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"Night away … relax …"
He bowed his head and kissed her nose and lip corner.
Neon spirit stiff body twist a head to avoid his lips fell on her neck ring.
Close kisses are also fried.
Neon spirit is very uncomfortable, and it is uncomfortable anywhere in the body and heart.
"You will be more painful …"
The man kissed her while inarticulate chunchun induced.
Neon spirit bit his lip full head big sweat suddenly loosen the lip frown dumb openings "you come out, I won’t hurt …"
Before the words were finished, the other party kissed and sealed again while she loosened her lips and teeth.
The tip of the tongue pushed against her and forced her to entangle with him.
Niling’s parry power
At that moment, Zhang Shuo also felt crazy.
Must be crazy.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so.
He didn’t know how things suddenly developed into this, because he was supposed to save her and detoxify her.
He knew he wanted her.
That strong feeling is screaming in every vein of his body, just like the poisoned person is him. He has completely lost his mind and can’t suppress it if he wants to.
Although it hurts, he also hurts.
But he has the illusion that he is happy.
It turns out that the affair between men and women is so fascinating.
There was no lack of teasing women who tried their best to tease him in Wanhualou before.
But in his heart, he will always know that sanhua can be drunk, flirting can be adjusted, cuddling and touching can be done, but he will never take the last step easily.
It’s not that he’s totally honest, but that he’s never thought about it.
I did, that is, the day I gave the antidote to Jie.
He thought that if Ajie was willing to give it to him, he would definitely accept it.
At that time, he was still a little excited.
But it’s strange that at the moment he gave it to Ajie, he was a little afraid of her giving it to him.
Perhaps it is because of these factors that I care about them for the first time, or maybe it is because I think it is the first time that I am afraid that I will not perform well in front of her. At that time, he was always timid.
Fortunately, Jie didn’t do this. After receiving the antidote, she said thank you and let him go.
In fact, how can a woman with high heart and personality like Ajie ask for a man?
I don’t want him to know that Jie must have solved it herself
Although he was slightly depressed, he respected her.
Now that I think about myself, it’s really unfair to this woman
He can give this respect to Ajie but he can’t give it to her.
Even if she resists, she resists and asks for mercy.
She even said she hated him.
He can’t even stop himself.
Must be crazy.
Stained with blood in his eyes, he strode across her smooth body and exquisite curves with his hands while demanding the fragrance of her lips and teeth.
Escape escape neon spirit painfully close your eyes.
The man’s heavy breathing spurted on her face, and she soon gasped.
Sadly, she found that even though she felt uncomfortable in her heart, even though she resisted in her heart, she was slowly attacked by him.
Sure enough, reason and energy are two different things.
The heat was running around in her body, and she felt even worse.
In addition to being uncomfortable, she still feels very empty, that kind of emptiness.
It seems that she can climb a man’s back to find some support.
Feel her body slowly soft to Zhang Shuo to dare to try to move.
Perhaps it was the first time that he felt so excited that he almost lost. He quickly froze there and suppressed himself for a long time before he felt that he was about to climb the sky.
Slow slow and open the female body to the maximum radian before he began to move slowly …
Wandering back and forth at night at the entrance of the cave
Phoenix shadow ink doesn’t know where it went, and Zhang Shuo doesn’t know what happened with neon spirit.
I want to find the past, but I’m afraid I’ll run into embarrassment
Don’t look for her and worry
As she hesitated to correct, she looked back and saw Zhang Shuo coming back with neon spirit.
Hang around like when you went.
Dressing up is like going there.
The difference is that Zhang Shuo was in a hurry when he went, and the pace was heavy at this time
And neon spirit was unconscious when she went, and neon spirit opened her eyes at this time.
Keep your eyes open, but keep your eyes open.
Night from the eyebrows jumped quickly to meet the past.
I’m sorry to ask her. She shook neon spirit’s hand and looked up at Zhang Shuo.
Zhang Shuo didn’t say anything
Holding the neon hand, I felt her pulse at night.
Smooth pulse starts at night and moves away from the eyes.
Has been tightly setting my heart also slightly loose.