Hearing this old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian paused for a moment, then glanced at his clothes and said with a wry smile, "Well, the elder said, the younger generation should remember that the heart was made like this because of the situation. After the elder assured the younger generation, he would cherish his refined pharmacist clothes."

The old man immediately showed a satisfied look after hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian.
After receiving the clothes handed by the old man, Huangfu Zhantian thought for a moment and said to the old man, "There is something that the elder and the younger generation want to ask the elder if they don’t know."
"Well, you ask!" The old man was a little surprised after hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, but he had a slight affection for this suspection.i Zhantian. The young man was not in a hurry and respected himself very much. This old man’s house was somewhat interesting, so he didn’t have any difficulty with him.
"So the younger generation wants to find a medicine, and the older generation doesn’t know where to find it?" Any suspection.i Zhantian respectfully asked [
After hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, the old man’s eyes suddenly flashed with fine mans, and then he resumed the turbid eyes before and then said lightly, "I don’t know what you are looking for him for? What can happen to him? So many people are looking for him. It’s just a guy who is fishing for fame! " Say that finish after the old man a face of disdain.
Hearing this old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly froze. It seems that he asked the wrong person. I’m afraid this old man has some disagreements with the medicine Buddha.
"Er, it’s nothing, mainly because the younger generation wants to find him to relieve a person’s special physique. Since the seniors don’t know that the younger generation will leave," said Huangfu Zhantian with a wry smile, and then he respectfully walked toward the outside.
"Wait a minute. You just said to find the old man to relieve a person’s special physique? I don’t know what constitution you want to remove? " The old man’s face suddenly flashed a defiant look after hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian and then cold way
"She is a friend of the younger generation. She has a very strange disease since she was a child, that is, no matter how much aura she absorbs, she can’t stay in the body and can’t practice. Later, I heard from others that she had such a situation because of a special constitution, but this constitution needed someone’s help to remove the body seal in order to cure the disease. Later, the younger generation heard that the medicine Buddha’s predecessors would remove the seal of the body, and the younger generation found it." Huangfu Zhantian explained section 1419: Mutual pinching.
"Hum, it’s just a spirit. It’s hard. Don’t have him to lift the seal. Where did you say your friend was? I’ll help her lift the seal." The old man heard Huangfu Zhantian, but he looked contemptuous and then excited.
Hearing this old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was suddenly surprised. Although I don’t know who this old man is, he knows that the more people like this, the more authentic they are, and it is obviously impossible to tell a lie.
"What the predecessors said is true?" Huangfu Zhantian still can’t believe it. After all, he heard from Qin Si that the world’s medicine-filled Buddha would have this way to remove the aggregates, but he didn’t expect that he would meet an old man at random after coming to this refined pharmacist union and said that he could remove it, which had to make him not believe it.
"Hum, you doubt that I don’t have this thing to remove your friend’s seal? You mean I’m not as good as that old man Jiang? " The old man immediately jumped up like a cat stepped on its tail when he heard suspection.i Zhantian’s suspicion, and then the anxious white face roared.
Hearing this old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian’s face suddenly turned black. Who are these people? I just want to make sure that I am so excited [
"Don’t get excited. The younger generation didn’t disbelieve in the older generation. It means that before the younger generation, I heard someone say that there is a medicine to relieve the spiritual body. The older generation will now hear what the older generation said, but of course, the younger generation has to confirm the younger generation. There is no other meaning, but I want to confirm it again." Huangfu Zhantian explained with a face of nai.
"Hum, don’t let him be the only one who can lift the old man Jiang. I tell you that you want to find the old man Jiang. I don’t know when. If you trust the old man, let me try. Don’t worry, the old man. Although I don’t have it, I promise to say it. Spilling out water will never fool you." The old man said proudly.
Hearing this old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly got a little difficult. He didn’t know whether to believe this old man’s words, but it really seemed like this old man said that he couldn’t find the medicine Buddha, and this old man didn’t know whether it was reliable or not, but since he dared to say it, he wanted to be sure.
"In that case, the elder will help the elder. If you have any requirements, just say that the younger generation can help the elder." After suspection.i Zhantian made up his mind, he said
"Dream day old man you want to rob my business again? I can tell you how old you are to rob my business. I have already promised to help treat this girl’s illness. Don’t argue with me! " As soon as I heard a very familiar sound, a very untidy figure broke into the room like a wind.
After seeing this man, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly eyes a stare. This is not a medicine Buddha Jiang Ruyi or who?
"Hum, old man Jiang, that’s because you’re upside down. Just now, this little guy has promised to let me help his friend cure you. Stay where you are cool." In a dream, I saw Jiang Ru’s eyes suddenly stare when he came in and then gave a hard way.
"Hum Meng Tian old man, don’t be afraid of you. I tell you that I have to cure Ya Er’s illness today!" As soon as Jiang Ru heard the dream words, his very small eyes suddenly stared and then hit back hard.
Hear the two old guys to choke suspection.i Zhantian suddenly a head two big beside his root cutting mouth can dry staring eyes.
"Little fellow, tell me if there are any conditions for old man Jiang to promise to help your friend treat?" Dream day is very Jiang Ruyi choked each other and then turned to look to one side and asked a face of Nai Huangfu Zhantian.
Hearing the dream, Huangfu Zhantian said very honestly, "Enjiang’s predecessors promised to help with the treatment and the younger generation paid some wine."
"Ha ha, old man Jiang, you still have this virtue. You can drink it sooner or later. You can rest assured that I will help your friend treat nothing. What do you think of it?" Dream days immediately burst out laughing after hearing the words of suspection.i war, and then fight against suspection.i heaven.
Hearing this dream, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly froze, and then looked silly at the medicine Buddha. Now he doesn’t know what to do. These two old guys actually fight to treat Ya ‘er as a platform for quarrelling. If this dream can cure Ya ‘er innocently, it’s easy, but if this dream can’t cure Ya ‘er radically, what can I do? When the time comes, I have promised to treat it in a dream, but Jiang Ruyi will definitely not treat it again. When the time comes, I’ll get a two-headed fight, which will be finished.
"Hum dream day, you really don’t provoke me with words. I tell you this time, I not only don’t want anything, but I’ll also help Ya ‘er to raise her strength when the time comes." The medicine Buddha looked at the dream day with a face of provocation.
"You … Jiang old man you are deliberately with me, right? I’m telling you, I really spent Xiaotian with you today. I will not only do what the former old man Jiang said, but I can also accept Ya ‘er as my apprentice. I will definitely train Ya ‘er into a very powerful refined pharmacist then, and don’t worry, I don’t charge a penny for all this. I don’t want some people to find the north when they hear about drinking, "roared a face of excitement in a dream."
"Dream old man, do you just want to be right with me today? I tell you that Xiaotian promised me a long time ago. You don’t want to rob you. You are the only refined pharmacist. If Ya Er learns from me, I promise to teach her much better than you, and not only that, I will teach her what I have learned all my life." Jiang Ruyi blushed and shouted at the dream.
Watching these two old guys fight suspection.i war days root is in distress situation. He root cutting doesn’t say anything, and he doesn’t dare to make a definite statement. Otherwise, I’m afraid one of them will offend the other.
"Two seniors and younger generations say, look?" Very not easy to wait until the two men paused a little to suspection.i Zhantian hurriedly said
"Yes, let Xiaotian choose who he wants to help Yaer!" As soon as Jiang Ru heard the words of Huangfu Zhantian, his eyes suddenly lit up, and the dream day was also a look forward to watching Huangfu Zhantian [