Mark’s figure directly changed the ghosting step and disappeared at the castle gate in ten steps.


half an hour later
Black wolf reservation
"Ow …"
"Ow, you big head ghost, go and call Billy out for me."
Lying on the beach, howling at the sun, a little gray wolf suddenly felt something and was about to get up and warn. Suddenly, the wolf’s eyes kicked and he was very cute and was lifted to the middle by Ma.
One second
The little gray wolf directly changed people into a six-or seven-year-old boy who was angry with Mark and struggled to say, "Let me go!"
Mark shrugged his shoulders.
"Ow!" The lad sat on the beach and suddenly twisted his teeth and rubbed his ass and balls. He looked at the bearer wearing sunglasses angrily.
Mark turned his head to look at the scenery around him and then said faintly, "This secret entrance to the outside has not been sealed for so many years?"
"… who are you?" Rubbing his ass, the lad got up and posed for the Wolf clan fighting form towards Mark.
Just as this little guy Mark wanted to launch his own suicide attack, the young boy ran for a second without looking back to the village built by the beach not far away.
While running, he screamed and shouted, "An enemy is coming."
Mark blinked.
One second
The original is still in a lazy state, like a giant wolf village with a nap. It has instantly turned into a giant wolf that is ready to go.
"Whoo!" As a deep wolf roared, the members of the wolf clan came out from the beach Woods with a dark green light.
"ouch!" Not far from the village, it was a gas-filled wolf that roared and instantly boiled up.
"Eat my spear!"
"… ouch!"
Mark held out his right hand as he looked at an iron spear that broke directly.
Hades blasted out.
Came crashing like a flash, vowing to nail Mark into a string of iron spears, which fell apart directly.
Mark stood still and watched the wolves coming towards him.
I’ll let you bite me and make one move, and I’ll lose.
Mark wants to laugh.
"… ouch!"
When Mark’s colorful light took care of the wolves.
at this moment
Coming from the village, some people remembered the fear of being dominated by someone twenty-four years ago.
"Stop it!"
With a reserved language all around, the wolves were going to pounce on Mark and stopped to look at the village.
Just then.
A petite and lovely phantom of the opera broke across the sky and ran straight for Mark.
Mark one leng.
The colorful light seems to have made a judgment when it is about to come into contact with people.
Mark’s chest was thrown against the beach behind him with extraordinary force.