It seems that this place used to be a Wangfu residence. After several wives’ efforts, the original style has not changed, and many elements have been added to it, which is even more charming.

Of course, two people won’t go through the front door or the back door. That’s where the handymen do their jobs, such as delivering vegetables, buying goods, taking out garbage and dumping dirt. They go through the side door, which is prepared by specialized workers. Ordinary people can’t get there, even if they arrive, they can’t get in.
Juan came to the side door with Duanmuming. It was a wooden door with two small doors. It looked quite a bit like a beautiful woman in ancient times. Before he could wait for a sigh of relief, Juan had pulled Duanmuming in.
Entering from the side door is a quiet path paved with stones. The ancient path is quiet and secluded, surrounded by flowers and plants that are not named, and insects and singing birds call away from time to time, which makes it very comfortable.
Passing through a rockery, I came to a flower gallery. I didn’t poke my head out and watched them secretly. In the distance, several towering trees proudly displayed their huge crown and covered a large territory, and told people about its long and far-reaching history.
Through this tree-lined path and a moon doorway covered with vines, I finally saw busy workers coming in and out.
"Juan, how did you design such a short distance and make so many tricks?" Think about it. From entering the side door to coming to the work area, the distance of 200 meters was different. It was not like a hotel but a real palace.
"The first lady and the fourth lady said that in order to make all employees have a good mood, we must make the working environment very beautiful, and the mood will be calm and relaxed after we design the cloister every shift, so that his emotions will not affect the work."
Duanmu Ming guessed that it was Xuan Fei’s idea, and she, an elf saint, would have such a meaning, and she soon arranged such a scenery. As far as he knows, the whole palace seems to be like this. Duanmu Ming walked through only a small part, and the whole bj would not have such an exaggerated palace.
Juan took Duanmu Ming to turn two corners and came to the backyard. It is only for middle and high-level personnel to come to the local backyard. There are two maid-like girls at the door. Don’t underestimate them. They are at least S-class masters.
The quiet courtyard seems to be a paradise far away from the hubbub, except that cicadas still sing tirelessly. It is really incredible to have such a place where people can have a full rest in the core of the city.
"Madam, I’ve invited the host." Juan asked for instructions without seeing anyone in our hospital.
"Juan, your delay is not short!" In teasing, a slender figure turns out from the gallery with a beautiful face, elegant temperament, and aura of heaven and earth seems to have been taken away by her alone. Who else except Princess Xuan?
Although Juan used to be a "girlfriend", after all, her identity is different. After all, Duan Muming saw that Juan was embarrassed and quickly coughed to attract her attention.
"I haven’t seen you for such a long time …" Duanmuming smiled and said to the dear princess that she looked at Duanmuming with bitterness. "What else can I do? As before, I’m used to it anyway. "Duanmuming smiled and remained silent.
Juan was well-advised to retire when he left. Duan Muming gave her a hint, but Juan turned a blind eye to her and dared not flirt with her master in front of her wife again.
"Aren’t you tired? Sit down. "Dear Princess called Duanmuming to a quiet arbor next to her. She just made tea and was steaming. It seems that Dear Princess is resting.
Dear princess, let Duanmu Ming go to the arbor and sit without greeting. He made a cup of hot tea, and his woman Duanmu Ming, of course, was also welcome to sit opposite Dear Princess.
Looking at it, it didn’t seem as calm as the excitement. Princess Duanmuming’s mood also calmed down, and she was a little uneasy and confused, but she disappeared in her gentle and slow movement and quiet expression.
At that time, neither of them wanted to talk, so they sat opposite each other and looked at each other with a mysterious feeling. They seemed to have entered a situation where there were two of us and he lost everything.
I don’t know how long it took before a pigeon whistle sounded in their ears, which awakened the two men. Dear Princess glanced shyly at Duanmuming, and seemed to be surprised by the trance just now, but after all, she had seen the world, although she was shy, but she didn’t feel awkward at all.
"When will you come back?"
"two days ago"
"Did you get anything this time?" Dear princess, some looked at Duanmu Ming curiously. With her eyesight, she couldn’t see that Duanmu Ming was shallow. There is one reason why Duanmu Ming’s strength has surpassed theirs.
"What do you mean by gaining a lot?" Duanmu Ming smiled indifferently, and Princess Xuan immediately felt that Duanmu Ming’s momentum had changed dramatically. Sitting opposite her, she actually let out her own gas to defend herself. Only when she met a very powerful force did Princess Xuan do this. It was only when she faced the beast for so many years.
Is his man already strong to that point?
"How far have you come now?" Dear princess asked with envy.
Duanmuming will look a little dark in her reaction eyes, but the horse recovered and didn’t let Xuan Fei find out, "Oh, I’m not too white myself, but my mood is not adjusted now … It shouldn’t be a problem to cope with the present situation."
"Husband" Xuan Fei gently called Duanmu Mingyi. "Now the situation is more complicated. The two families of ghosts and gods have entered the human world and penetrated deeper than we thought. If we still stay on the sidelines …"
"Don’t let them show their abilities to the fullest." Duanmu Ming gently pulls the hand of Dear Princess, and Bai Jie, who is soft and smooth, is tender and tender, and her cheeks are slightly reddish, and she struggles a little, and her life seems to be pulled by him.
I don’t know why Duanmu Ming has always had a strong desire for women. Although he didn’t cheat, it was because the women in his family were really excellent. Instead of enjoying the beautiful women at home, Duanmu Ming would go outside to find wild flowers. Of course, Duanmu Ming wouldn’t do it, but when he faced his four wives, he seemed to have never had any thoughts about lust. They seemed very pure and could quickly get rid of it even if they had occasional desires.
I don’t know if this is too different from my original strength, and I am afraid of being sucked dry by my wife.
But this time Duanmu Ming came back from the demon world with more strength than the four women and their love. Of course, there is no problem, and the double cultivation method can greatly increase the strength of both sides. Although Duanmu Ming and his women often do this, the effect with the four wives is the best-this is how the creator designed it.
Looking at Duanmu Ming’s hot eyes, the atmosphere seems to be ambiguous at the moment, and his cheeks are getting redder and redder …