When the fire owl king died, it was a great shock to the whole fire owl family. The timing of the saints’ action was the moment when these fire owl lords were horrified.

In an instant, everyone will continue to explode the magic in the crown of Yin and Yang. Although they are like Ji Dong, even the magic brought by single continuation is enough to double their attack power.
The original saints suddenly appeared in the sequel, and the fire owl lords were stunned and sentenced for a while, while those fire owl leaders with four arms had been killed, fearing that the roots would not help.
First of all, Raytheon, the axe of Freire Prison, came, and the powerful attack power has achieved results. Two fire owl lords were abruptly chopped out by him, covered with thunder, and it seems that they are not alive.
Ah Kin’s attack was no less than Frey’s extinction. The golden ring quietly set a fire owl Lord’s neck, and the eunuch maker cut off six arms of a fire owl Lord’s department.
Ten lords instantly removed four, and the other four lords were bombarded by the saints of Yu Tiangan and flew out more or less traumatized.
At this moment, two tall figures appeared behind the fire owl lords, but they didn’t give any interest. One person saved two fire owl lords at the same time, and the bodies of the two fire owl lords had already turned to ashes in a moment of piercing screams.
Ji Dong commanded the combatant himself in actual combat, which was very similar to the pursuit of instantaneous explosive force and suddenness. In this case, it was the easiest to defeat a strong enemy by surprise. These four words have already penetrated into Ji Dong’s soul. This kind of fighting method is sometimes thrilling, but once he gets in the way, the enemy doesn’t even have a chance to fight back.
This is exactly what happened at this time, instead of the sudden outbreak of the heavenly saints and the emergence of the elite of the fire owl family, they received the order from Ji Dong to quietly hide the dark inflammation lords and the flame lords, and cooperated with the heavenly saints to kill two fire owl lords
Forty days’ experience has strengthened the strength of the heavenly saints, and the fire crows have benefited greatly. These two elemental bodies summoned by Ji Dong have not been idle. They have been absorbing the rich fire elements in the air and growing themselves in forty days. They have been upgraded to the level equivalent to the order of Warcraft.
Their self-cultivation can’t deal with Lord Fireowl, but it’s more than enough to sneak up on Lord Fireowl who has been injured and chilling.
Ten lords except six fire lean king is Ji Dong earth attack smashed battlefield instantaneous explosion has laid the situation.
"The ground is handed over to you." Ji Jiyin sounded in the ears of the saints, but at this time he was born straight. He couldn’t let him continue to be killed or injured. The people of the fire crow flew. From that moment on, he had already killed the fire crow Wang Da and ordered all ordinary fire crows to evacuate the battlefield immediately
At this time, the fire owls fighting in the sky are also not optimistic. With the common fire crow barrier, the elite of the fire owls will increase the casualties of the two powerful fire owls, Yan Shenlong and Eclipse Phoenix Anger, which makes them hard to believe that from the battle to the present, thousands of fire owls have fallen by one third, and this number is increasing. With its crossing skills and extreme double popularity, Yan Shenlong is the most lethal, and at least 50 fire owls have killed it.
Angry attack is not as direct as Dayan Shenlong, but it should have little magic power. Every attack will have a few fire owls killed, and it is full of fire elements. The fighting power of these two powerful people will remain at its peak.
The harsh red light was born, and the black gold dragon snake burst out from Ji at the same time. This is the power of his department to kill the fire owl queen Ji Dong, who still has such great magic to release such group warfare skills. It has to be said that it is because this is the geocentric world, and at the same time, because his Tai Chi magic field and assimilation array finally help him absorb a lot of elements of low-middle fire.
Sixteen roads are like physical energy rushing into the fire owls, and the Central Plains has lost half of its fighting spirit. The fire owls have left dozens of bodies and can no longer consider him. The fire king is dead. They are not stupid. Who wants to lose their lives in vain? One by one, they are crazy to escape in the direction of the third floor entrance.
The four large arrays of Dayan Flame Dragon, Eclipse Phoenix Anger and Sky Fire Crow continued to kill a fire owl, but Ji Dong’s body disappeared after that earth attack.
The first fire owl finally rushed to the entrance of the third floor. It was already in ecstasy. Is there no chance to rush into the passage and save his life for revenge? What’s more, it now thinks that it is not revenge, but survival is the greatest expectation.
But for a moment, it saw a hand and a big hand. The fire owl felt that it had no breathing ability at the moment of flowers. Ji Dong’s body didn’t know when it had come to the entrance to the third floor of the inner world. It was light and slapping, and the first fire owl had stopped in the middle of the moment. The body crashed and exploded, and several pieces and hot flames blocked the way of his companions.
Ji Dong’s powerful soul breath is preserved and released. "Did I say that a person wants to leave without killing so many people?"
A nine-meter-long red light bursts out from Ji Dong’s right hand, mixed with a holy spirit breath, oppressing the nine-meter-long sword, from which more than ten fire owls have cut off the scattered bodies and finally drawn the Excalibur.
In the past, there were tens of millions of fire crows in the hands of dead fire owls. The strength of those fire crows was so weak that even ordinary fire owls could take away a large number of fire crows’ lives with every attack. How could Ji Dong give the fire owls another chance? Putting back two at a time brought so many fire owls that he was deeply rooted in the grass. This time, he never intended to let the same situation happen again. Fire King is dead, and the tenth race in the inner world will be removed from the list from now on.
A weak feeling from the body to the big war, Xiao Wang has released a magic power one after another, and also released the Vulcan Excalibur, which consumes a lot of Ji Dong. Fortunately, now his soul force is strong enough, and the soul of Vulcan Excalibur has been almost suppressed by Vulcan Excalibur, otherwise Ji Dong will really be unable to support it.
At this time, there was a beautiful arc at the corner of Ji Dong’s mouth, muttering to himself, "It’s so good that you will always be by my side whenever I need you."
Dark green glittering and translucent light quietly swept two spring onions from behind Ji Dong at this moment, and it was like an arm passing through his shoulders and hugging his chest. The pure extreme ebony magic surface released Ji Motian, which had faded to the golden red exclusive Guanghua, and his magic was rising at an alarming rate. What was even more frightening was that his earth-bound holy soul sublimated the terrorist oppression again, so that the number of fire owls with more than 400 feet did not dare to move towards the wide three-story entrance again.
Ah Kin and Fury have already killed each other. Together with the wolf’s providence, they have restricted those powerful fire owls from being separated from others. Although they are smaller, each of them has killed the fire owls and assisted Ah Kin and Fury as much as possible. It is this situation that Chen Sixuan needs her to inject her magic into Ji Dong at all times.
There was Ji Dong before, followed by Dayan Flame Dragon and Eclipse Phoenix Fire Crow. After a short pause, the elite pursued the fire lords and launched a suicide charge in the direction of Ji Dong.
They have to move and stay where they are, and the end result will not be alive either. Only by breaking through the barrier of Ji Dong can they save their lives.
It’s a pity that what they met was Chen Sixuan’s assistance to Ji Huo’s Excalibur, which turned into a curtain of death. How could ordinary fire owls rush past Ji Dong?