Even if Yu Pei-yu is very strong, the sudden sharp pain almost made him hurt, and the tears made two turns in his eyes, but he just managed to hold back a little injury, so what must he hold back!

This kind of dangerous movement can be regarded as dangerous movement, which is very easy to cause injuries to players, and it can be called malicious foul. Moreover, if it is strict, it is not too big a problem to rush Li Jinchang and expel him directly.
But the referee just didn’t do that, just sentenced Yu Peiyu to make a free throw for a normal foul, and it seems quite reluctant.
Yu Peiyu, who can’t make a free throw, can’t even move, and he is angry when he sees the referee’s decision.
"How do you judge this? Didn’t you see him deliberately pushing me? " Yu Peiyu couldn’t help complaining to the referee.
Du … Loud whistle sounded. This time, I didn’t hesitate to directly sentence Yu Peiyu to a technical foul.
"You …" Yu Peiyu also wanted to say what was stopped by Ma Lin to see this situation. Besides, he will definitely be sent off. At this time, the team doctor has already rushed over.
"I said, don’t put on airs, just make a free throw. Don’t delay our precious time or when you can’t find any good way to delay?" Just when Pei Yu was angry, Jin-chang Li ran over to add fuel to the fire.
Yu Peiyu looked at the referee with great anger. The referee turned a blind eye to Jin Jinchang’s provocative language around them.
Partial. Absolutely partial!
Even if Ma Lin has excellent psychological quality and rich experience, he can’t help but be angry. This partiality is too obvious-not to mention Yu Peiyu’s injury. If he hadn’t been able to move now, I’m afraid Yu Peiyu would have rushed to hit that annoying bastard!
Just when Yu Peiyu looked at Li Jinchang’s face and yy in his heart, a figure suddenly punched Li Jinchang’s face from his side. Li Jinchang put all his attention on the ground. Yu Peiyu and Ma Lin next to them had the highest probability of making moves because they couldn’t stand the stimulation. Unexpectedly, a person suddenly flashed by next to them without any precautions.
Peng Jin-chang li almost screamed and fell, and his hand seemed to have shed blood and kept rolling. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he was hit by a steel needle instead of a fist.
"Slice! The performance is too much! " Duan Muming enjoyed the starlight and jathyapple’s two little girls massage while resting on Sharla Cheung. Their skills were much higher than before.
"Hee hee, if Xue’s sisters see you like this, they will be mad with anger." Wu Yueer said with a smile, that is, their cloth ban has very good concealment, or it will be a big trouble for outsiders to see it.
Some people paid attention to the disappearance of several beautiful women when they first came in, but as the game went on, few people paid attention to it. Moreover, the cheerleaders sitting next to the venue were also in good shape and dressed less, and the men naturally paid attention there.
Now, I won’t pay more attention to their remote corner. Liu Yuqing has already held his breath and saw that the referee was so unfair and the other party was so arrogant. Finally, Jiang Yushan quietly added a little material to him, and finally he couldn’t stand it and gave Li Jinchang a punch.
Real Liu Yuqing reacted quickly after the punch, and he regretted his own practice, but he couldn’t go back on his word when things were done, and he couldn’t go back on his word. With the attention of nearly a thousand people, he certainly couldn’t take part in the fight by himself, and he didn’t know what punishment he would get.
These things were unexpected at that time because Liu Yuqing knocked Jin-chang li down with one punch, and when people around him stupidly, one of the other players first reacted. It’s not that Liu Yuqing jumped on him and punched Liu Yuqing. Now that the good boy has done this, it’s throwing caution to the wind. Anyway, he has been suppressed for a long time.
Wu Hang played a few players to catch and fight and stop the fight (or a guy who seems to take advantage of the fight). A large group of people made the whole basketball court a mess. Even Yu Peiyu was emotional and couldn’t help but show a small hand and rushed over to Jiang Yushan. The surface was stilted, but it made Jiang Yushan fall a big fall.
The most eye-catching game in bj Division has thus become a farce.
It’s over!
This is the first thought in the snow and frost’s heart. It’s already cold. Some friction players can make adjustments. I didn’t expect it to develop into this situation, and it seems that Pei Yu was not injured. I don’t know what it would be like.
I don’t know where this damn fat key went.
There is no way for the game to go on, and if the penalty is imposed, almost all the two teams have participated in the fight, and if the penalty is imposed, it will be impossible to make up the number of people in the game.
After coordination and consultation between the supervision department and the organizing Committee, it was intended to determine that the 15 th Middle School won the competition, but this decision was changed not long after, and the result of the competition was cancelled and the game was played another day.
This result can be said to be the best for No.10 Middle School, but the unfortunate news is still one after another. First of all, Pei Yu was seriously injured and needed to rest for a month. In this way, if No.10 Middle School entered the semi-final, he would not be able to take part in it. In addition, it was a game to punish Liu Yuqing, who was banned for seven games because of the primary cause of confusion. This was a very serious punishment, just like Yu Pei Yu, who did not want to participate in the semi-final. Xiaofeng, xiao yue and the monkey who went to help him were suspended for two games. Everyone in the whole main
Today’s game is a heavy price, Lvses (;
Chapter 29 It’s finally my turn to appear ()
News. Absolutely news!
Early the next morning, almost the whole bj high school and the basketball world lost the wonderful hand-to-hand combat in yesterday’s farce, and it was vividly processed into N unknown or some latest martial arts film, which became a big topic for people to talk about after dinner.
Don’t say anything else, even people in our school in No.10 Middle School are talking about it. It’s still a kind of random comment as a joke, but with the announcement of punishment and the publication of professional basketball newspaper in informed criticism, school leaders can’t sit still. Although the players are at fault, the real reason is that they lead the team. If the already excited players were exchanged at that time, there would be no post-fight.
More importantly, with the players suspended, injured and injured, the two absolute main players missed the last few key games in bj Division and the rematch, plus three rotation main players missed the last two games, not to mention the champion in bj Division, and even qualifying became a problem. This situation is absolutely not allowed, and the honor of winning the national competition in bj Division for three consecutive years has made school leaders unable to allow failure
Snow Frost didn’t lose her heart before she walked out of the basketball stadium. At that moment, she was completely calm and regretted it. It didn’t help to complain. Now the most important thing is how to ensure that the face-to-face match against the last team is not a problem, and the substitute players can get it. But in the end, the make-up match against the No.15 Middle School can become the key. Although even if she loses the game, she can still qualify through the play-offs, but this is not allowed by the school.
You must qualify directly-it is the principal’s death order. If you want to play the additional tournament, Xue Frost’s qualification as leader and coach will be cancelled. By then, Xue Frost’s bet with the family will be completely lost.
What should we do? What is needed now is to calm down. Even if the main team loses four people and the team is very important, the pitchers and monkeys are also suspended, but there is still a fight for strength. Although all the main players of the other team will be lifted by the time of the first five-year play-off, there is almost no loss, but there are still secret weapons in the snow and frost, right?
The atmosphere in the training hall is very dignified.
Yu Peiyu was injured in the hospital and observed Liu Yuqing, but after being severely trained by the school leaders, he disappeared. Several of his punished players were also depressed and had substitutes to train slightly excitedly because they finally had a lot of playing time.
What annoys them most is that the referee and the Committee are biased towards each other, even if they punish each other, they should be equal, especially if they move their own side, and the other side will be punished twice. The intention of dealing with themselves is too obvious, and it has become Sima Zhaoxin!
What’s the point of playing such a game?
Xuehanshuang was called by the Basketball Management Committee to investigate that she didn’t take part in the training for several days. Her sister Xuehanmei followed her busy schedule. Although Ma Lin helped her, there was nothing she could do about everyone’s listlessness.
She is still full of anger!