It was the patriarch who respectfully promised a younger brother that he left the room and conveniently closed the door.
Looking at the brother leaving, Zhang Xiaohua, the elder of the immortal clan, said with some concern, why do I always feel something wrong with this matter?
Ji Shuiyue is wrinkly to knit a pair of elders with beautiful eyebrows.
I’m a little worried about whether Mandy can finish this.
Don’t worry, Ma Er, but I have the highest talent of Soul Immortal Sect, and my brother’s Soul Immortal Dafa has been practiced to a very strong level, so it is absolutely not a problem to deal with Situhao.
Although Ma Er has practiced the Soul Desire Solution to a very strong degree, you also know that Xiao Ni is too simple. Besides, at the beginning, Situhao saved her life. Now you want to borrow her hand to kill him. I’m afraid she won’t be able to do it.
Hehe, Elder, I think you are worrying too much. My brother is our soul-seeking immortal, and she has a very deep affection for our soul-seeking immortal. Besides, she believes that there is no good thing in the roots of the world. She will never make a mistake in killing Situhao. Zhang Xiaohua’s voice fell to the ground, and Ye Yu immediately said, I am worried that Xiao Yang’s old beast promised to send her to the soul-seeking immortal to marry them, but now she gave her to Situhao, an old fox, and I am afraid she will not be good enough.
Actually, before doing this, the patriarch had already thought it over. Situ Hao is a very common man, but he was once caught in all kinds of seductions of our soul fairy clan. I think he is a virgin plot. A soul fairy clan is also a virgin. I can let her finish taking Situ Hao’s life and take the opportunity to take back the soul yuan Hualien in our headquarters. He will marry him because he is a rare beauty. I’m afraid he is also a virgin with her. For us, love is in a passive position, but it is safer not to let Mandy directly start work. Of course, our headquarters will ask us to quack quack, and we can push this matter to Situ Hao’s head.
When the three elders heard such words from Ji Shuiyue, they couldn’t help but look puzzled.
Before we send someone, we often tell Xiao Yang that Yan Er was robbed by Situ Hao on the way. At the beginning, the old fox was fascinated when he saw Yan Er. Let him know that Situ Hao robbed Yan Er, and I’m afraid he will take action against Situ Hao immediately. In this way, whether Yan Er killed Situ Hao or Xiao Yang killed Situ Hao, we will achieve our goal. In fact, it is the most reliable way for Situ Hao to do this.
Ha, ha, ha, patriarch, this move of yours is really amazing.
Of course, I’ve been thinking about this since we prepared for the alliance of Lingbao. This operation won the greatest victory in the end, and we Ji Shuiyue said proudly
Although that’s true, Elder Zhang Xiaohua’s face is still full of worries. Have you ever thought that Yan Er might completely betray us?
Zhang Xiaohua voice fall to the ground, three other people couldn’t help qi sent an alarm face turned out to be more than a look of horror.
Elder, this kind of talk is too shocking to hear. It has lasted for tens of thousands of years since the establishment of the Soul Immortal Sect. However, it rarely happens that they have defected from the Soul Immortal Sect since childhood. Because the Soul Immortal Sect has not returned to the Soul Immortal Sect after ten years, it will surely suffer and die. Son also knows this. Under such conditions, it is impossible for her to defect from the Soul Immortal Sect. Ji Shuiyue said firmly.
Patriarch, don’t forget that Xiao Ni is still a virgin until now. She has really accepted the immortal Sect of the Soul. Do you think she may still be a virgin until now? This is just that the immortal Sect of the Soul can’t do it. Besides, Xiao Ni didn’t become a immortal Sect of the Soul until she was thirteen years old. At the age of thirteen, a lot of sex will take root in people’s hearts and become a solid thing. Otherwise, Xiao Ni has been saying that she has never stopped accepting the immortal Sect of the Soul, and that little beast, Situhao, will play some means to arouse the rebellious spirit of human nature.
Zhang Xiaohua’s voice fell to the ground, and Ji Shuiyue’s face couldn’t help but look bigger than horror. After hearing what you said, I also felt that Yan Er was unreliable, especially when Situhao had sneaked into the holy land of Soul Yuan. He had heard the conversation between the four of us. He told these things to Yan Er, and when he thought about it, he would know that things were because of her. If she knew that our practice was based on something for nothing, those brothers died. God, Yan Er was in Situhao, the little beast.
Actually, Mindy’s personality, even if she is determined to leave the immortal Sect, she will definitely come back to us, but I’m afraid she will save us from hurting our younger brothers again, Zhang Xiaohua said slowly.
Hum want her to come back to us, that must not let her better than Ji Shuiyue cold hum a combatively said Chapter 13 Soul Yuan Hualien wonderful.
Situ Hao Bai Li Dai stayed in that dense forest for two days. When she flew out of the dense forest together for two days, Situ Hao asked for it very frequently. Of course, he still thought about Bai Li Dai, but these were a little for Bai Li Dai, but for Situ Hao, he was quite frugal.
After Situ Hao’s trip from Thyme Maiden, he really took her as his own mother. She thought that he was still going to send Thyme Maiden back to the Immortal Burning Sect and then walk around the fairy land. After all, this is not the mysterious magic island that wants to deal with him, and even the Ghost Castle is about to take action against him.
However, Situ Hao is surrounded by such a beautiful woman today, and the speed of getting back to the Immortal Sect is quite slow. After all, he has to go to the Immortal Sect for several times every day, and he has to keep working hard during the day to get back to the Immortal Sect with Thyme.
Baili Diane is very dependent on Situhao all the way. She seems to have finished it. Situhao Niang generally didn’t let Situhao have an idea.
On this night, the two of them rested in a dense forest again. After making out with Situ Hao Bai Li Dai twice, Baili Dai Dai was so tired on Situ Hao’s body. Li Hao, you are really amazing. If I walk with you like this again, I’m afraid I will be tired by you.
Situhao lovingly kissed the pink cheek of Bailidai. Gnome male-"You won’t have to work so hard after going back to the Immortal Burning Sect, because it’s good to return my three mothers there and ask each of you to share one.
As far as men are concerned, it’s only two or three times a night at most. This is already a strong sexual desire. How can you ask for it?
Because I am gifted, Stuart Hao said with a bad smile
In fact, I can also be gifted
Ah, can you also become as powerful as me? Situ Hao’s talent comes from the secret book of veterinary medicine, Bai Lidai, and she also has her own talent. Then what is her talent?
Well, although this is not a strong sexual desire, it can make a woman’s body recover in the fastest situation, so that I can serve you wholeheartedly and let you have a good time. Of course, you can also make your wives reach this terrible situation
Situhao can claim a lot because of the secret of animal repair, but it’s also because his wives can’t keep up with their physical strength, that is, they keep making out with three people, but they don’t really enjoy themselves. At this time, it’s the best news for Situhao to hear the saying that Bai Lidai is the best. He looks at Bai Lidai with shining eyes. Tell me if it’s true.
Belle Diane’s beautiful little head even touched the spot. I said, of course it’s true.
What method? Then why didn’t you use this method when you were in front?
Fool, if I could, I would have, but this is not a technique, but with the help of things.
What SiTuHao swallowed a mouthful of saliva asked urgently.
Now he really wants a woman or several women to satisfy him at one time. He wants to see how long he can do it at one time, and he wants to enjoy himself completely.