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Chapter 47 Chapter 47
▍ Sweetheart Scotland (One Watch)
"Mr. Lvchuan and Miss Chuxue have arrived so early again." Yan Zi smiled. "What do you want to eat this time?"
Betty Rostow’s cheeks "It’s difficult to choose. Everything cooked by Mr. Yasushi is delicious. What do you want to eat, Brother Guang?"
Zhu Fujingguang smiled gently. "Just have breakfast. Please come to Mr. Anshi."
"Ok, please wait a moment." Descending Valley smiled.
Betty Rossi is talking to Catalpa at the bar. "Sister Catalpa, you must have been taught that Mr. Yasushi is such a good cook."
Hey? How do you know the first snow? "
Betty Ross said, "Because the Internet says that only when love moistens people can you make delicious food."
Betty Ross said quietly and Mimi, "I guess it’s close, but I ask you if Mr. Yasushi comes home on time every day?"
"Yes," Zi Zi nodded. "What can this prove?"
"Someone must be waiting for him to come home for dinner," Betty Ross said with great seriousness. "Do you think he came to the class earlier to be active? It’s all because I have to be very much in love with my little sweetheart at home. What a clingy man. "
Sticky man down the valley "…"
Sweetheart Zhu Fujingguang "…"
"Miss Asaka’s breakfast is ready."
Zhu Jingguang’s "First Snow, Dinner"
Betty Ross "…" It was heard.
Looking at Betty Ross being taken back by hir, Xiao Suo’s back fell to the valley and let hir teach you a good lesson, you address unknown guy.
Then the Maori family also came to Polo Meal.
The wind chimes sounded, and the consciousness of falling valley hung up the professional smile "Welcome". God knows how he resisted the idea of punching this curly bastard who specializes in watching jokes.
"Mr. An Anshi?"
"What’s the matter? Miss Yan "
"No, I just suddenly felt that the atmosphere was a little strange."
Valley smile "how?" Although I have exposed the fact that I work in this coffee shop, what is this subtle sense of shame? Hir, don’t snicker over there with the first snow! I saw it!
"Ah, does officer Song Tian know Mr. Yasushi?" Jiangchuan Conan threw a deep-water bomb/bomb.
Down the valley "…" This is too sensitive.
"Ah, I think Mr. Yasushi is very much like meeting a very attractive woman at the scene before," Hagiwara Kenji said, shouldering Matsuda Jinpei from behind Matsuda Jinpei. "I think it’s interesting to meet two blond hybrids at the same time."
When this was said, Hagiwara Kenji offended two people at the same time.
However, Hagiwara Kenji didn’t care at all, saying, "It’s very kind of you to eat two cups of hot milk in the hall."
Down the valley "… please wait a moment"
"Small array flat how smelly face so early in the morning? Don’t spoil such a handsome face. "
Matsuda Jinpei, don’t overdo it. "hagi, if you touch my face again, I’ll tie your hair to the sky."
It’s true to threaten you verbally every time. What a duplicitous guy!
Then he saw Betty Ross sneaking out of the blind spot of Hagiwara Kenji and Matsuda Jinpei, huh? What happened to her?
"The first snow?" Mao Lilan laughed. "I still haven’t you come?"
Betty Roston, who was about to go out, got in shape and turned to smile. "I’m early to have dinner with my cousin." Then she sat in the corner and hir.
Zhu Fujing smiled back.
At this time, Hagiwara Kenji also said, "Ah, Miss Maori and Mr. Lvchuan are also here. Long time no see."
Descending Valley "…" How do you connect when I don’t know?
Then he heard Mao Lilan say, "Thank you so much for this incident, officer Lu Yuan and officer Song Tian. We don’t know what we would have done without you."
Zhu Jingguang just interjected, "Oh, is it because of the car bombing/bombing?" The news also broadcast that Miss Maori should pay attention to Ann. "
"Thank you, Mr Green Sichuan heart …"
In the conversation of several people, I went down to the valley to find out the current situation. The Maori family was bombed when they went out. Finally, the bombing/bombing was dismantled by Lu Yuan and Song Tian, while hir was suspected of a murder. It happened that the murder happened at the vegetable market and Matsuda and Lu Yuan were buying food.
Wait. Buy food together? They moved in together?
Betty Ross "So it’s fate to meet you thousands of miles away. What do you know about my cousin? It’s amazing to meet him on the road before attending the campus festival a few days ago."
Jiangchuan Conan quickly asked, "Isn’t Mr. Lvchuan, the first snow sister, a high school classmate of Mr. Yasushi?"
Betty Ross "Ah, that’s because after high school, Mr. An Shi’s brother disappeared. That summer vacation, my cousin was so listless that I wanted to comfort him by saying that there are plenty of grass in the world [1]. Men always have to go through these ups and downs."
Down the valley "…"
Zhu Fujingguang "…"
Hagiwara Kenji buried his face in Matsuda Jinpei’s shoulders, and the shaking of his shoulders revealed how hard it was for him to laugh at the moment. Similarly, Matsuda Jinpei tried to cover up the fact that he was laughing.
Zhu Fujingguang "… I’ll teach you Chinese when I get home later."
I just want to get together with you today. Let’s teach Xiaoxue Chinese by the way.
Betty Ross "…" Will I die when I get home?
Mao Lilan "By the way, Chuxueyuan wants to ask you to make up another musical?"
Descending valley thought for a moment and said, "Is Miss Suzuki going to attend the recent public performance?"
"Well," Mao Lilan said, "I am very much looking forward to the performance of the first snow after being invited. Please."
"That’s all right. Anyway, I’m here to learn something," Betty Ross said. "I’ll think about the theme."
"Great, thank you, Chuxue."
I’ll let you go for a while.
However, his identity was discovered by Kudou Shinichi, but he also moved to Akai Shuuichi, and he has joint information. At present, he is tied, but where is the man hiding?