Qin Kai’s mood is very complicated at this time. Although he is very angry about the ambush in Chu, when he heard that Qi Ying was going to frame Su Shiyuan, his heart ached. The two armies confronted each other and knew that it was wrong, but he couldn’t help it.

"The emperor said that, but now he is one of us!" Lu Mingyang frowned and said that he was clearly aware that Qin Kai was even more angry. He was not surprised by Qin Kai’s reaction
"Let’s people? Does he take us as his own? Uncle, you’re not a confused person. At present, it’s different. There are many minds in Chu, and maybe he set a trap. "Qin Kai took a negative hand and said all the ideas in his heart.
Lv Yanzhong suddenly realized that she had neglected this point.
"The emperor rightly points out that" Lu Mingyang doesn’t deny this, but it’s not the case that Qi Ying doesn’t save! Lu Mingyang said with his head down that this time he didn’t refute anything.
Qin Kai suddenly laughed. "After so many times of fighting, I still know that he wants to die in Daqin!"
In Qin Kai, Lu Mingyang put his head down even lower.
"The emperor but now don’t rescue JiYing is not good for us that hundreds of thousands of troops we can’t deploy the soldier also him! Now daqin and snowy areas are short of grain, grass and horses. The battle of Chu is doomed to be a battle of Zhang Jiu. We have to think about it later. "Lu Mingyang thought twice and decided to intercede for him.
Although Qi Ying has a bad temper, he still has an idea at the critical moment. They are isolated enough, and now we can’t lose him as an ally.
"This is too hard? I don’t believe that there is still disobedience when I kill a hundred soldiers! " Qin Kai said that he was very determined, and then Lu Yanzhong quickly hid from Qin Kai’s rushing from the theme and walked directly towards Lu Mingyang.
Lu Mingyang is not afraid. He thinks it is a bit troublesome.
"Uncle that Qi Ying give you any benefits? Do you want to plead with him so hard? " Qin Kai asked angrily, but this sentence almost made Lu Mingyang happy.
"The emperor from this? You and I are not false, but we are relatives! Emperor, you’re angry about this. I know, but have you ever thought that Qi Ying can escape from Chu Lin this time, but not this time? He has always been unfathomable, and his contacts must be very wide. How can he be so arrogant that he will find a way to get out? "Lu Mingyang said slowly, pacing back and forth. This time he listened to his words.
"That Qi Ying, if it comes out by himself, then things will be big." Lu Mingyang’s tone is young and even Lv Yanzhong in the distance can hear it really.
"What do you mean?" Qin Kai had guessed in his heart, but he still asked for it.
"That Qi Ying violent personality if you know that you didn’t save his heart when he was in trouble, he didn’t take hundreds of thousands of troops against you! If he dies, we’ll be short of a chess piece. He may not be very profitable for us, but if he doesn’t, it will definitely be unprofitable for us! " Lu Mingyang analyzed the advantages and disadvantages. Qin Kai’s face became more and more tangled and complicated. He finally decided to turn around and look at Lu Mingyang.
"Uncle is absolutely right. Then send someone to help!" Qin Kai frown locked in the heart is not willing at all, but as Lu Mingyang said, there is nothing he can do.
"Yes!" Lu Mingyang should have gone back for a while.
"Emperor, please calm down!" Lv Yanzhong also came from the surface to stretch out his hand and encircle his waist and white cheeks from behind. He gently posted it to Qin Kai one leng and stretched out his hand and held her hand.
"I’m not angry now to deal with the Chu Lin besides I don’t want to think much" Qin Kai long give a sigh stretched out his hand and patted her palm.
Lv Yanzhong let go of her hand, but she threw herself into the man’s arms again. Qin Kai stretched out his hand and rubbed her hair, and there was a bitter taste in her heart.
"The emperor’s Chu Lin is so hateful that he won’t be your opponent." Lv Yanzhong stretched out his hand and drew circles on his chest and didn’t know how to comfort him at the moment.
"You haven’t let him go yet, have you?" Qin Kai when’ tis once spoken Lv Yanzhong felt a tingle and her heart beat faster.
Lv Yanzhong palms soon got sweaty and stopped looking up at the man manually.
"Male and female servants and hearts are emperors. Why do you ask? The emperor must know that I have no nostalgia for him before! " Said he completely forgot that he was a fake Lv Yanzhong heard Qin Kai ask this question, but he was forced by various situations. If she didn’t say so, there would be no good result.
What’s good to eat?
If the key is Chu Lingen, you won’t buy her account. If it’s not a hot face and a cold ass, her unrequited love looks meaningless and weak
Qin Kai ha ha smiled and put her hand around her slender waist, then buried her head in her neck. "I knew that. How can my beloved princess never forget an enemy?"
Qin Kai said this and Lv Yanzhong secretly squeezed a cold sweat. Fortunately, she said firmly, otherwise Qin Kai’s temper would not be really angry. Now he is angry with Qi Ying, and maybe he will take it out on her if something goes wrong.
"If you are a male and female servant, you will know that you are making fun of me. You are so bad!" Lv Yanzhong stretched out his hand and dropped a Qin Kai chest and feet, but suddenly a whole person had been stretched up.
As they walked along, Qin Kai laughed and walked towards the temple. The woman in her arms was shy and buried her head deeply in his arms.
Some people enjoy themselves and others suffer. The news here in Chu is also going very fast. The ministers in the palace generally know that Chu Lin has caught Qi Ying, from the barracks to the officials.
"I said regent, aren’t you hungry? This king of Chu is not bad, but I’m afraid we’ll be hungry! " The woman in the prison turned her head to look at Qi Ying’s side while tearing at the roast chicken leg, which was called eating with relish.
Male smell speech cold hum a now is not only to persuade him to eat just to hear the word Chu Lin has already made him angry, but Yan Niang is not a fool to say such a thing has been like humiliating him. Qi Ying can’t help feeling in his heart that it’s really a tiger falling in Pingyang and being bullied by dogs. She is also in prison and has a mind to eat and tease him!
"Eating can’t stop your mouth!" Qi Ying heart really suppress uncomfortable big shouted toward the woman.
Yan Niang, on the other hand, continued to gnaw at the drumstick in her hand. "Regent, if you don’t eat it, just shout!"
"You’re such a selfish villain. Now you eat inside and pick outside. Don’t. You can be so easy to stick to Chu Lin now. He’s so lofty!" Qi Ying stretched out his hand and overturned the food in front of him and said
"I am cynical villain? Girl, would you still be alive today if you were a selfish villain? Don’t forget who brought you back from Qi to Qin. Is it easy for a weak woman to save you? I dare to do it and never ask you to thank me, but you brought me here by cajoling me. I haven’t settled accounts with you yet! "
He’s the wicked who complained first! Yan Niang now thinks that this is the worst man she has ever seen. Although he doesn’t covet her beauty, he always wants to benefit her to achieve his goal. This pseudo-gentleman is more terrible than those real villains!
Qi Ying cut a poke in the heart is much a few minutes of guilt.
"I’m sorry for you this time, but I didn’t expect things to be so complicated, and I didn’t expect that Chu Lin was so cunning to blame him." Qi Ying directly sent Wang Er to Yan Niang to chew the chicken leg. He is so proud and can be so sincere.
However, there is nothing to be moved by his sex. Yan Niang is still angry at this time, and inexplicably emerged in the sea that the incident in which Qin Cheng took advantage in vain in the Woods was more angry!
"It’s a pity that it’s too late to say anything now. I’m a family, but I don’t ask for much. Just eat." Yan Niang took a big bite of her chicken leg and then picked up the firewood pile and the hip flask and poured it up.
"You let me let me go! I will go myself! " Yan Niang said this, and Qi Ying couldn’t help feeling sour. He was not alone, but he was too angry to eat anything, and he was more afraid of food poisoning in Chu.
At the same time, when the two were very embarrassed, there was a sudden roar in the place next to Qi Ying, followed by the sound of iron locks. Qi Ying looked uneasily at the side and was really surprised!
"bah!" Zhang Lu was directly pushed by the chief behind him, and he ate a mouthful of hay in the haystack behind him.
Just when he was angry, he always felt that someone was watching him get up before he knew that he felt real. Qi Ying was staring at him now, as if he were going to eat him alive.