"It’s like I often see gold and silver players shouting that Jianji can’t beat Pan Sen. They see that Persson is the main Q. I don’t know how Pan Sen can play Pan Sen and they choose to give up here."

"If it’s solo, it’s very simple. We just need to consider the strong period and line characteristics of our own hero and the other hero. Then we will consider more factors if we put 55."
"Take Pan Sen as an example, and I will choose to play hard and push the line, but if we consider that the two sides are playing wild, for example, the opposite side is a blind monk, and we are playing wild in the early stage, such as Amu or werewolf, I don’t know much about playing wild, and Zhang Hao can parrot what you see."
"So if I play the push line and the opponent plays the wild and interferes, but we play the wild but can’t help the road squat well, will my play be ruined?"
"So, considering this comprehensive factor, I will take the line-taking style, and I will try my best to let the other side spend more Q in Level 1 so that Pan Senlan can spend more Q in Level 1."
Zhang Hao woke up and said, "If you don’t squat in the wild, you can also fight with your eyes, but different heroes must have different styles of play. For example, if you are used to going out, you will be equipped with two kinds of blood beads: 1 blue, 5 red, 1 eye, 2 blue, 5 red and 3 eyes."
Chen Yi nodded. "Yes, but the latter is very often faced with different alignment heroes because of the different eye positions needed in the changes of wild heroes between the two sides. After all, it is expected that the alignment will be different until the next time I go home."
"I will try my best to make me go out and adapt to all kinds of changes when the uncertain factors change in the matching line. For example, if my side is strong in playing wild singles, I can give an eye to the opposite buff."
"This will help my family to fight against the wild. If the opposite side uses the line changing tactics, I can also immediately notice that my own road will cooperate with the line changing."
"And if your own field is weak, you can protect yourself from being attacked when you play the second buff with one eye outside the buff grass, and on the other hand, you can form a combined eye position with your own back eye while giving you a certain field of vision in the middle, so as to protect your own field from being invaded and reduce the risk of being caught in the eye."
"The same number of eyes can ensure that you have more eyes or a better eye length. This push-line play takes 1 minute and 4 seconds, because even if it is early, this eye will still be enough for me to play a complete push-line play."
"You can effectively judge where you need to go out this time, how long it will last, and how much supplies you expect to need."
"These are all based on a budget. I can’t run to the line before I find that the supply is not enough, or I push the line before I find myself in a dangerous embarrassment. I lost a decorative eye in the river and was killed by the enemy when the line grass jumped out of it. These mistakes are to be avoided when I go out."
"Great God, that’s enough."
At that time, the five sk people looked so forced that they couldn’t escape themselves, and they were also drunk. But to tell the truth, this ya is a freak. The theory is surprisingly high-end and atmospheric, and it is not stuttering at all.
"Are you spicy?" Zhang Hao looked at Chen Yi and said something. The encounter in this Internet cafe is really a treasure.
"Ah, the biggest receipt in this life is to come to our team." At the moment, Cai Liangyan also saw Chen Yi Cai Liangyan according to the unbearable admiration. What is the master in the people?
In contrast, at one time, the garbage analyst at S S S was simply not in the same class, but the gap was too big. Now, sk has vaguely become a brigade.
Chen Yi gave a hand, "It’s all fake. Don’t take it too seriously."
"What do you mean?" Er Honglai also gained a beautiful secret, but this sentence of escape was all false, which made him a little confused.
Chen Yi smiled. "Raiders are all floating clouds and paper. You can’t rely on them."
"It is the on-the-spot reaction and tactical changes that need to be considered." Zhang Hao answered Chen Yi’s words that League of Legends emphasizes an immediate strategy, and no strategy can be used once and for all.
Chen Yi nodded, "Do you really need to rely on yourself to assist these strategies?"
"My help to you is extremely limited, and everything depends on your own cold-blooded reaction and mentality, which I can’t change."
When Chen Yi said this, everyone in sk listened silently, which made sense. What he could do was to help Chen Yi make up for the theoretical defects, but the real way still needs five people’s efforts.
"Come on, I believe we can create brilliance." Zhang Hao looked at everyone’s team analysts, Shan Erhong, Zhong Dan Gao Chengfeng, and ad Cai Liangyan’s determination to fight wild Xiaokai at this moment.
"Come on"
At this moment, six people are a group.
Chapter 362 God as an opponent
"Come on, get ready for training. There’s a live broadcast in the afternoon. Let’s not screw up our first live broadcast."
Chen Yi’s words are printed in everyone’s heart. At this moment, Chen Yi is moving towards a great god team analyst, and Shi Sa sk is also looking forward to whether Chen Yi can lead them to a myth.
And everyone’s feelings for sk are getting deeper and deeper. Harmony is the main theme here in such a team.
However, at noon, something happened that made sk a little surprised, that is, the yy software homepage actually appeared for their team announcement.
Qq Internet Cafe Champions League National League Finals champion Shi Xuan sk officially joined yy live video.
I support the live broadcast of sk when the teams participating in the lspl first-class league are in progress.
The rise of the dark horse and the championship of the national league, such as playing in the first division
With the overwhelming announcement of sk video live broadcast, the popularity of Chen Yi watched and smiled, and then the sound became louder and louder.
"What are you laughing at?" Two macros looked at Chen Yi’s inexplicable feeling of losing control.
Chen Yi smiled. "It seems that we have made a high asking price and it is a wise choice."
"Haha, I know them. Earning money back will definitely focus on increasing our promotion. Only when we are famous will they be profitable." Zhang Hao’s words made everyone present nod.
That can explain why they got so many recommended seats.
In fact, it makes sense to think about it carefully. yy group spent a lot of money to sign the team. If it can’t make money, wouldn’t it be a big loss?
As a result, Zhang Hao and others’ original price line not only did not have the slightest mistake, but increased their development prospects
It can be said that the conditions have become their chips. Of course, in this case, sk must also exert its strength to live up to the yy group’s capital injection. No one will like to pay and get nothing in return.