"Genghis Khan’s side will certainly have superior protection" Ling Feiyang said.

"Rong Er had investigated this matter long before you came to spend the time. According to her information, Genghis Khan usually took nine masters with him when he marched, and there was also an extremely good master."
"Rong Er is really thoughtful …" Ling Feiyang couldn’t help but admire and immediately asked, "Did Rong Er find out the identity of this extremely superior?"
"She told me that the master’s name is Jawadni, and he is a venerable Persian!" Huang Yaoshi said, "Rong Er also said that although the Buddha Khalifa Luna can’t finish martial arts, the Buddha Jawadni is extremely skilled in martial arts, but no one can know how high it is!"
"In that case, I’d like to meet this venerable deity for a while," said Ling Feiyang. "Lord Huangdao, let’s rush to the Caucasus Grand Canyon!"
Two days later, Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi entered the mountainous area and quickly found the Caucasus Grand Canyon with the map carefully drawn by Huang Rong.
"The steep terrain of the Grand Canyon is indeed a good place to ambush," said Huang Yaoshi, looking at the winding mountain road at the top of the canyon.
"One more thing," Ling Feiyang thought for a moment and suddenly said, "Genghis Khan, a horse emperor, heard that when leading troops to fight, he didn’t usually ride a chariot. This BMW is extremely fast, and I’m afraid it will cross the canyon in a moment. If we don’t hit Genghis Khan and let him run to a wide terrain, I’m afraid there will be no way to protect the hordes at that time."
"So we must carefully lay out and never do it foolishly!" Huang Yaoshi Road
"Huangdao said yes, then let’s study an ambush plan!" Ling Feiyang Road to be continued
Chapter 33 Kunlun sent reinforcements
Huang Rong Guo Jing entered the Mongolian military camp as his fiancee and obtained the marching route of the Mongolian army attacking Russia. In Huang Rong, Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi decided to show the assassination of Genghis Khan in the Caucasus Grand Canyon!
Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi have two men, but the enemy is a Mongolian army of 200,000 and a large number of masters, including the venerable Jawadni of Persia, whose martial arts are unfathomable. They all know in their hearts that the difficulty of this operation is beyond imagination, and it is almost impossible to retreat if the assassination succeeds or fails.
So the two of them were thinking about whether the assassination plan could succeed, but they didn’t think of the problem of finally escaping.
It will take about ten days for the Mongolian army to arrive in the Caucasus Grand Canyon. During this period, Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi decided to further their martial arts skills and decided to award their martial arts skills to each other
In order to comfort his dead wife, Feng Heng, Huang Yaoshi has decided not to practice the Nine-Yin Sutra for life, but now when the country is in crisis, Huang Yaoshi has decided to break this rule. Ling Feiyang took out the Nine-Yin Sutra and presented it to Huang Yaoshi with a copy of it. That text has also been translated into Chinese.
On the other hand, Huang Yaoshi also taught Ling Feiyang’s unique skill, the ability to understand martial arts is not what it used to be, and he mastered the essentials of the fingertips in just one day.
When I got here, Huang Yaoshi practiced Yi Jin Forging Bone in Jiuyin Zhenjing, and Ling Feiyang also practiced fillip magical powers. Both of them were masters and practiced martial arts at a speed far faster than the average person. Five days later, Huang Yaoshi had already broken through Yi Jin Forging Bone to the fourth floor, and Ling Feiyang had also been able to accurately hit a rock ten feet away with a small stone.
Although the power of this fillip avatar is not as good as that of the Six-pulse Excalibur, it has a longer range and is more suitable for attacking the enemy’s key points and breaking the defense. After Ling Feiyang learned to fillip avatar, he thought about combining this martial arts six-pulse Excalibur to create a more powerful martial arts.
But he also thought that he might never have this chance to create his own martial arts again after this action.
On this day, Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi were practicing martial arts at the top of the canyon when they suddenly saw a fireball rising in the distant sky!
"Fireworks!" Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi are pleasantly surprised to see this fireball!
This pyrotechnic bomb is a true teaching tool. After Zhao Qi ascended the throne, the pyrotechnic bomb method was carried out in the whole Song team. At this moment, neither of them thought that this kind of pyrotechnic bomb could be seen in the Caucasus mountains in Wan Li.
Two people immediately cast their flying skills and ran in the direction of fireworks. They finally saw six people on the mountain road in a dozen miles!
It can be seen from the costumes that these six people are actually Song people and all seem to be martial arts experts!
When these Song experts saw Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi, they immediately greeted them. The first tall, elegant and elegant man Lang called out, "Are you two Ling Feiyang, commander-in-chief of martial arts in the Song Dynasty, and Huang Yaoshi, the owner of Peach Blossom Island?"
"Not bad pavilion?" Ling Feiyang asked
"Li Qing Xuanfeng, the head of Kunlun Sect, ordered five younger brothers to come to support Master Ling and Master Huang Dao!" The man said that Kunlun sent six masters to salute Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi fuels!
Li Qingxuan had a total of older brothers. However, in the war of conquering Fusang, Luo Shensha, Shang Que, and Cai Tianhua all sacrificed their lives. Now there are five left. Li Qingxuan is so sad that he finally decided to go out and lead the remaining five brothers to join the anti-Mongolian cause.
Li Qingxuan is called "Mr. wood blade" in Jianghu. The weapon is a sword made of rosewood. Because of his profound skill, this wood blade is no less powerful than a metal weapon. Li Qingxuan’s five brothers are Bi Qian Shan, You Hao, Wu Xin, Liu Huanhua and Bai Wenhai, all of whom have unique skills in Jianghu.
"With the help of Li Zhangmen and all the brothers, we have a better chance of winning!" Ling Feiyang said with a solemn expression, "It’s a narrow escape from this operation. Everyone must be prepared!"
"Ling Xia, please rest assured that parents, wife and children have been placed before we leave and are ready to die generously! If this battle can really kill Genghis Khan, we Kunlun disciples will be famous for thousands of years and will be afraid of death? " Li Qing xuanyi said with a look back.
"The head of the store is absolutely right!" Wu Xin said.
"Brother Luo, brother Shang and brother Cai have all died in our country, so how can we stay behind!" Bai Wenhai said
"If we can eradicate Genghis Khan and quell this war, our brother Kunlun will die a glorious death!" Never put off till tomorrow what you can Qian Shan said can’t help but swing.
Ling Feiyang saw that the six masters of Kunlun School were all high-spirited and very moved. Although Huang Yaoshi was lofty by nature, at this moment, his face could not help but move.
Nine days later, the Mongolian army finally arrived in the Caucasus mountains. The army was divided into three legions, with 50,000 former troops led by pioneer general Su Butai and 100,000 Chinese generals led by Genghis Khan himself, and 50,000 rear troops led by Lemi.
At noon that day, the invincible front army first came to the mouth of the canyon, and the 50 thousand troops lined up in a long snake array for about half an hour and successfully passed the canyon
Genghis Khan Zhongjun came to the mouth of the canyon. Motugen, the head of Chagatai Station, pulled his horse forward and said with some worry, "Will there be an ambush in front of Grandpa because of the steep terrain?"
"According to our report, Russian Grand Duke Yuri II didn’t know that our actions must still be playing chess in the Kremlin!" Genghis Khan said with a smile
"But those masters of the song kingdom will have any action? Ling Feiyang and the masked master have been missing Sun ever since they escaped from Tumufeng. It’s a little uneasy! " Motugen went on to say
"Before this Ling Feiyang, he used to be my public servant. He helped me to eradicate the black wind and double evil spirits and avenged Wokuotai and my four-member lover. He was really kind to me. I really don’t want to be enemies with him …" Genghis Khan said with a sigh.
"I admire Ling Feiyang very much. Now it is our enemy. I don’t know how many Mongolian soldiers have been killed, and even three patrol envoys have been defeated by him. Please don’t forget the old feelings!" An old man with brown yellow beard suddenly came up to Genghis Khan and said
This man is none other than Jawadni, the venerable man of the land! to be continued
Chapter 34 Ambush! Caucasus Grand Canyon!
Genghis Khan led the Mongolian Zhongjun to prepare to pass through the Caucasus Grand Canyon. The nine guards around Genghis Khan were all Persian masters, and the leader of the guards was Jawadni, the Patriarch!
Since Genghis Khan loved to kill Zhe Bie by Ling Feiyang, Genghis Khan has strengthened the protection of the military Lord and taught Jawadni, the first master in the army, to shoulder the responsibility of Genghis Khan’s guard leader. Now Ling Feiyang has successively defeated Moreel Khan, the southern patrol ambassador, Dan Tai, and the western patrol ambassador Kalubio. Jawadni immediately woke up when he heard Genghis Khan’s words.
"Jawadni, you talk about Ling Feiyang so much. Are you afraid of him?" Genghis Khan loves Sun Motugen’s straightforward personality and immediately asks Jawadni’s words.
"Ha ha ha! How dare you despise Zun! " Jawadni proudly said, "I don’t mean to be weak, but to wake up and sweat. Don’t cherish old feelings and forgive Ling Feiyang after I capture him alive!"
"This Ling Feiyang is so fierce. Are you sure you can beat him?" Motugen is still suspicious and continued
"You may have seen the martial arts of the four patrol envoys, but there is one thing you must not know, and that is the gap between the venerable and the patrol envoys!" Jawadni said coldly
"Mr. Jawadni is my most valued person. Motugen, you have to rest!" Genghis Khan said and waved his hand. Motugen had to retreat.
"Sweat, let’s go through the valley. Even if there is a master of Song State ambushing, let them go back!" Jawadni said
"good!" With a wave of his hand, Genghis Khan rushed to the canyon with 500 elite cavalry in front of him, surrounded by two thousand cavalry.
Genghis Khan is wearing an ordinary soldier’s army. Among the 2,500 cavalry, there are less than 30 identical flags. It is different from finding a needle in a haystack to find Genghis Khan in this large number of cavalry!
At this moment, a crimson war horse suddenly came from behind like lightning, and the rider turned out to be a beautiful girl!
This war horse ran faster than Genghis Khan BMW and rushed to Genghis Khan in a moment!
This war horse is of course a bloody BMW and this girl is Huang Rong!
"Khan jing elder brother just told me that he regards Princess Hua Zheng as his sister and asked me to beg you to agree to our marriage!" Huang Rong said it in his mouth, but it blocked Genghis Khan’s road in the form!
"This little girl is not afraid to rob my son-in-law!" Genghis Khan was angry and raised his whip and said, "We are marching now. Let’s talk about it later!"
"But jing elder brother can’t wait!" Huang Rong said with a grin, but the root didn’t mean to let the road!
"flash!" Genghis Khan fumed that two followers immediately rushed over on horseback to drive Huang Rong away!
Flint Huang Rong suddenly pulled out the dagger engraved with the word "Guo Jing" from her arms and rushed to Genghis Khan!
"This little girl wants to assassinate and sweat!" Next to Jawadni, his figure is faster than that of Huang Rong!
However, Huang Rong’s figure floated up and turned out to be flying to the little red horse in the opposite direction!
Jawadni didn’t expect Huang Rong, the East-West Tactic, to stop suddenly, but Huang Rong had jumped to the side of the flag. With a wave of his hand, the dagger struggled to cut the flagpole in two sections!
At the same time, there was a sudden "rumbling" noise at the top of the canyon, and several very thick trunks fell from the sky and stood in front of the Mongolian army!
It turns out that Ling Feiyang and others will know that Genghis Khan is here when they see Huang Rong cutting off the flagpole of this flag, and immediately put these rollers!
"There is an ambush!" Mongolian soldiers began to shout, and Jawadni immediately gave up the pursuit of Huang Rong and kept close by Genghis Khan!
At the same time, a vine hangs from the top of the canyon, and the figure drops rapidly along the cliff!