Twenty cure Xia Yading’s arm and make it return to normal.

Reward a competent replacement when Charles is unable to exercise the general post for some reason.
This system really comes with whatever it wants! If Hua Zhenxing hadn’t moved to help Aden treat his disability, he wouldn’t have asked these results just now, but he also asked more twists and turns, and then unification came.
Listen to the meaning that Aden is the best spare tire in Shire! Well, the three old people seem to think so …
Xia Yading has been a famous figure in the country for several miles, and he is not the same as the Xia people. He can see many rare and precious qualities in his body.
In the plantation, the slave worker failed to escape many times, but he didn’t give up his struggle. He was interrupted by an arm and left with a lifelong disability. He didn’t forget to contact him to help him. The slave worker actually learned Oriental language this period.
He was rescued by the new alliance and accused of the evil old forces. The mass meeting had joined the new alliance, and his wife Cui Hua’s dramatic reunion brought tears to several people.
Aden is diligent, persevering and idealistic, and never gives up hope. After joining the new alliance, he is eager to learn and devoted himself enthusiastically to the liberation of Guinea.
After the overthrow of the old government, Aden, a former slave worker in the former presidential palace, sat opposite the former president of Bekele. His calm tone, profound insights and personal experience refuted Bekele’s truth
His story is adapted from the stage play "Aden Cui Hua", and street performances in various communities in Guinea are usually accompanied by Charles’ speech. This play is also constantly revised and enriched. For example, the confrontation between Aden and Bekele was added later.
Many people have played Aden on the stage, and some of his temperament can’t be learned. All the actors focus on imitating the image, for example, his left arm has become the symbol of this stage.
Hua Zhen also gave Aden a diagnosis, and his arm really returned to normal, but that was the level of Hua Zhen at that time, and now Hua Zhen has broken through great repair and is the real creator of nourishing Yuan, who is best at restoring vitality and conditioning.
Hua Zhen’s trip just now secretly explored the injury and felt that it was possible to cure it.
I’m not sure whether Hua Zhen can be cured completely, but I can always try. Because it’s an old injury, even the hands-on process of Huazhenxing will be long, and it’s still uncertain whether it can be cured completely in the end.
Now that the system has been released, it’s not that I don’t want to do it or can’t do it. Of course, Hua Zhen will try my best to finish it. I really want to cure Xia Yading’s arm. Now there is a panacea, that nine-turn purple elixir.
I want to give Xia Yading the nine-turn Zijin Dan, and then Hua Zhenxing will personally protect it. Don’t mention an arm. I’m afraid everything will be fine … but I just think about it. It’s impossible to do that.
The second way is to let Xia Yading practice on his own, and then he can adjust himself after reaching a certain level, but this is obviously not a good way, but it can give directions for practicing and cure diseases, and Hua Zhen has to take action.
Tong made a mistake. Hua Zhenxing paused for a few seconds and then said, "Aden, you are the key training cadre of the new alliance. I suggest sending you a specific opinion depending on you and General Manager Xia."
Charles, "if you have something to say, of course I have no problem."
Hua Zhen trip: "How about we send a supervision team for Aden to go to Dongguo to take charge of information investigation, statistics and liaison with Lang, and also take part in some diplomatic affairs?"
Xia Yading "I arranged from the organization"
Hua Zhenxing glanced at Charles and chewed kebabs and nodded, "Good suggestion. The organization can arrange Aden in this way. I really should go out and learn. Even I want to go … I propose to send Cui Hua to the East to learn the advanced experience of women workers."
In a few words, the trip to Hua Zhen has already made arrangements. He has not told Aden what he wants to do for the time being. When he arrives in the East, he will say that curing Aden’s arm is almost equivalent to reattaching the broken tendon and reconnecting the ligament and muscle tissue.
It’s not like repairing machines in Hua Zhen, but it takes a few months to cast spells regularly to get results.
When the beer was drunk at 1: 30 in the morning, the owner of the barbecue restaurant recognized Xia’s surprise and excitement, and resolutely refused to accept money and asked him to take a photo in Xia’s shop.
Xia Changqing resolutely paid the bill, and Charles also agreed to the boss’s photo request, that is, Gushuimen mobile phone took a photo, and then told the boss that this photo can be printed and hung in the storefront, but it is not allowed to go to other occasions at will.
The boss made a profit today, but this store will become a online celebrity store in several countries, and the corner outside, especially the position where Charles sits with his back against the big tree, will become particularly popular, and many guests will want to come and sit.
President Xia left an image of being close to the people, but I’m afraid it won’t be so convenient to sneak over for a drink so easily in the future. I feel that Hua Zhen booked an evening barbecue with the boss on the spot or reserved the position outside the door for him first. He wants to invite a guest.
Chapter 412, Zhou Bubi
The next afternoon, Charles made a concluding speech. On the formal occasion, of course, it was not to adjourn, but to announce the end of the first phase of discussion.
According to the opinions received, members and consultants will go back to improve the draft plan and hold the second stage discussion one month later. The specific place will be announced separately.
Many delegates left the port of Sofia on the same day and returned to their posts. President Charles left by helicopter and didn’t even come for lunch.
Dong Zegang stayed, and he is also a member of this meeting-he is still the head of Huanxiang Industrial Law Department and a senior adviser to the new government.
He may have been the Minister of Justice of several countries, but he thought so himself, but Mo Shang Tong advised him to stay and think about industry, and Mo Shang Tong advised him not to leave at all, depending on his own wishes.
Dong Zegang dare not disrespect his old man’s opinion and still want to stay in the industry, but he has great influence.
When Huanxiang Industry was first established, there were five directors, namely Feng Zibin, Yang Tehong, Mo Shang Tong, Ke Mengchao and Charles. Look at this list. The gold content can’t be higher. Charles ranks last.
At that time, Ke Mengchao’s executive director and president group also had four vice presidents, Li Xiaoyang, Lei Dajin, Tang Sen and Li Jingzhi, who were called the Four donkey kong.
There are 12 first-level departments in the headquarters, and the heads of these first-level departments now want the new government to have less secondary vocational status and ministerial status. For example, Shen Si has assumed the post of Minister of Education.
They trained many important members of the new government in Guinea.
For example, the current Minister of Justice was a deputy minister of Huanxiang Industrial Law Department who was one and a half years lower than Dong Zegang. The president of the state court was the deputy director of the legal department and Dong Zegang’s deputy three years ago.
Nowadays, the top management of Huanxiang Industry has undergone great changes. Three old people and Charles have all withdrawn from the list of current directors of the board of directors: Feng Zibin, Man Man, Lian Na, Li Xiaoyang and Tang Sen.
Executive Director and President of Thomson Cui Wanhe, Yi Bin, Fan Dake and Vice President of Mo Xiaoyue.