Bailiyi smiled and meditated in my heart … Brother, thank you for your freedom for her life.

Bailiyi didn’t stay much. After giving everything to Prissy, he took the horse and prepared to go to the north cold gate. Prissy hurried after him.
But he didn’t go to see Bai Liyi off. It was a bunch of ink hair flying in the corner of the wall robe, and the moonlight was floating like it was going to drift away with the wind.
He lowered his eyes and looked at the cherry lips of people in the fading night and slowly revealed a few words.
"May you return in triumph …"
But he didn’t know that he would never see you again.
Extremely cold
Cloudy days, the weather is particularly charming, the wind is rolling, the clouds are blooming, and the flowers are blooming.
There is a waterfall on the cliff that falls vertically to the lake, causing a mist. The lake is as green as a white lotus.
Such a beautiful scenery is accompanied by-boom! A tranquil paradise has been broken.
See the middle of the lake suddenly fried and splashed.
Seeing an inky figure flying out of the water, his eyebrows are as far away as her eyes are wide, her eyes are sparkling, her eyes are a little smiling, and her hair is not tied and her hair is not tied in the wind.
He landed lightly on the corner of the lake, and the Buddha crossed the lake and caused a ripple, while he walked safely in the water.
Walking with wide sleeves brings a breeze, just like walking out of the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, which is cold, expensive and beautiful and breathless.
"oh! ? It really opened my eyes. Mo Chi, who has always been called a fairy, is really an immortal this time. "Jin sat in the hands of the water pavilion bar, mourning the glass, and gently bunched the jade crown, and the hair passed through his eyes with a flash of light. He looked up slightly and led the wine in the glass to a long smile." Being a fairy tastes like 83. Chapter 83 strikes ()
Smell speech Mo Chi faint smile on the brow corners of the mouth slightly hook "to no change is … with this power I can do what I want, don’t want to rely on from yun Qing".
"Hum! I like it if I have ambition. "Jin Danxiao picked up a hip flask and poured a glass of wine for someone who walked from the water and handed it to him." The January deadline is coming, and she will be out, too. "
When he said this, he turned his attention to Helan Xun.
Mo Chi took the wine and drank it up. His eyes were puzzled. "It’s also to enhance my strength. I can practice so much in less than a month, but it takes her so long?"
Helan Xun’s spotless eyes are still as cold as a fairy, and his thin lips are as thin as a blade, revealing a few cool words "you are different"
Mo Chi is a warlock and an ancestor of Lanyin. He can bear it directly.
But unlike Yun Qing, she is a mortal body. Although he gave her a spiritual source from Yun Qing before, she helped her to lose weight, but now … Yun Qing wants to gain divine power, which is naturally different.
"ah! Is, after all, we are different "Mo Chi wry smile even if he has the spirit force but also can’t and from say that clear than?
Jin Qu shook his white jade fan and sighed, "Alas! Chat and chat! When I was here, you all had something to do, but it bored me to death. You said there was nothing going on at Chongjiabao? I also those XiaoXiaoHui kill here. "
When this sentence falls, Jin wants to slap her mouth and crow!
Say what you want.
See the sky suddenly appeared a golden ball coming towards them at a very fast speed.
"aye? What’s that? "Jin’s surprise has not changed much. After all, there are several non-human people around him, aren’t there?
Mo Chi and Helan Xun looked at the golden ball with expressions, and their breath had been mobilized …
The golden ball crashed into the ground and smashed a big hole. The instantaneous yellow dust filled the sky and the smoke filled everyone’s sight.
Brocade wiped her eyes to see what it was when she suddenly saw a bunch of golden light coming towards her.
He gasped at the same time, beside Mo Chi’s micro-wrist, a beam of white light and golden light crashed into a shock wave.
The water pavilion vibrates and the column clicks and breaks!