Li Feiyang’s eyes set and his heart knew that today’s World War I was a method to avoid seeing the endless ripples. Without hesitation, he raised his hand and punched at the front.

Booming heart!
Li Feiyang’s body was like being blinked by a giant hammer and flying out hundreds of meters while watching Xiao Mengxiu’s face smile. However, Xue Nianping had no joy, but his face was doubly dignified.
Only by himself did he clearly feel that Li Feiyang seemed to have been hit by himself, but in fact it was himself who flew out and unloaded the strength, and the moment when he mixed the force with the other fist, it was like a black hole suddenly appeared as powerful as a tyrannical annihilation force, and in an instant he attacked the July 7th with his strongest strength.
Xue Nianping’s mixed force is manifested by his fists, that is, his powerful mixed force, which makes many people who are higher than him suffer losses in front of him.
The higher the form of mixed force, the more advantageous it is, and Xue Nianping’s power form is also a kind of high-end mixed force. Even if the other party can annihilate itself after two-phase collision, the mixed force will be hurt by great power, unless the other party’s physical strength is extremely strong, it is bound to offset the heavy impact and shock force.
However, he didn’t expect it, and he didn’t see what this Li Feiyang did to release the mixed force, so he consumed so much mixed force. Is this person’s mixed force some kind of top mixed force?
Xue Nianping even thinks it’s ridiculous that the higher the strength level of uniting the mixed force, the more likely it is to make the variation of mixed force produce a high-end state, while the top mixed force needs the mixed state as the foundation. Generally speaking, it is only possible for the strong to reach the 20 mixed state.
Although the heart is a mystery, Xue Nianping doesn’t have much time to continue thinking about Li Feiyang’s flying backwards and then flying back in a blink of an eye. His degree also surprised Xue Nianping, as if he had been suddenly thrown over by some powerful force. The other way of marching gives people a strange "traction feeling."
Li Feiyang looked cold and blinked and flew to Xue Nianping’s front. His right hand still clenched his fist and punched the suspense flat again.
Xue Nianping sneered at the big gun in one hand and shook out a gun. The golden light of the arm attached to your gun like a shadow. With the shaking track of the gun body, a pear flower was thrown out, and Li Feiyang’s fists were put together.
"I’ll see how much you can melt when the aphid shakes the tree!" Xue Nianping grimaced and drank a lot, but then a second later his face showed a trace of consternation, followed by disbelief and horror.
Li Feiyang’s fist swung out of a circle of dark red sticky flame, just like the ice met with the sun. The ripples caused by Xue Nianping’s mixed force suddenly expanded before the flame. Seeing Li Feiyang’s fist rushing all the way, he was about to hit his big gun. Xue Nianping drank a lot of golden light and surged into the gun. The gun body trembled violently at the moment, and the golden light suddenly expanded, just like the instantaneous expansion of the big gun, which generally enveloped Li Feiyang.
Just when Li Feiyang was covered with golden light, he suddenly burst out and drank his fist. The flame instantly expanded and bloomed into a huge fan, just like a lux peacock flashing the harsh golden light, which faded away and then dissipated when the flame appeared.
It’s like when a hurricane blows away the fire and the golden light dissipates and falls, Li Feiyang’s fist finally hits Xue Nianping’s gun.
A little red awn blooms at the tip of the fist and then violently rotates and twists to collapse, just like the pool water is concentrated to the extreme, and the dark red flame turns black in an instant.
Xue Nianping’s eyes widened in disbelief. His big gun is a spiritual weapon. After years of sacrifice and refining, it is about to break through into a treasure. However, at this moment, Li Feiyang, with his bare hands, instantly melted the head of the big gun with his fist that little black flame was inconspicuous!
That little black flame seems to be indestructible. Generally, Xue Nianping clearly feels that his realm is far beyond Li Feiyang, but he can’t help himself to be proud of his strange flame. Juli-type mixed force has completely countered each other’s strange flame.
Xue Nian half-pulled out and hurried back. However, the black flame produced a huge suction like a whirlpool, tearing at the big gun in his hand crazily. Even Juli, like him, lost his resistance ability in the face of such strength.
The big gun was torn a little bit, and it was completely melted by the black flame of Li Feiyang’s fist in Xue Nianping’s horrified eyes. Seeing that his body was about to be dragged close to the black flame, Xue Nianping hurriedly let go and hurried back.
Li Feiyang stood still in the middle of the hand, and the black mountain slowly dissipated. There was a dense aura of fire around him. Looking at Xue Nianping’s sharp retreat, his light mouth said, "If I just wanted to kill you, you are already dead. I will give you one last chance to get out! Never let me see you again! "
Xue Nianping face now surprised some unexpected way "you let us go? No, how can you let us leave again and again when you have such strong strength? " What seems to be suddenly white Xue Nianping’s face reveals a clear color with a grimace of a grin. "I understand that you have such a high-end mixed force when you are in a poor state. How did you get it? You can say one thing!"
Xue Nianping slowly straightened his body and stopped pulling himself out. He said slowly, "Your mixed force must not last long enough."
Li Feiyang’s face remained the same, but his heart was full of booze and waves. Just now, he gave Xue Nianping the biggest shock. He tried to compress his red Yan tiger firepower and received a surprise effect. Although the effect was amazing, it also consumed less of his original fire. At this time, even if he added his own body to have the limit, he could make the red Yan tiger firepower for five minutes at most!
If the other party sees through this, wait until their firepower is exhausted and someone on their side is destroyed.
But although uneasy in the heart, Li Feiyang still keeps a straight face. It’s cold. "You can come and try. I see that the moon firm is indeed a group of people who don’t know how to live and die, and will tolerate others as weakness."
Speaking of which, Li Feiyang’s hands crashed out of the harsh dark red flame, and the whole person deceived Xue Nianping in the blink of an eye like a teleport. The circle ripples in front of him were condensed into a line by his feet and wrapped around Xue Nianping.
Gravitational waves suddenly hold Xue Nianping, and Xue Nianping feels that when his feet sink, his whole body loses control and quickly falls.
His heart was shocked when he was about to earn this force in the mixed force, only to see that Li Feiyang had rushed to the front with a face full of pitfalls.
"Since you insist on dying, I will be you!" Li Feiyang ferocious roar hands toward Xue Nianping press to.
Xue Nianping exploded and roared a pair of fists, and the golden light flashed instantly, which became the essence. It was like wearing two golden gloves and struggling to put Li Feiyang’s hands together.
Boom !
Xue Nianping stood on fire and fell heavily in the moment of hitting Xue Nianping; Li Feiyang added Xue Nianping to the reverse control of gravity waves, and after a loud crash, Xue Nianping smashed the ground of the intercepting floating beast. "All the stones trapped in the small ten warehouses were melted by the flame force, and the hard turtle shell of the intercepting floating beast was smashed, and the turtle shell of the intercepting floating beast was still able to resist this powerful flame. A hole was melted in an instant, revealing bright red flesh and blood.
Xue Nianping suddenly bit the tip of the tongue and the golden light flashed, trying his best to stop the body from falling and at the same time trying his best to offset the burning flame. It was because of his explosive mixing force that the red dark flame was still tenacious and sticky in his body.
In the end, Xue Nianping irrepressibly touched the flesh and blood of the intercepted floating animal, and then slowly sank into the red dark flame and fell into the body of the intercepted floating animal.
As soon as I entered the body of the intercepting floating animal, it seemed like a flame that followed me, and I finally left from him, but I slowly ran along the blood of the intercepting floating animal.
Xue Nian calmly called it bad, but before he could react, the original kept quietly floating on the sea to intercept the floating beast. Suddenly, an earth-shattering roar came out, and the body suddenly flipped four huge claws and violently slapped on the sea, like a piece of ice thrown into the oil pan, and the waves immediately went up into the sky.
Xue Nianping intends to rush out from the square blood hole, but he didn’t expect to stop the floating beast from tumbling. At the same time, there was a layer of rich white light all over his body, which instantly blocked the only exit. Xue Nianping tried his best to escape.
The violent surge of blood has brought huge suction to intercept the floating beast, and even after it mutates, it will have the strength of mixed element realm. Although the level of intercepted floating beast is not as high as Xue Nianping’s, there are countless mixed element forces in his huge body. Xue Nianping took measures to resist the rush of quality, and the blood tore at Xue Nianping and rolled and flowed in the blood vessels of intercepted floating beast.
While in the outside, intercepting floating animals seems to be crazy. Generally, they roar on the sea, and white light pours out along its nose and mouth, just like white horses violently hitting the sea. Every impact can stir up stormy waves.
The calm sea instantly became a huge wave in a frying pan, and waves after waves rushed in all directions to intercept floating animals. The guards and people of the moon wheel firm screamed and were thrown into the sea of aura. The surging waves overflowed the intercepting floating animals again and again, and all kinds of things jumped and broke, floating on the sea and scattered everywhere.
Li Maoyang didn’t expect such a scene. He quickly fell back to the back of the floating beast and released Mu Chen’s smoke. He ordered the floating beast to hurry back.
However, as soon as the floating beast moved, he saw a white light cut across the sky and hit the back of the floating beast hard.
The floating beast of the Rising Sun Business is also a heavy quiver. A dozen buildings were suddenly shattered by Juli, and a large piece of bright blood red suddenly emerged from the sea.
In the interception of the floating beast crazy difference offensive, the floating beast of the Rising Sun business company suddenly suffered heavy losses.
Maybe I found a catharsis in my own pain, or maybe I got the smell of blood, which made the violent chaos attack of intercepting floating animals suddenly more concise than wave after wave. The buildings were crashing and collapsed, and the floating animals’ pieces of flesh and blood were torn off. Blood splashed into the sea like a flood, and the floating animals roared with pain, and the people in the floating animals were also thrown into the sea of aura together.
Including Qin Yue Wan Zai.
Li Feiyang saw a real plunge into the water, holding Jean Wan and flying to the sky, followed by Muchen Smoke, and looked at the sea with a complicated look.
No one expected that there would be such a situation. The floating animals at both ends rolled wildly and roared in the sea, colliding with each other severely. Whether it was the Moon Firm or the Rising Sun Firm, the human department got stuck in the sea and struggled hard in front of such amazing waves, except those who had reached the flying realm with strong strength.
Xiao Mengxiu took those flying moon guards standing opposite Li Feiyang with a complicated look. Looking at Li Feiyang, three people died on the opposite side. Xiao Mengxiu intentionally brought people to kill him, but he didn’t dare to act rashly. Looking at the intercepting floating beast crazy, Xue Nianping’s figure didn’t appear. Xiao Mengxiu bit his teeth and the light flashed at the hole where the intercepting floating beast was.
Close to the hole instantaneous Xiao Mengxiu double out two ripples will be covered with holes white light scattered body quickly drilled into it.
She is going to find Xue Nianping.
Stimulated to intercept the floating beast is even more surprised. A dense white light is slowly brewing in its mouth until it is as harsh as the sun.