Motive endows six machine guns with anti-aircraft guns, which are exhausted in a very short time. When they were purchased, they came with 2,000 ammunition. After the ammunition was exhausted, Wei Ya threw away the machine guns and leaned over to pick up the Rpg rocket launcher from the ground in October Empire, aiming at the old warehouse with a linear distance of less than 150 meters.

You know, it’s this crude-looking weapon that makes the Americana army stationed in Babylon armed with high-tech equipment suffer a lot.
"bang! Hey! "
A flash of fire followed by a rocket with a long white trail twisted and plunged into the warehouse.
If it is said that these people in the warehouse have not realized which way their opponents are, and this rare equipment is not easy to identify when it is dark, then the rocket launcher, a heavy weapon that should never appear in the killing of Chinese gangs, has mistakenly told them that people come to the underworld not to grab territory but to kill themselves.
"Bobcats, come on, M, take your baby out."
After the rocket exploded, it ignited the debris accumulated in the warehouse, and smoke billowed from the building, and a hoarse cry came from the smoke.
Wei Ya didn’t even move his eyebrows. He bent down to pick up a rocket and finished loading again. When he looked up, a stout figure rushed out of the warehouse against the background of foaming at the mouth of fire and smoke. This face was covered with black ash. You couldn’t see the real man yelling and throwing a black thing at Wei Ya with all his strength.
As a thunder thundered, this pineapple-like anti-infantry mine blasted countless steel balls and gushed out. The car behind Wei Ya was immediately damaged and the car body was instantly pierced with hundreds of grape holes.
It is reasonable to say that a person who is shot by a strong steel ball at such a close distance will be seriously injured, but he stood still at the moment when the mine exploded. Wei Ya’s body lit up with a touch of golden light, and the steel ball near him was hit by the earthquake. From the appearance, he didn’t even hurt a hair.
"strange monster!"
Silent Machamp disorderly god! Although Mr. Kong refused to say whether this Putian was beyond the scope of common sense, he did not say that these ghosts and gods were fabricated.
These people in the warehouse are all ruthless characters, and each of them is short of two or three lives. The problem is that Wei Ya’s past experience has been ignored when he encounters steel ball mines. Faced with this common sense, these unlucky people are inevitably on the verge of collapse and madness.
Ran out of ammunition bazooka Wei Ya said with a smile.
"I’m not a monster, I’m here to kill you."
Scared face several men quick breathing exchange looks like a person out and said
"Why do you want to kill us?"
Wei Ya laughed as if he had heard a ridiculous thing, and at the same time, he methodically debugged the flame thrower to the standby state with his hands and said slowly
"Ha ha, I blame you for killing the wrong person. Unfortunately, this person has been kind to me and repaid his kindness so that I can invite you brothers to tell him that he is too lonely on the yellow road. Don’t talk nonsense and take his life!"
"poof! Ah! "
Wei Ya kept smiling and pressed the flamethrower fuel to spray an orange dragon straight ahead, turning the old warehouse into a raging fire in a large area, and the sharp and long screams set off in the faint fireworks in the distance, which seemed so insignificant.
The sixth volume in the third quarter several joy
Office of Deputy Mayor of Binhai Municipal Government
"F * * king! What do you all do to eat? There have been so many major cases in three months in a row, which is worse than the sum of the past ten years. Do you think it is too easy for me to be a deputy mayor? "
It has always been a pleasant image, and people have been called good guys. Vice Mayor Chen has been reprimanded for his uncharacteristic table. The police chief and several other senior executives have the same face as pig liver. It is difficult for them to hear such words. This time, things have gone too far, and no one has run away, so they have all been taught a lesson.
A total of 46 people were killed and no one was injured in the big gang fire in the old warehouse in Jiangdongpeng District.
The police not only found the remnants of military firearms and a large amount of ammunition on the scene, but also found the abandoned ones, including machine guns, rocket launchers and flame throwers, in the extraordinary class of heavy weapons and in the surrounding areas of big cities like Binhai, if not unprecedented, there are only a handful at present.
"My director’s adult, your day is too leisurely? Three days! Three days! The police didn’t even find a valuable clue to your work efficiency, which is really doubtful. "
Head of the company’s Piriyangqiu reprimanded the police chief for sweating, and he quickly argued that
"I’m sorry, we really did our best. Because the scene of the case was burned by the fire for a long time, there was almost no physical evidence to trace. We sent police officers to visit the surrounding area for one kilometer and didn’t get any clues. So far, we still can’t find a breakthrough point for solving the case."
Listen, director, the adult almost complained in tears that the deputy mayor in charge of public security was a little calmer at the moment and said
"I have asked the mayor to leave you with a password for two weeks! Is it necessary to solve the case in two weeks? "
The police chief suddenly relaxed a lot when he heard his tone change, nodding and saying
"Two weeks? In vain! "
The police chief wants to know that two weeks will definitely not solve this cold case. The vice mayor’s implication is to find a group of suitable people to take the fall
Fortunately, the deaths were all gangsters, and almost all of them have criminal records. It is absolutely suitable for them. The pressure of public opinion will not be too great. Those guys who are destined to eat guns in prison will get some benefits in terms of food treatment and will not care about carrying two more charges. After all, people can die once!
Wiping a cold sweat on his forehead, the police chief and several colleagues walked out of the office.
Although several people who have been criticized together have to be responsible for the case, in the end, they are still less responsible, and one of them joked
"Lao wang, this is a bad time for you recently! Some time ago, the incident of serial theft of Fusang cultural relics has not subsided. This time, there has been such an adult murder case. Hahahaha, I think you are going to burn incense and pray for Buddha’s blessing! "
Heard colleagues poking fun at the police chief shook his head and said with a wry smile
"alas! Who says not! I also feel lucky recently. I really should burn incense and worship again and again. I’m afraid I won’t be able to retire in old bones! "
Cigarettes, folk music and chanting are one after another. At one time, Binhai was once famous, and Bai Siwen, the boss of the gang, still smiled brightly, but it was frozen in the black and white portrait forever.
Wei Ya, wearing sunglasses and a black suit, gave incense to the deceased and slowly came to thank his family and leaned over and said
"Sister-in-law can’t come back from the dead. Brother Bai has gone. Please be sorry for your loss."
Then Wei Ya took out a bank card from her bosom and handed it to her white wife, who was crying her eyes out, together with a note with a password, and continued
"Here’s a little money, though it’s not much. It’s a gift from the younger brother. Please accept it. When I was down and out on the street, I was indebted to Bai Dage for taking care of it in many ways. I’ve already sent them on their way to kill Bai Dage’s enemy. I’m sure Bai Dage can be in grave. If there is any difficulty in his home in the future, just come to me."