The shadow is getting closer and closer. It turns out that there are two gorgeous and enchanting vampire girls, each of whom has a long show, blood-red eyes and a sharp one-horned horn. Flying in this night is especially mysterious and charming.

Every vampire girl carries a girl on her back. They close their eyes and breathe evenly as if they were asleep.
Seeing Chloe’s vampire girls salute and present treasures in succession, as if they were carrying their prey.
A vampire girl smiled obsequiously and said, "The things you asked us to do in Keer Temple have been done well. This is that we just caught human girls and they are all fresh yellow flower girls. There is no disease, so the skin is tender and slippery. What about the blood? It is also very delicious and specially offered to the temple to taste. "
Chloe smiled. He bent down to gently evoke a human girl’s face. It was indeed a delicate face of Zhang Xiuqing. Chloe smiled and slender fingers. The girl’s face rubbed a few faces and smiled with satisfaction. "It’s so hard for you. Please send them to our room first. I’ll be there in a minute."
The vampire girl promised to send two girls to Chloe’s house according to Chloe’s instructions. What should Chloe do with these two girls?
Looking at Chloe and his hand turned away from the feather and moved out from behind the cedar, she kept drawing a big question mark in her head. What does Chloe want the two human girls to do?
Feather pastor also sneaked back to the ice and snow palace. The vampire girl has sent the two human girls to Chloe’s room. Feather pastor is really curious about what Chloe wants to do with them.
So she wanted to sneak into Chloe’s room and have a look.
Chloe’s room is in the north corner of the palace. He doesn’t know where he has gone. He hasn’t returned to his room yet. He gently knocked on the door and saw two human girls lying side by side in the big bed.
Feng Luo looked at Chloe’s serious face and his expression became very serious. "Well, if you are so determined, then we can find a way to keep her with us forever so that you can see her every day, but you must know that Xianyu has a lover who likes her very much!"
"Now the lover’s palace says it’s the Shura God?" Chloe frowned and asked
"Yes, that’s him. He’s a god of death in the underworld. He has terrible power, but because of Feng Pei, he has half the power. If you find a chance to get rid of him."
Chloe gave a shudder?
"Shura Shenjun and his party are coming to Tianshan Mountain. Their purpose is to find dragons and gain great power to get rid of me!" Feng Luo smiled dismissively. "It’s a pity that they will die in my hands."
When he said this, Feng Luo’s quiet eyes suddenly became bright red, and Chloe’s back could not help but emit a chill. The cold murderous look really made people feel very cold.
Feather Zhen sat by the window and stared at the stars in the sky with her sweet cheeks in her hand.
There is no air pollution in modern society, so the stars look so clear and bright in this night.
Maybe everything can be eternal only when there are sun, moon and stars.
But this eternity is also temporary.
Maybe this bright star will turn into a meteor across the night when it doesn’t know.
I once heard that everyone will turn into a star on the horizon after death. I don’t know which star I will become.
Will Mom and Dad have a chance to see them again in the 21st century?
I was thinking about trance, and suddenly I felt as if a flower and a black shadow flew past. It’s so strange that it’s so late. Who is acting at night?
Come to think of it, vampires and bats seem to like to be active at night. Go and see what they do at night.
Feather pastor will be rolled into a strip and tucked into the bed, and he will fall asleep. He himself will jump out of the window and chase after the shadow.
She wants to see the truth.
In a blink of an eye, I caught up with the cliff at the back of the mountain, and now there is a lonely person in the cold moonlight.
After hiding in a cedar, the feather gazed at it carefully. Is it Fengluo?
No, it’s not Feng Luo, it’s Kerr.
Chloe gently closed her back, and the magic wings rolled over her shoulders and fluttered in the wind. His handsome face could no longer find the childish spirit of the past, but was calm and indifferent to show the charm of a mature man.
Feather Zhen couldn’t help sighing in his heart that the ghost clan is really a mysterious and strange race. A few months ago, the baby was naked, but it grew up rapidly in such a short time. How can such a mature, handsome and charming man not be fascinated by a group of infatuated girls?
What on earth is Chloe going to do so late?
Feather anchor gently moved her body, holding her breath and trying to hide her breath. She wanted to suddenly jump out and scare Chloe.
Chloe doesn’t seem to be feathering now. First he just looks at the cliff for a while, and then he gently sits on the edge of the cliff with a big stone and climbs the stone, bending his knees and holding his face on his elbow and pestle.