No matter who the ultimate winner of this war is, the forbearing world will surely realize Uchihiro Obuchi … this great power lurking in the dark!

That is to say, if you choose to fight here, you are declaring war on the whole world!
Anyway, the goal of hiding in the group has been achieved.

It’s a pity that this chess game hasn’t started yet, but it’s already the 250th chapter and the last move for Shimura Danzou.
Ps first Geng
The night was deep, but Sha Ren began to act nervously!
The instructions came from the four generations of wind shadow people and were soon carried out throughout the village-the intruder was found and the other party’s primary goal was a pillar of strength!
Although to tell the truth, I love Luo, who has been protected by sand since childhood, is just a weapon of war like his mother in the eyes of other people in the village, and they have no feelings for this body.
However, I’m afraid no one will agree if someone else takes away their own weapons like this-after all, it’s not the peaceful time that has long been used to after more than ten years … The first sight of the sky is engraved with the emblem of a thousand hands and the people are still awake. All the people who endure the war are not as far away from them as they thought, and some of them have the ability to destroy the whole country by themselves … even the five great powers are here!
As expected, the strength of the column was shifted at the first time-I got the information from the tongue I caught later. The place where I love Luo was originally guarded by one person, which means that Sha Ren has responded to the current situation … one last step is needed.
In the dark, Tuanzang sneaked into the neighborhood where he once hid the pillar force. He silently waited for the commotion to begin as planned …
Fire escape Howe fireball!
It’s not a high-level ninja, but it’s a classic fire-escaping ninja in the hands of the Uchibo clan, and it still shows extraordinary power! The house that belonged to me was destroyed from the outside with only one blow, and the burning flames of the walls and some facilities in the house burned up to show a mess … but the owner was long gone.
"Enemy attack!"
A long whistle!
It’s the easiest thing to be found when the enemy is surrounded by a large range of aggressive patience, and it’s easy to die. It’s like finding that the nest is under attack and the worker bees immediately show their deadly tail thorns at the enemy!
Wind-escaping Endurance has always been Sha Ren’s specialty. In a short time, the place where the attacker stood has been devastated and riddled with holes …
Although the skunk didn’t directly intervene in the war because of his true courage, it doesn’t mean that genius will make mistakes at this time-as soon as he gets angry and evades the attack, he will flee away and the goal is directed at the village! It is quite dangerous to stay in the enemy’s lair for one more minute. At this point, Tuanzang had repeatedly told him before the action. What he has to do now is to escape as soon as possible!
Uchiha Itachi is far away, and Sha Ren people have started to chase crazily-if things get here, it will not be perfect after all … Shifting the strength of the column can really ensure that it will be safe for a while, but for those who have already sneaked into the village, if the strength of the column is still there, she will definitely have a chance … When Tuanzang and his troops are evacuated from Sha Ren village, the best chance is for her to relax again.
Maybe it’s the day or the next year, but the possibility that Tuanzang can’t hand over his fate to the illusory, for the old man, it is worthwhile to rely on practical information and strength in his own hands, and the rest is at most a beautiful plan-meaningless.
Only with this scene of eyes …
Fire escape Howe fireball!
Exactly the same. Endure it! Even the sound of both sides and the power of Ninjutsu are different. This time, the terrible Ninjutsu directly hit the other corner of Fengying Building!
Boom The flames are blazing and the figures are moving
Chasing Sha Ren couldn’t help but stop and look back, full of consternation …
That blazing fire is in the direction of Fengying Building! There is more than one enemy! ?
Although it can be confirmed that this is probably a small-scale elite invasion, but the eye is biased in considering the number of enemies, for fear of change, Sha can’t bear to keep a small number of chasing troops deep, and most people turn around immediately.
But people expected that things would happen again … The second fire escape ninja didn’t stop. After the return of Sha Ren troops, he didn’t hesitate to turn around and escape, but in another direction, the terrible Ninjutsu attack struck again!
Dun, dig and dig!
Although he is not good at ninja, but his old rival, three generations of Muhuoying Sarutobi Hiruzen, claims that he will not be defeated in the earth! How could he not know what he is best at?
Even if you don’t major in this art, putting it in the hands of the Tibetan group is twice as powerful as just two geniuses! ?
The already crumbling Fengying Building is about to collapse, and at this moment, the sand waves suddenly surge and the building will collapse!
… four generations of wind shadows!
The dust didn’t stop, but kept taking the attacker’s position all the time, and took the lead in hiding. He smiled and immediately turned and fled into the darkness as if he had never appeared before.
"No need to chase!"
Sudden release of Ninjutsu exposes one’s position, and the result is only a certain degree of damage to the Fengying Building. No rational ninja would make such a decision … If it is not to expose himself to the pursuit of the other party, it is simply a suicidal way!
Except for one possibility …
-if the other party is deliberately luring the enemy into the depth or diverting the tiger from the mountain! ?
Reminiscent of the attack launched earlier today, the cloud in my mind is even heavier … Sha Ren is weak and can’t afford to blow his choice. At this time, it is better to pursue it slowly and steadily …
He is almost certain that the other side and people are hiding in the village!

"Stick to their posts Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine, did you expect?
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Only a fool can always expect things to be settled once and for all!

There are so many contradictions and conspiracies between people in this world, and the knowledge and truth that each individual has is so limited-the universal law cannot be easily obtained. More often, people need to compromise and calculate constantly to finally achieve their goals.
Tuanzang never thought that he would be able to get rid of the future trouble forever by this action-whether it was against Uchiha Obuchi or Sha Ren.
A super power with the support of a big country at the top of the world, no matter which one of them has countless cards-the simplest and stupidest way is of course to tell Sha Ren that they were attacked by Uchiya Obuchi, who has the ability to spend a lot of time in the mirror, but it is doomed to gain in practice.