Chapter 374 I will always be good to the moon.

"Chu Wen Lan, stop it! How can you do this to your father!" Not far away, an angry man rushed to a pale blue brocade robe and grabbed the sword and attacked ChuChengChuan.
ChuChengChuan eyes, suddenly, a cold, long sleeves, a wave of his hand, and a strong force, suddenly, people’s bodies suddenly stagnated, and suddenly, they were shaken out and fell to the ground, spitting out one mouthful blood.
Look at the sudden appearance of someone with a slight frown. What is he doing here? ! Are you really not afraid of death? !
"Chu Wen Lan, I won’t let you hurt my father!" Chuhanxuan struggled to get up from the ground, clutching a sword in his hand and staring at the white man like snow in front.
ChuChengChuan Songbei Chu emperor looked at ChuHanXuan chuckle a corner of his mouth evoked a playful color "is really a filial child" and he took a glance sat down to the North Chu emperor "gee, there is such a height, are you always comforting now? Aren’t you afraid of people accompanying you? I’ll send him to the ground to accompany you later. "
Hearing this, Emperor Chu of the North suddenly raised his head. Although he could not speak, his eyes were full of anger.
"If you can’t talk, you have to look at me. It seems that you don’t want these eyes either, right?" Chu Chengchuan’s lip angle suddenly evoked a strange color. It seemed as if he was going to dig out the eyes of Emperor Bei Chu himself.
Emperor Chu of North China suddenly felt a little scared in his eyes. This man is terrible. He can really do anything. The emperor doesn’t want to be so humiliated even if he dies, but if he falls into the hands of Chu Chengchuan, he can’t survive.
"Chu Wen Lan, stop it!" ChuHanXuan roared will be rushed over there.
At ChuHanXuan shallow frowned slightly "are you dead? The man in front of you is still Chu Wen Lan. He won’t kill you? !”
What does this mean when Stuart first stood beside her? What do you mean this man is still Chu Wen Lan? Isn’t that Chu Chengchuan? !
Suddenly, when he heard the shallow words, Chu Hanxuan’s anger was extinguished in an instant. He took a shallow look and his eyes fell on her last month’s pregnant eyes. Did she already have a child? !
Shallow like didn’t notice the surprise in Chu Hanxuan’s eyes, he said lightly, "That man won’t be as soft with you as your uncle. You should be glad that he didn’t kill you in the past, but you don’t want him to kill you because he didn’t give him a reason to do it at that time."
Chu Hanxuan suddenly came to his senses and listened to this. His face flashed with a touch of pain. Yes, it’s right to say that the root of this person is cold-blooded. I still remember the day when he just returned to the palace. The queen of the massacre died. Yunling died, and even the second brother was cut off and his eyes were cut off. He made her lose her because the queen scolded him. He didn’t want to lose her the most.
It’s not that no one questioned his identity in the court. Those who questioned him were quickly killed by him, and all the people left behind were ministers to others. He never thought that the guards in the Yugoslav capital palace in Pidu were all others long ago. When was he laid out? And how could he be his brother, who died at birth?
He was not like this before. Was he hiding too much or did he never know him?
"The moon has always been so kind, but have you forgotten what I just said? You can have me in your heart’s eyes. I deserve to die. "ChuChengChuan’s eyes suddenly sank and a murder suddenly rose.
Shallow corners of the mouth slightly holding "kill whatever you want. Anyway, he and I have nothing to let the emperor watch him kill each other. His heart will surely be extremely uncomfortable. I am happy to watch this play."
Hearing this, Chu Hanxuan frowned slightly and took a shallow look. I knew that she meant well, but I always felt that her feud with her father was not shallow.
ChuChengChuan smell speech body murderous look sharply he shook his head and said, "Although I know that the moon speaks to help him, but the moon doesn’t like him, I know that it would be better to keep his life to watch the next play, so it’s time for my father to know the secret." Then his face emerged with a strange color and he whisked "Come out."
Shallow look slightly heavy looking at the sudden appearance of a black dress person’s eyes, it was him.
Chu Hanxuan’s face was full of vigilance when he saw the sudden appearance of the person. He didn’t even notice the appearance of this person just now, but he always felt that this figure was familiar.
Is the north Chu emperor looked at the man is also leng leng, he suddenly moved violently stammer seems to want to say something.
ChuChengChuan took a look at the North Chu Emperor and joked, "You really treat others as your slaves. How do you say they are also the prince of South Gan Yu?"
Luo Yu walked to the front of Chu Chengchuan and looked at the North Chu Emperor for a moment. His eyes flashed with sarcasm. "The emperor is really unexpected. Accurately, the emperor didn’t expect that he would have today."
"Uh-huh …" Emperor Chu of North China tried to say something with his mouth open. He stared at Luo Yu with displeasure.
Luo Yu closed his eyes and naturally guessed what he wanted to say. He said lightly, "You once agreed that I would help you do things. You helped me find Xueji and let Xueji fly together. You didn’t know that Yukime had gone to the office seven years ago. I am not betrayed here today."
Emperor Chu’s eyes suddenly widened and his face was full of disbelief. "Mm-hmm …" His mouth was open and he seemed eager to express something.
Luo Yu saw his one eye sneer and said, "Yukime was killed by you. If she wasn’t with you, how could she be found by Qianyue gens and how could she die? If she had come with me early in the morning, I would have worked my ass off to protect her. "His voice suddenly soared."
Emperor Bei Chu shook his head and still couldn’t believe that he hated a person and that person in his life, so he left him without saying goodbye, but he always thought that one day she would appear in front of him because there was still someone here after all, but I didn’t expect to hear that she had …
"Feel hard to accept? Oh, it’s a pity that Yukime, she is stupid and you are sincere to her until she dies. "Luo Yu’s face suddenly changed and suddenly grabbed the skirt of the Northern Chu Emperor and said," She gave birth to a child and you voluntarily returned to the snowy area to accept punishment and give up this life. But what did you do? You still love your concubines and have children with others. What makes you worthy of her being such a holy and idle daughter? ! The biggest mistake in her life is to meet you! "
The face of Emperor Chu of North China was dislocated by shock, and his face was distorted. Although it was painful, the more he moved, the more it hurt. He wanted to get rid of the man in front of him because he saw murder in his eyes.
But in my mind, I can’t help but recall that he just spoke and she gave birth to a child? Don’t … His eyes suddenly looked at the sunny girl’s face, but she was more indifferent. No, it’s impossible … His body cringed and wanted to retreat.
Shallow natural notice just north Chu emperor looked at her, but her face was indifferent. In her eyes, he is no different from ChuChengChuan.
Is aware of the north Chu emperor strange Luo Yu chuckled and said, "see? That’s Yukime’s daughter. Does she look like Yukime? Haha … How do you feel about being your own daughter, Chu Tianheng? " He closed his eyes to the shocked expression of the Northern Chu Emperor and continued, "I have never seen you so stupid. If she is really my daughter, just looking at her face, how can I be willing to let her be planted with a heart-eating method? Besides, there is one thing I forgot to tell you that this heart-eating method can only be hooked up with people who are extremely related, saying that you are giving it to your own son and daughter. Haha!" That arrogant smile suddenly rose, revealing the vicissitudes of life and resentment. Isn’t it just that he has been anonymous for many years to see today? Seeing this arrogant and selfish man taste regret, he will avenge Yukime and make this life hell!
"No, it’s impossible!" ChuHanXuan suddenly roared out his consternation at shallow looking at ChuChengChuan looking at the north chu emperor how uncle is the father, he has slowly accepted but shallow how could she be … And eat heart method is the father? What? ! How can he be so cruel to eat his heart and his uncle and shallow people?
Emperor Chu of the North couldn’t help shivering. His eyes were shallow and he was separated from Chu Chengchuan. It was his daughter. How could she be his daughter? If it was his daughter, what did he do to her? ! No, Luo Yu did it to get back at him. He teamed up with that rebel to cheat him.
ChuChengChuan smiled and looked at the North Chu Emperor’s reaction, and he raised his eyebrows slightly. "Speaking of which, I have to thank my father for not being so precious and eating my heart. How can my moon be the closest person in this world? We will live and die together?" He seemed to think of something. Looking at the opposite side, he smiled and said, "Don’t be afraid of the moon. Although I didn’t like you several times at the moment, I later saw that the moon was so kind to me, so I changed my mind and thought how good it would be to have a moon forever. If you don’t betray me, I will always be good to the moon. If the moon betrays me, I will bear the pain, but I am afraid that if I am careful, I will hurt the moon and those people around the moon. Of course, I have to get rid of the people that the moon doesn’t like now. "The words just fell on his face and he suddenly grimaced and stabbed back with one hand.
"Ah …" A scream suddenly came out.
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Chapter 475 Killing your father
The scream was so piercing that it seemed to scream in hell.
"Father!" Chu Hanxuan suddenly stepped forward and exclaimed that Zhang Jun’s face was suddenly angry and painful. He looked at the white man like snow and complained, "Chu Wen Lan, are you crazy? That’s father!" He dare to kill his father. He is crazy. No, it’s a dream. It’s not true.
Here, the eyebrows are slightly drooping, but it is generally that Stuart next to her first frowned and skipped a bit of gloomy color. This person’s means is not too hard. Some people can kill their own father so naturally. Probably few people can through the ages.
"Ha ha ….." ChuChengChuan suddenly withdrew his hand without looking at his front and suddenly lost his support and fell to the ground. The North Chu Emperor evoked a gentle smile at his mouth and stared at the opposite smiling and said, "Moon, look, I’ll avenge you. Are you happy?"
The shallow eyebrows are trembling with the last breath. The fundus of Emperor Bei Chu is equally indifferent. First, she is really indifferent to the death of Emperor Bei Chu. Second, she has no feeling at all about Chu Chengchuan’s so-called killing her father because she knows his bloodthirsty nature better than anyone else. He is just making an excuse for himself.