Can you be trapped in a corner for a hundred years? Since each other is a relative, it’s time to become what the other party thinks. Song Que still has some good feelings for himself and his wife’s matchmaker.

These days, the old housekeeper is packing and arranging things in the house. I think she will leave in a few days. It is no wonder that Song Que has become more and more invisible.
When this happened, Zhu Yuyan was a little silent. In Song Dynasty, it seems that his wife attached too much importance to friendship. But I don’t know that Zhu Yuyan thought it was Martial Uncle who had deep roots in the magic door. This time, if he hadn’t helped her, she wouldn’t be so smooth. Now that people are leaving, she will be in a lot of trouble.
Zhu Yuyan is not afraid of trouble. It would be great if he could have less trouble.
Pearl powder, a kind of thing, was originally ground into powder by pearls. Of course, more often, it was bought by wealthy families and ladies for dressing. Because the raw material is pearls, pearls are expensive, and pearl powder is something that ordinary people can’t afford, so it cost some money.
Zhu Yuyan doesn’t care about this money. Although she is in the magic door, her hands are never short of money. Not to mention that the magic door has its own industry, even she has her own doorway.
At the same time, Song Que doesn’t care more than she does, because Zhu Yuyan is a leader candidate of Yin and Gui School, but he is a real master of Song Valve. If it weren’t for Song Que’s breaking through his own knife method and finding his own knife way, he would be the master of Song Valve at the moment.
It was Zhu Yuyan who saved trouble and simply wrapped up all the remaining pearl powder, while Song Que didn’t say a word. Listen to her arrangement.
After the couple left, rumors began to spread in this city that Miss Yan’s newly married husband was considerate and how to love his wife. The couple were very affectionate.
Of course, some people are envious, and some people are jealous.
Someone said, "Can that Lin be less accommodating? Flowers are not his money. Who is he to say anything? You know, to put it bluntly, he is a gigolo who eats soft rice. I think he is afraid that he is staring at Yan’s rich family. Otherwise, how can he go to other people’s homes to be a son-in-law? "
Zhu Yuyan, who was on his way home, didn’t know that someone was talking about them behind his back, but even if he did, he wouldn’t take it to heart. At most, it was just a small lesson.
Speaking of the son-in-law, at the beginning, Zhu Yuyan really declared that she wanted to marry her husband, but when they set a wedding date, neither of them had this stubble. Later, Zhu Yuyan confessed his mind before marriage. Even if this stubble was uncovered, it would still be a normal marriage rather than an uxorilocal one.
Zhu Yuyan, after all, knows that she was just making a bluff at that time. In fact, it’s all a lie. Where did she get such a rich family? It’s just that Song deficiency is also happy to show it. It’s really not as bad as it is said outside.
But Song Que followed Zhu Yuyan around and looked at it for a few times. I knew that this pearl powder cost a lot, and I was wondering how much money he should take out.
Because the old housekeeper forced the wedding, everything was done quickly, but what the so-called dowry Song lacked was that nothing was paid out except the Yu Pei that was sent out before, and as others said, she got a daughter-in-law and possessions for nothing.
He didn’t care much about the lack of heart in the previous Song Dynasty, so he didn’t care much about the other party’s dowry. After all, he was wondering if this marriage would be hard to make up again after returning to Lingnan in the future, and so would it be.
Don’t talk about the Song Dynasty’s contacts with the family, just say that their own people also have to hold a wedding to stop some people’s mouths. Song Que thought that it would make sense to make up the betrothal gift again, otherwise his identity would not be concealed.
Regardless of his false identity, Song Que must come up with a reasonable amount of money or more, and there must always be a source. Otherwise, Song Que estimates that his wife will be so weak and even afraid that she will be scared all the time, so she must think of a safe method.
But in the first two days, except sleeping in the same bed, the rest were as different as before, and some of them adapted to this dull life.
It is because of their identity that they are doomed not to live a dull life all the time, and there will always be some waves.
The cause of the incident was that Uncle Zhu Yuyan had to leave because of his impatience, but before he left, he actually told Zhu Yuyan that it was her sister, who had always regarded her as an opponent, who was coming here these two days, and I didn’t know whether her purpose was good or bad.
And Song Que knew it was time for him to show up because he was afraid of being discovered by Zhu Yuyan.
On this day, Zhu Yuyan got the news that her school sister Wei Qingfang had arrived at a restaurant in the city and named her to meet.
What kind of good person can Zhu Yuyan be? She went when others asked her to.
But Zhu Yuyan wanted to test Wei Qingfang’s martial arts now, so she still had to go.
It happened that the husband and wife met at a place where they were both going out and doing things in their true identities, but they couldn’t let each other know.
However, Song Que’s going out is famous and has an excuse. He has to learn to do some small business to earn some money to support his wife’s roots. Zhu Yuyan wanted to laugh when he heard this, but he was very frank and let him go out. He was also very much looking forward to it, which made Song Que feel guilty for a while.
Actually, it was because Zhu Yuyan also wanted to get away, but it was inconvenient for Song to be around, so she agreed at once. It was really because he gave her a chance to go out. How could she not agree?
"Husband, be careful. If you don’t come at noon, don’t hurry back." Zhu Yuyan’s softness and weakness are very intimate
"Since my wife is so sweet, I will come back before the sun sets."
His wife gave the steps, Song Que followed them, and gave him a deadline to go home at sunset.
This sentence is right in the middle of Zhu Yuyan’s expecting to come back before sunset, so she can have more time and don’t have to worry so much.
Such a thought, even if you want Song to go out early, Zhu Yuyan’s face is still a bit gentle, smiling like water, beautiful and moving like hibiscus. She is full of expectations. "That husband will go back early and I will stew a good soup for you at home when you come back."
"Okay, I’ll go early and come back early."
After Song Dynasty went out in a hurry, he said that he wanted to stew the soup. He sent an errand to the kitchen and said that he wanted to rest. No one was allowed to disturb him. After turning around and entering the house, Zhu Yuyan changed his clothes and went to Yi, who floated out from his window like a cloud.
She’s going for a while. I haven’t seen Younger for a long time!
Chapter 11. Chapter 11
"Elder martial sister, I haven’t seen my little sister for a long time, and I miss it very much!"
Wei Qingfang acted in a bold and hot way. When they met, they chose a lively restaurant, for fear that others would not know that she invited Zhu Yuyan to meet for a chat.
When Zhu Yuyan floated in from the elegant window on the second floor, he saw an enchanting and charming woman in red, who was languid in a chair, and the bone-eating charm lost her mind at a glance.
Just now, this charming remark came out of her mouth, which made ordinary people feel quite fascinated.
Can Zhu Yuyan listen to score this trick monty audio and video? Is it possible that she has already made up the solution of killing a girl? Zhu Yuyan’s heart sank, but it remained motionless, as steady as Mount Tai.
Zhu Yuyan, however, has never wavered in the face of such chaotic mental sounds. Although her eyebrows and eyes are smiling, what is hidden in the depths of her eyes is cold light and sharp-edged.
"It must have been a success to hear that my junior sister was practicing in the closed training the other day. Otherwise, how could you come to chat with me at this time?" Zhu Yuyan downplayed a word, and directly plunged into Wei Qingfang’s lung tube. Wei Qingfang’s Zhang Furong face immediately gathered a smile
"The teacher elder sister is really well informed! Little sister hasn’t been successful yet, so I haven’t seen her for many days before I go back to my teacher’s door. Little sister still can’t see the Yin-decyl Sect and want to find another place. "
Zhu Yuyan vaguely recognized the taste of gnashing her teeth. She Zhu Yuyan is not just anyone who can come to provoke Wei Qingfang. Since she dares to provoke her, she should be ready.
"Elder martial sister worries too much. I really can’t think of anything better in this world than the Yin-Gui Sect."
Wei Qingfang detoured there, and Zhu Yuyan naturally had to deal with her
People in the magic door have always been unable to benefit early, and Wei Qingfang is one of the best. Zhu Yuyan doesn’t believe that she has no purpose this time. It’s hard to say that the first speaker is impatient, so it’s time to see who can’t bear to speak first than patience. Zhu Yuyan thinks she still has the patience.
"I heard that the teacher elder sister has always wanted the martial arts in Qi Monty’s strategy to synthesize several volumes of Monty’s strategy into a magic door. For thousands of years, the first person’s little sister admired her very much, and the teacher elder sister could not compare with her ambition.
But now my little sister has got a message to add a sum to the great cause of the elder sister. I wonder if the elder sister is willing to exchange monty Dafa? It doesn’t have to be a monty solution. It’s enough for the first 17 layers of cheats.
Sister, this deal is very cost-effective. "
Wei Qingfang’s soft words here are very exciting, but Zhu Yuyan can’t help but sneer.
She, a school sister, thinks everyone else is stupid, but it’s only the first seventeen floors. Everyone knows that there are only ten floors in Monty’s solution, and after successful cultivation, she is also a rare opponent in the Jianghu, which is much better than her half-loving solution!
Besides, if she really wants it, she must be treated differently. Even if her martial arts are great, she can’t compete with her. Why don’t she go and get it herself?
"School sister, you this glove white Wolf thing but severe! What if I don’t promise? "