Make two big things at one time. Director Zhu is full of ambition. He has been walking with the wind for the past two days.

As soon as Xu Taotao got the news, he went home and told Lao Xu’s family.
"Peach, you really help those township worker brother to get the opportunity? Boy, many people dragged my arm all the way home from work today. They want to thank me for saying that I lost money and gave birth to such a capable daughter as you. Hahahaha, you don’t know those people. Some people are usually so enthusiastic about me now. "
Xu Taotao, who was praised severely, was not drunk by the old mother’s ecstasy soup.
She said, "Mom, send a message to cousin Zhao Zhen every day and let him come to the provincial capital."
Zhao Xiulan leng for a while a little reaction not to be able to come over.
"Let your cousin to provincial capital? That little stingy man is not willing to spend this ticket money! "
Xu Taotao: "Don’t you want to find him a job in the city? Now there is an opportunity in front of you. Would you like my cousin to miss it?"
Zhao Xiulan was pleasantly surprised. "Is this recruitment examination restricted? Your cousin can also take the exam? "
Chapter three hundred and twenty-one New tasting
Director Zhu is holding a finger-sucking pig’s trotters and eating a mouthful of oil with a face intoxicated.
"This pig’s feet are delicious and crispy, Jamlom. This is better than eating the braised pig’s feet before!"
This pig’s paw is fat but not greasy. Its skin is crisp, and it tastes delicious when chewed.
A bunch of factory leaders, such as Chairman Yu and Deputy Director Liu, are also’ uh-huh’ nodding.
Chewing pettitoes with one heart and one mind
Xu Taotao grabbed the credit for Xu, the deputy factory director, for them before opening his mouth.
"The factory director, you don’t know. Don’t look at this simple finger-sucking pig’s trotters. That’s a lot of effort!
Deputy director Xu has studied eight kinds of marinating methods, and finally decided on four kinds. The pig’s trotters are so delicious that they have been processed through many processes.
Marinate it for two hours until it tastes soaked and soft, then fry it in an oil pan, fry it again, fry it again, wait until the skin is crispy and crispy, and then sprinkle the special seasoning powder made by our deputy director Xu. Is it delicious? "
w w w 8
Ping excitedly said that his saliva was almost coming.
When the factory leaders heard that the pig’s trotters in their hands turned out to be delicious after so many complicated processes, they did not sigh.
"No wonder Xu, the deputy factory director, was a master of state-run meals, and it was so complicated to pay attention to pig’s trotters!"
"Not complicated can be so delicious? I thought it wasn’t that I hadn’t eaten pig’s trotters before, but I felt particularly fragrant when I chewed this hand today. It turned out that Deputy Director Xu had worked hard! "
"There is such a big question hidden in the little pig’s trotters."
"This pig’s trotters Xiang Xu, the deputy director, is really extraordinary. The director of the meat joint factory is going to sell well again!"
Factory leaders are intoxicated with eating pig’s trotters and kissing Xu Taotao’s ass.
Director Zhu chewed his hands and trotters, and even the bones were wordy and licked and licked.
In the end, if there were not many people, he would have sucked all ten fingers.
This is too fragrant. How many housekeeping collars does Jamlom have? He didn’t know that pig’s trotters could smell so fragrant.
Director Zhu now has reason to suspect that pig eyes are not difficult for her!
He sighed with emotion, "Jamlom, I can see that your hands are amazing, but you can turn one thing into a delicious one!"
Xu Taotao received a compliment from Director Zhu with a smile.
Ping strongly recommended, "The factory director, please try crispy pigskin again. It’s also delicious. Moreover, Deputy factory director Xu has developed several flavors, including cumin flavor, spicy flavor and plum powder, each of which is super delicious!"
Director Zhu listened to the saliva, "Give me a pack!"
Crispy pigskin, fried and expanded twice after pickling, tastes crisp outside and tender inside, and bites’ click’ a crisp to drop slag.
It’s so fragrant, it’s like being possessed. Director Zhu can’t stop eating.
Factory director Zhu squinted and ate too much, which attracted people who didn’t have any idea about fried pigskin to follow.
This food will get out of hand.
At that time, the office of Xu Taotao’s R&D Department was "click" and "click" to eat fried pigskin.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-two Resume the college entrance examination
To build a new factory, the leaders are particularly excited to have a calculation.
Who would have thought that their western province meat joint factory was built by Germans in the early years, and now it is almost twenty years old, and one day it will build a new factory.
Although it is to build several factories to make production cars.
But after all, it is necessary to build a new factory building, and to break ground, we should make it grand anyway.
Director Zhu proudly said, "I have chosen the site of Laoguomian No.2 Factory next to our factory, which is just close to our factory."
Xu Taotao thought about the old site of No.2 Cotton Factory, and remembered that the area was still quite large and nodded with satisfaction.
The news that the slaughterhouse suddenly came out to build a new factory shocked a group of state-owned factories in western provinces.
Machinery factory director feng also sit still with Shao Qingze hurried to the slaughterhouse to inquire about the situation.
"Zhu, Zhu, you really let me see you say that your slaughterhouse needs so many factories besides those pork?
However, our machinery factory has recently made a breakthrough in developing new tractors with Xiao Shao, and it is time to build a factory.
You’d better rob me of a piece of land I like! "
He said that the sour haw looked at the factory director Zhu with complicated eyes.
Director Zhu blew his head off. "What do you mean, I made a report with you face to face, and I got the pitiao? If you have anything, you just say that the land is your favorite, and I also say that I take a fancy to the land in your machinery factory. You let it out for me?"
On the ability of mouth cannon, Director Zhu has never let Xu Taotao down.
Director Feng was embarrassed to face a blue and a white.
Director Feng really didn’t talk nonsense to Director Zhu. He did apply for a new factory recently, but he was rejected by Minister Qin.
The reasons for refusal are also particularly inspiring.
Minister Qin’s words at that time were like this: "People’s slaughterhouses have to expand their production capacity, and the existing production vehicles can’t meet the production, so they have to build new factories."
Your machinery factory covers the largest area, gives the most preferential policies and benefits. What benefits have you brought me for so many years?
I also want the new factory to go back and reflect on it, especially the last’ capital exchange meeting’, which is even worse than the meat joint factory! "
Director Feng’s words are really piercing.
Finally, he couldn’t remember how he walked out of the Qin Minister’s office.
At that time, I felt my face was hot, and my whole face seemed to burn.
To tell the truth, although it is very sour, compared with the slaughterhouse, it has made one eye-catching achievement after another in the past six months. Their machinery factory is taken care of by the policy, but it still has nothing to get.
It’s embarrassing enough
But fortunately, now with the director Xiao Shaofeng, there is comfort in my heart