Yan Yanche wrinkled his knife-shaped eyebrows to blame her for going into the kitchen, but he put up with it when he saw her face carefully.

"I … I went to eat." Yuan Gungun looked at him with a frown and seemed unhappy. He quickly turned to go.
Yan Yanche grabbed her warm hands and said "eat together"
Yuan Gungun Leng Leng nodded stupidly.
Yan Yan Che led her into the restaurant.
Yan Yan Che looked at the clever little woman sitting on his leg. What happened to her?
Yuan Gungun picked up his own goo-goo meat and sent it to Yan Yan’s nice mouth. Why did he look at her like this? Whoops … She really doesn’t know how to please him.
"Xiao Pang" Yan Yan Che faint call way
Be called by someone and shout "Yes!" Then I looked at him nervously, and I just didn’t salute.
Yan Yan Che provoked a good-looking knife-shaped eyebrows. Leng Qing’s purple eyes stared at her for a moment as if she could see through everything in her heart
Yuan Gungun was so nervous that he couldn’t breathe out of the atmosphere and looked back at him timidly.
"What do you want to do?" After half a ring, the leader spoke.
"No … I don’t want to do anything." Some girl stammered.
"You lied to me again and forgot the lesson, didn’t you? Do you need me to help you review it? " Yan Yan pulled up his beautiful mouth coldly and revealed an absolutely terrible sneer.
Yuan Gungun hurriedly shook his head as if he were on drugs.
Yan Yanche reached out and fixed her little head. "Then honestly, I will give you another chance."
Yuan Gungun swallowed saliva and meowed carefully "I … I want to make your heart"
Let him heart? That’s amazing. When did she get it? Yan Yan looked at her quietly, trying to tell the truth from what she said.
Yuan Gungun was blushed by his eyes. Although he was bad-tempered, violent and gloomy, he was so handsome.
"How do you want to make my heart?" Yan Yan asked thoroughly
"Uh …" Yuan Gungun blushed and slowly offered his red lips, and then timidly licked the lip with perfect shape according to the method of Dragon Sunseeker Buddhism.
She kissed him? ! Yan Yan was somewhat surprised.
Yuan Gungun saw that he didn’t respond and tentatively sucked his lips and made a click.
It’s funny to look at her with a red face. I don’t know what to do. It’s so silly and cute, but the technology is really flattering
Chapter 114 The Dragon Princess is very powerful
Yuan Gungun looked anxiously at Yan Yan Che’s still fine reaction, and suddenly flashed his small white teeth and bit his thin lips abruptly.
"Well …" Yan Yan gave a stuffy hum. I couldn’t believe I was bitten. I stretched out my hand and patted her pretty hips to signal her to let go. It was really her.
Yuan Gungun loosened his little white teeth and looked at Yan Yan with a face of nai expression. How did this happen? I don’t care if the baby teaches me.
It’s funny to look at this disappointed little face and believe that she really wants to please him, but what?
"Who taught you these things, Xiao Pang?" Yan Yan couldn’t bear to see her disappointed expression. She reached out and pinched her white and tender face.
"Baby teaching" Yuan Gungun replied.
Long Xibao? What?
"She taught you to please me?" Yan Yan asked lightly.
Hey, it seems that you are in a good mood.
Yuan Gungun nodded with a smile.
"What?" Yan Yan che continued to ask
Yuan Gungun wanted to think about meowing. "She said that you would love me more."
What words! Doesn’t he love her at ordinary times? But it’s good for Long Xibao to teach her these things. He likes them.
He patted her hip with a light smile. "Is that how you win my heart? Bite me? "
Yuan Gungun’s grievance meowed, "It’s the baby who said that licking, sucking, sucking and biting will make you feel sad."
Long Xibao really has you. It seems that this is how you usually deal with twins.
"That’s it. What else?" Yan Yanche picked her up and made her meditate with her feet. His legs formed an ambiguous gesture.
Yuan Gungun thought for a moment and suddenly got excited. "And’ I want to kiss’"
"You want to kiss?" Hu phlogistic ponder provoke good-looking knife-shaped eyebrows light asked
"Yes, it is’ I want to kiss’" Yuan Gungun nodded his head.
"As you wish," Yan Yan smiled and bowed his head and kissed her pink and tender lips to attack the city and plunder the land.
"Well …" Yuan Gungun made a charming sound and didn’t react. What happened?
After a kiss, she licked her red lips hoarse and said, "I like you to please silly."
Yuan Gungun lay on his sexy chest and gasped, feeling something against her body and face as red as a tomato.
Yan Yan Che picked her up.