Don’t rely on the potential manpower to shock thousands of people and bully them! Its pleasure!

"I will have such a day when I enter the institution of higher learning in Fengzhou" Chen Shaobai silently said to himself in his heart.
Still sending at night
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Chapter 55 Freshmen are the most
"When the mirror turns green, it means that after the first round, wait for the door and leave quickly without turning green. Don’t delay others’ testing."
As Bi Shang’s middle-aged assessment is finally official.
The examination is very simple. Those under the age of 25 who can display the art of bending the body can enter the school.
The requirements of Fengzhou institution of higher learning are very accurate-don’t talk about origins, don’t ask about recruiting swordsmen with unparalleled qualifications in the past. Genius can change the shape of Gangfeng trajectory. Even the peak of swordsman is just a little worse in physical quality. Fengzhou institution of higher learning is not short of natural materials and treasures. It is necessary to have enlightenment and qualified light elixir to smash a swordsman.
In order to prevent someone from fishing in troubled waters, the first round is the age test.
"But this age test method is really mysterious …" Chen Shaobai originally invited some J and jīng medical professionals to confirm their age by touching bones, but this is not the case.
Bizhuang middle-aged comfortably lying beside the rattan chair reposing, there is a silver mirror covered with complex patterns on the ebony table. If someone approaches the silver mirror, it will immediately show the age of that person.
"I have seen it for a long time!"
The silence test in the field was going on nervously and orderly. Suddenly, a young man as strong as a yak roared, "Impossible! I am only twenty-four years old this year! "
Bi Zhuang’s middle-aged fingers are crystal clear as jade, his face is gentle and indifferent, but his words are very different. He seems to be extremely overbearing. "I will give you two breaks and roll or die."
Seeing each other’s gentle performance, the strong young man was a little lucky. The other party was a learned and caring Confucian scholar, so he played a cross. "I’m really under 25 years old. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the fellows in Quansi City. I don’t care! Today, if you don’t let me pass, I won’t go here! "
The so-called scholar can’t tell the truth when he meets a soldier, but it’s a pity that the blue-dressed man doesn’t seem to be a scholar
He opened his eyes slightly, and there was no murder. His tone was so mild that he didn’t have the slightest smell of fireworks. "If you don’t leave when you are two, then die."
As soon as the words sound fell, the eyes of a strong young man burst like two rotten grapes, so soft that he fell to the ground and had a little life.
"What is this means? Is he a sword fairy? "
Chen Shaobai’s heart was slightly shaken, and he was sure that the other root didn’t make moves. The strength of the young swordsman was comparable to that of the young swordsman, so I’m afraid the swordsman didn’t have it.
As the crowd slowly pushed forward Chen Shaobai’s sight, he didn’t leave the middle-aged man with extraordinary strength. Although the other party was in repose, he didn’t recognize that the other party was lazy.
It will be his turn soon.
When I walked to the ebony table, the mysterious silver mirror immediately flashed a blue flower.
Bizhuang middle-aged fierce eyes face Se coldly stared at Chen Shaobai for half a ring before she chuckled. "At the age of sixteen, you can have the strength of swordsmen, and soon you will be close to the peak of the glazed mirror swordsmen. Even if you look at all countries, it is not a bad talent."
"Chen Shaobai was born in a famous village in Muxi City and led the autumn magic spring to win the laurel three months ago? Take him in to find a house. He won’t take the second round. "
He didn’t read the information and took out all the Chen Shaobai people.
"My name is Wu Pei. You can call me Mr. Wu."
"These should be official information? He can’t recite them one by one, can he? " Chen Shaobai was shocked to hear that the young man who was playing tricks had learned from him. He was not good at snub and quickly handed over and said, "The students have seen Mr. Wu!"
At first glance, I saw Chen Shaobai’s surprise. Wu Pei pointed to the silver mirror on the desktop and seemed to be in a good mood. She added, "It’s the contribution of God’s eyepiece. Don’t think too much. If you can break through the sword before graduation six years ago, someone will naturally tell you these things."
Divine eyepiece
Silently remembering the title of this mysterious treasure in my heart, Chen Shaobai was led into the hospital by a servant.
The entrance examination of institutions of higher learning in Fengzhou will soon end. For Chen Shaobai, except for the more comfortable residence, these three Ri are almost no different at ordinary times. Except for eating and sleeping, every Ri is meditation and sword practice, which is simple to the point of boredom, but he is full of enthusiasm.
Every bit of progress makes him feel that the distance to achieve his goal needs to be shortened so that his life will not be empty.
It is …
"Without the support of Oleoresin, the cultivation speed is reduced by one time!" Chen Shaobai’s eyes showed a trace of fatigue and anxiety after practicing the sword.
He used to be able to practice sword at night because of the support of qi therapy and mignonette fruit. Now he doesn’t have enough energy source. Otherwise, the extreme hunger will make the stomach acid secrete crazily, which will lead to intestinal perforation, and meditation is also a kind of extremely exhausting physical energy and mental movement root, so the progress speed of others will suddenly slow down.