After the two men decided, they suddenly changed into two figures and gradually drifted away into the distance.

Half a day later, Zhang Xiaotian and his wife came to a 10,000-meter mountain.
The center of Tianguimen, the city of Tianguimen, is built in the mountains! Some elites and high-level people in Tianguimen live in Tianguicheng, which is generally not open to the public! What can I do to repair the ghost gate from Ghost Town to other cities? However, the members of Tianguimen usually send it directly from other cities to Tianguicheng! There are those days when ghost gate to high-level ghost repair can be directly sent to ghost town from other cities! Even so, not to mention Zhang Xiaotian and the two of them.
"It’s close to the ghost town! Xiao Tian, you look at the yin and yang eyes! " Looked at the distant one direction Zhang Xiaotian export said.
"hmm!" Yang Xiao nodded his head, his eyes looking into the distance, and his face was dignified.
"No!" Suddenly Yang Xiao face a shock and said
"What’s the matter?" Zhang Xiao, as in a surprised tight asked
"I got the eyes of Yin and Yang, but I didn’t find any city now! There is an eye of yin and yang within hundreds of miles of Fiona Fang, which cannot be searched out! There are many ghost practices in other places, but they look like a regular army of forces! And it’s not like being in ideal city! " Yang Xiao said with a frown
After hearing Yang Xiao talk, Zhang Xiao, as in a cool! "Fiona Fang hundreds of Yin and Yang eyes can’t find out? Is the ghost town in that place? " Zhang Xiaotian murmured.
"If you follow the map instructions, the ghost town should be in that place!" Sighed Yang Xiao said slowly
Zhang Xiaotian knits his brows and gives birth to a trace of bitterness in his heart. I didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen. But think about it. It’s also the top three forces in Hell. Although most of them have the ghost repair scope of Yin and Yang, I’m afraid I don’t want to go to their ghost repair. I found something abnormal, and it’s easy to find something that shouldn’t be done now without causing people to feel it.
"Huh?" Suddenly Yang Xiao zheng face some surprise some joy!
"Why? Are you in Wan’er now? " See Yang Xiao expression Zhang Xiao, as a joy quickly asked.
"no! I am now that my eyes of Yin and Yang are not only upgraded this time! " Yang Xiao smiled and said
"It’s not just a promotion?" Zhang Xiaotian some confused look at Yang Xiao.
"well! I just found out that the scope of my yin and yang eyes can be smaller now! " Yang Xiao nodded and said with a smile.
"Can it be smaller?" Zhang Xiaotian frowned. Can you find out the scope? Is there anything to be happy about?
"I’m now that the scope of my yin and yang eyes has narrowed, and the scope that those yin and yang eyes can’t explore has become clearer!" Yang Xiao excitedly said
"Become clearer?" Listen to Yang Xiao so Zhang Xiaotian eyes not a bright.
"hmm!" Yang Xiao certainly nodded his head.
"Then you are quick to see if Wan’er is in the ghost town!" When Zhang Xiaotian excited said
"Er … it has become clearer, but I still can’t see it clearly!" Hear Zhang Xiaotian asked Yang Xiao embarrassed and said.
"What shall we do?" Zhang Xiao, as a cool again.
"elder brother! Don’t you worry that if we are closer, the situation of yin and yang eye detection will be clearer! " Yang Xiao smiled and said
"That’s good! Let’s go! " Zhang Xiaotian first zheng and then delighted that if they rushed into the ghost town, I’m afraid they would be haunted by the ghost gate before they found Qin Wan.
"good!" Yang Xiao nodded and followed Zhang Xiaotian to fly away to the ghost town.
Two figures, one black and one white, drove farther and farther and gradually disappeared into the sky.
"elder brother! I can’t go any further, and I will touch those troops in less than ten miles! " Hurriedly took Zhang Xiaotian even before Yang Xiao to export said.
"Then look at the ghost town again!" Nodded Zhang Xiaotian export said words with a hint of expectation.
"alas! It’s clearer than the second time, but it’s still not clear! " Let out a sigh Yang Xiao said
"Now there are thousands of miles away from the ghost town! Why can’t you see it clearly? " Zhang Xiaotian asked with a frown, this is the fourth time they have stopped to check the situation in Yin and Yang.
"Avoid the troops ahead and we will drive a little further!" Silent for a moment Zhang Xiaotian looked up at Yang Xiao to export and said.
"good!" Bite teeth Yang Xiao like a great determination mercilessly said then draw up the way forward.
"all right! Can see clearly! " Like Yang Xiao suddenly surprised and said after a long distance.
"See clearly?" Zhang Xiao, as some excitement at this time their location is less than a hundred miles away from the ghost town! I’m afraid there will be a city further on.
"well! I saw my sister-in-law! " Yang Xiao nodded a little excited and said that Zhang Xiaotian had shown him Qin Wanying in advance!
"What? You saw Wan’er? Where is she now? " Hold on to Yang Xiao’s arm and Zhang Xiaotian asked with some excitement.
"Sister-in-law is practicing! However, the situation seems to be somewhat wrong! " Silent for a while Yang Xiao frowning light said
"What happened to Wan’er?" Zhang Xiaotian face a nervous asked.
"Not putting an accident! Sister-in-law is now in a place in the north of Tianguicheng! But I am surrounded by dozens of extremely powerful experts! " Yang Xiao sink said
"They must have forced Wan’er! They must have forced Wan’er! " Zhang Xiaotian looked at the ghost town and shouted angrily.
"elder brother! Don’t worry, we will definitely grab the sister-in-law! " Seize the Zhang Xiaotian arm Yang Xiao to a face of serious said.
"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian looked back at Yang Xiao some grateful nodded his head.
"What are dozens of masters …?" After a while, Zhang Xiaotian suddenly asked
"The lowest is the ghost king level! Most of them are taller than me, and three of them give me an inscrutable feeling! I’m afraid they have passed the ghost king level! " Silent for a while Yang Xiao sink and said
"Three people have successfully repaired the ghost king?" After hearing Yang Xiao said to Zhang Xiaotian a face of shock! After repairing the ghost king, wouldn’t it be said that Qin Wan has three ghost emperors around him?
Chapter two hundred and twenty-one Determination