If they can’t stop Xiao Lingyu, who is in charge of the main attack, then the hatred of Warcraft will be in danger

If these three people are interested in waterproofing again, they will protect themselves and suddenly put defense on Xiao Lingyu to face the Warcraft. If Xiao Lingyu is careless, he may be killed by seconds. That Warcraft is not a noble generation, but after all, it is the middle period of the demon.
"If you calculate me, don’t blame me for playing dirty."
Xiao Lingyu also didn’t say anything, thinking while walking forward with the elders.
It’s only an hour before everyone is far from the nest, and there is already a roar wrapped in a strong momentum.
Obviously, the Warcraft has sensed the arrival of all people, and this roar is a warning.
In addition to Xiao Lingyu and Tai Elders, they are not affected by the impact of the imposing manner and continue to move forward. The other three people immediately stopped and their breath was disordered.
Just 20 breaths later, and everyone has reached a wide cave.
This cave is too high to see the top and too deep to see the bottom, and it is thousands of feet wide in both directions. If it weren’t for the towering body, Warcraft should be able to display here.
And there is a stone pillar in the center of the cave.
The pillar is thin and thick, and a purple fire is burning at the top of the pillar, but it makes the whole cave very hot.
Look further and see everything except a rolling wave of fire.
On the opposite side, there is a fairly spacious purple magic cave that should lead to the abyss.
Just as everyone was sweeping around, another roar oscillated in the cave, and a hot breath of coercion fell from the top of the head.
They looked up and saw that they had wings all their lives, but they braved the purple light and looked like bats in Warcraft.
When it was a hundred feet away from everyone, the Warcraft spewed a purple fire wave.
Feel the purple fire wave hot, except for the elders, all four people are furious and retreat in succession.
Elder Tai didn’t retreat, but jumped into the cave before the purple fire wave, and turned to the Warcraft and took a picture of the sky.
Purple fire waves didn’t hurt Xiao Lingyu four people, and the palm shadow of the sky was scattered by the wings of Warcraft when it was about to photograph the body of Warcraft.
Elder Tai will sacrifice the magic sword and chop out sharp swords and awns, but Warcraft can easily break up those swords and awns by flapping its wings.
It’s easy for the elders to say just now, but Xiao Lingyu has been able to see from this short meeting that this has a spirit demon to repair the root of Warcraft in the middle stage, which is not for a few people to deal with.
Even if we all try our best and cooperate tacitly, even if we win, it must be a disastrous victory.
However, Xiao Lingyu directly offered six magic beads to the Warcraft as planned.
As soon as the magic fairy bead appeared, it has attracted the attention of Warcraft. Like most Warcraft, it is very disgusted and sensitive to the sacred atmosphere.
Against the six town magic beads, the mouth of Warcraft spewed out thick purple fire waves, which turned out to be able to put all six town magic beads on the spot and approach the past again.
It is also impossible for Xiao Lingyu Genfa, wrapped in the purple flame, to drive the magic fairy bead to exert a powerful attack at will.
Xiao Lingyu is also a senior generation with a higher sense of struggle. When he has made a judgment, he will take back the six magic fairy beads.
Then the mind moves, and the six magic fairy beads are connected into a line to form a sacred lightsaber.
The holy lightsaber then penetrated the thick purple flames and stabbed them hard, while Warcraft was its own wings that were like metal castings to resist.
Qiang Qiang! !
A string of sparks flashed across the sacred lightsaber, but the wings of Warcraft sent a sharp ring of stone and stone.
Ji Ji …
Although the wings of Warcraft were attacked by a sacred lightsaber, they were marked with a long blood trail, and it could not help but let out a long cry of pain.
Then the pair of very rare purple eyes of Warcraft were glued to Xiao Lingyu. First, the thick wind forced the elders to retreat, and then the wings flapped, and then they came to Xiao Lingyu and a purple flame sprayed on the side of the cave.
Including the owner of the Magic Sect, a black banner appeared in the hands of the three real magic masters, and then they drank the black banner at the same time and suddenly rose in front of the four people.
Three black banners were made of materials, but they lasted less than two breaths and were burned by purple flames. However, that purple flame was also consumed by power and threatened Xiao Lingyuan by natural law.
It was in the hands of the three masters of the real magic period when the purple flame dissipated that they each had an extra black banner.
"These three people are really prepared."
Xiao Lingyu took a glance and then manipulated the sacred lightsaber again to meet the demon animal’s head, and it was overwhelming with the mighty sacred breath, and even several magic masters on his side felt a lag in physical capability.
That Warcraft knows that this sacred lightsaber is powerful and seems to have no good means to resist it, so it flies away.
But when it just retreated ten feet, it was found that there was a dangerous smell behind it, and I didn’t want to know that it was attacked by the human monk in the spirit magic period.
At this time, the elder Tai of the East Pole Devil Sect was holding a jade-like magic weapon, and the magic weapon was spitting out a colorful glow at the tail of Warcraft.
Let the Warcraft feel dangerous breath is the color glow.
The Warcraft felt immediately shining with magic light, and its tail swept out, which scattered the glow and sprayed a purple fire wave in front.
However, due to the attack of the Elder Tai, the Warcraft failed to completely avoid the sacred lightsaber attack. A deep scar was cut at the intersection of its neck and wings, and purple magic blood was shot like a fountain.
Ji Ji …
That Warcraft gave a long cry of pain and then became angry. It rushed forward fiercely and came at Xiao Lingyu’s side.
The three masters of the real magic period once again cast spells to make the black banner in their hands swell up, and the three sides of the iron wall stood in front of it. After the purple fire of Warcraft burned the three sides of the black banner, its momentum also weakened a lot.
At this time, the sacred lightsaber was hewed out again, and the jade ruyi in the hands of the elder Tai cooperated with the spray of colored light.
This attack before and after can really pose a greater threat to this Warcraft, but before that, the three real magic masters had enough black banners.
The tail of Warcraft swept away the colorful light, and the wings once again showed a deep blood stain. The rich blood smell was accompanied by bursts of fire waves, which made it more and more violent. A pair of purple eyes showed bitterness.