is nothing to enjoy the cool here. Chen Ying can’t help but buy three bottles of ice drinks to quench their thirst.
There were three or four waves again when she went to buy drinks, but their things were either too low in grade or they needed equipment, and they were also checked out. Now, players are not good at making environmental cards and ability cards necessary, and there is no difference between them and not needing them.
"Come?" Li Qianru, if you go this way, it’s not whether they can change it or not, but whether there is a chance to change it. The problem here is that some low-level players can have Star God cards and the level will not be too high.
"Look at it again" Wu Xiaojian is ready for the psychological preparation. If you really can’t find an alternative ice jade knife to muddle through the past weapons, simply let Li Qianru be in a weapon state. He will believe that the other party will not delve too deeply into how their luck is so good.
"Well" Li Qianru agreed to wait patiently.
Chen Ying has called Martin to come over, and those people who know the time should be here soon.
Just then, a pair of men and women who looked more like high school students looked immature and short, and they were a little nervous. They seemed to be trying to find their trading point on purpose just like them.
Wu Xiaojian saw their eyes lit up and intuitively felt that they must have something he wanted.
Sure enough, as soon as they came to see what the star made the girl look like, they were a little arrogant and said, "What cards do you have to exchange?"
Wu Xiaojian, they have been waiting here for so long, and it is the first time that they dare to take the initiative to ask what they have. The predecessors are more eager to put on a white wolf attitude, and even dare not ask what they have, but can say what they have.
"A poisonous fog and rain and a starlight bomb are all Samsung," Wu Xiaojian said confidently to her.
Poisonous fog and rain can summon a strong acid rain in an area, reduce the scope of target defense and cause damage for a while
The starlight bomb is to release a starlight bomb and eject it at multiple targets, causing high magic attack damage.
These two cards are both very good cards, but it is a pity that they require high attack attributes of the star emissary and the star deity. Although he chose the magic direction, the summoner’s higher level could not make his magic resistance and defense.
After listening to him, the eyes of the young couple immediately lit up. The boy urged the girl to send a look, and the girl also took out a star card to show them directly.
[Ghost Sword] (Samsung)
Type equipment
Effect Equips the target with ghosting sword.
Limit the combat effectiveness of Star Envoy or Star God 4.
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Chapter 56 Summoner III [Chapter Words 114 Latest Update 1391 1:5:34]
Recommend the fourth outbreak and ask for the support of flower collection.
Wu Xiaojian secretly rejoiced and exchanged a look with Li Qianru. Li Qianru was also exulting and knew that this weapon and ice jade knife were of a higher level than it might be. It was definitely in the early days.
"How do you want to change it?" Wu Xiaojian didn’t show his happiness, knowing that now if he shows his attitude that he really wants, the other party can sit on the ground and start bidding, which is also the most unsuccessful place for buyers and sellers to try to show how much they don’t care.