"King Kong, let’s go." Longyou called Wang Jingang.

Wang Jingang just sat for a while and heard the call of Longyou. Without thinking, he grabbed a few pieces of bread and hurried behind Longyou.
Che Xiaosi looked at his Wang Ge’s mouth full and kept beating his’ chest’ whites slightly. He quickly’ touched’ a bottle of water from the driver’s seat and said to Wang Jingang, "Wang Ge’s water."
Wang Jingang drank a few eloquences to solve the problem of choking to death. He may have secretly raised his thumb at Xiao Si and thought that he would definitely give Xiao Si a raise when he returned home.
"With that car" Wang Jingang pointed to Yang Xiao and ordered a car to Xiao Si.
"Good!" Xiao Si skillfully "fucked" the vehicle with the help of the road, and all the way was not discovered by Yang Xiao.
"If Wang Ge goes like this, we will either lose him or be found." Xiao Si looked at Wang Jingang in a hurry.
Wang Jingang also had a little anxiety and asked Longyou, "This is already a suburb. There are fewer and fewer roads and cars. There is nothing to cover up. What if we are pulled too far, we will lose them?"
There are some heavy things in Longyou’s heart. Yang Xiaoche can’t see it. I want to recall the big heart and say to Xiao Si, "Keep tracking and arrest it directly if it is found."
"Good" got a positive answer, and Xiao Si’s hands and feet also got the speed. Yang Xiao’s car appeared again.
Yang Xiao will find the car behind him on such a wide road, but at this time, he can’t care not to know the situation of Dahu. If he is a minute late, he may make Longyou regret that he has traveled all his life before making this decision.
It seems that the lucky god is still around Longyou. After a while, Yang Xiao’s car stopped. Xiao Si pulled over to the side of the road and looked at Yang Xiao coming from the car and seemed to be walking in one direction.
Longyou took a closer look at the cemetery in Shayang City.
Chapter 16 turtles in a jar
Graveyard? What does she have a cemetery for?
Longyou had a bad feeling in his heart that he waved Xiaosi to go, and he and Wang Jingang took the bus. That’s because Longyou was confident that Yang Xiao could not escape from his eyelids. A. CC]
Xiao Si is dressed in a black suit, and it seems that he has come to worship people. Moreover, Xiao Si has not met Yang Xiao yet. It is the best candidate to complete the tracking. At one time, Xiao Si was shocked by the dragon swim, but in order to appear confident, he fought back the shock and patted the breast, assuring Longyou that it would be completed.
Waiting always passes slowly, and the afternoon sun is making people feel charming and dazzling, so Longyou and Wang Jingang waited for 15 minutes, 3 minutes and an hour.
After an hour of Longyou, I felt a little uneasy, but I waited for the idea of not alarming, but after two hours of Longyou, I knew that things were beyond my expectation.
Longyou said to Wang Jingang, who couldn’t sit still for a long time, "Let’s go in and have a look."
It turns out that Longyou underestimated Yang Xiao’s means. As soon as he entered the cemetery, there were low memorial tablets all around him. As soon as Longyou saw the little four in black, he was fainting in front of a grave.
See small four life and death don’t Wang Jingang ran to help small four body stretched out his hand to explore the small four nostrils and flipped through his eyelids looked up and said to longyou "nothing is fainted".
Longyou nodded and motioned for Wang Jingang to save Xiao Si. Since Xiao Si is not in danger of life, it is just a faint’ fan’. Then Longyou doesn’t need to borrow strength. After all, it is too conspicuous
"Small four small four wake up? ? ? ? ? ?”
Wang Jingang held Xiao Si’s head with his left hand and squeezed his right thumb hard, and kept calling Xiao Si’s name in his mouth.
"hmm? Eldest brother, I’m sorry for you. "Little four woke up in a daze and apologized to Wang Jingang for seeing his eldest brother’s weak arms.
"I’m glad you’re okay. What happened?" Wang Jingang see small four no big deal a hanging heart also put to small four asked.
"I didn’t see Yang Xiao after I came in, but there was something unusual behind me. I was suspicious of turning around, but suddenly I lost consciousness with a pain in my head. Finally, I vaguely saw Yang Xiao holding a brick in his hand and my eyes were very cold, so I lost consciousness." Small four Wang Jingang sat up with help and tried to recall everything that had just been discovered.
"Does she take you as an illegal copy?" Wang Jingang guessed.
"No, she would have seen through us. I was too careless." Longyou denied Wang Jingang’s guess tone, and there was some chagrin that he despised Yang Xiao as a’ female’ from the beginning.
"How is that possible?" Wang Jingang said with a face of disbelief that he believed in the driving skills of Xiao Si.
"Look at the front of this tomb." Longyou pointed to the tomb in front of it. There were plates of tribute gas in front of it, and there was a smell of paper money. These tributes were written in red letters on a white paper.
"I want to save Huang and exchange your life."
Obviously, this "you" refers to Longyou and the target is Longyou from the moment you contact Yang Xiao.
"Too arrogant, too arrogant" Wang Jingang shouted angrily. He was played by a’ female’ from this way, showing that his younger brother was beaten and his Wang Ge was threatened, which made Wang Jingang feel that his lungs were about to explode.
"It’s not that simple. Do you think looking at the grave photos is somewhat similar to Yang Xiao?"
Longyou pointed to the black-and-white photo of the grave. The photo is of a’ female’ in her twenties and thirties, with a pure and beautiful appearance. After careful comparison, we can find that the photo’ female’ Yang Xiao looks somewhat like a photo. The female’s eyes seem to have experienced a lot of vicissitudes of life.
Wang Jingang took a closer look and recalled Yang Xiao’s appearance. He found that Longyou was right. This’ female’ person and Yang Xiao must have some connection.
"What shall we do now?" Not only did he lose Yang Xiao, but Xiao Si was injured, and Wang Jingang was a little at a loss.
"It’s not that simple. Go back first. I can’t believe that a living person can’t find anything. If even a dead person can’t find something, the lame tiger should abdicate and get out of the way." Longyou looked at the word "Yang Jie" next to the photo with a strong tone.
But Wang Jingang also knows that this Longyou is really angered. I hope you can get something from this dead man. Otherwise, Longyou’s anger will be vented without enemies. You will feel bad when you are there.
It’s noon. There are few bars for pedestrians on Sunshine Street, and the street is even more deserted. Most people just wake up at this time, and they are always upside down day and night.
The green’ color’ demon’ essence’ big’ door’ is densely packed. Except for a few cleaners, there is no such cool appearance as others. No one can think of its turnover in one night or the amount that an ordinary person can’t earn in a generation.
The boss of the green demon in the room is bright, but the lame tiger in Shayang City is constantly sweating at this time. His slight bend seems to be overwhelmed by this heavy atmosphere. If he is given a choice, he would rather pay the price to escape from this suffocating environment.
Wang Jingang Longyou else looked at the front like a loyal guard behind him. It seemed that everything was all right, and he naturally didn’t see the lame tiger.
"and that decease is Yang Xiao’s biological sister. is that your answer?" Longyou repeated the lame tiger’s answer, and his eyes became colder and colder.
The lame tiger didn’t even dare to look up for fear that Longyou’s eyes would cut him into pieces. Because the lame tiger sent important people everywhere to look for Huang, it was reported that they had searched the two cities next door, but there was no news.
At this time, Longyou asked to find out the news of Yang Xiao and the deceased immediately. No one around Lame Tiger has the heart, but for this reason, Lame Tiger roots dare not follow Longyou for fear of touching the last fuse of Longyou.
"Dadada" a crisp and hurried high-heeled shoes knocked on the ground, which seemed so obvious in this terrible silence. Then Red Mei hurriedly pushed the’ door’ and looked at his brother’s miserable appearance and reported to Longyou, "I have received news from Yang Xiao that you must be interested."
"Say" Longyou glanced at the lame tiger and then at the red mei, knowing that she must have taken advantage of this period of time to get the news and it must be important news, otherwise she wouldn’t be here.
Seeing Longyou’s eyes removed from his body, the lame tiger breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Hongmei brought the news, or he estimated that he would die here. From this evening on, the lame tiger is going to put Longyou in a very high position, just like the second brother’s position. The character Longyou is terrible. Only the look of the eyes can make the lame tiger appall.
Seeing Longyou staring at himself, a pressure came from the bottom of my heart, and I secretly took a deep breath to relieve my tension, and then I told Longyou that she got the information.
"Less than two months after Yang Xiaogang returned to Shayang City after graduating from college, she found that her sister had been killed and the murderer was missing. It was not normal to stab her’ Jing’ God. Fortunately, she was found to be sent to the’ Jing’ God Hospital when she went crazy and wanted to cut people with a knife, but recently she was released for some reason. It is said that a man had visited her in the’ Jing’ God Hospital before she came out."
Hong Mei introduced Yang Xiao’s situation in detail, carefully looked at Longyou’s expression, and looked at Longyou without dissatisfaction before continuing to say, "The deceased named Yang Jie was an ordinary family’ woman’ and’ woman’ died because her husband found out that she was killed by her husband because of an affair, and her husband was Huang, and this Yang Xiao was Aunt Huang."
Hong Mei’s amazing words also reminded Longyou of the reason why Huang met. At that time, Huang was a murderer and was sent by Zhang Jiafu to deal with himself, but Longyou accidentally discovered that Huang was a talent who accepted him.
Unexpectedly, after so long, suddenly a young aunt came to revenge Longyou, frowning and slowly clearing her mind.
"No, since Yang Xiao’s goal is to find Huang and what to do with Longge’s hand," Wang Jingang thought for a while and found that the red mei intelligence was incorrect
"This is what we don’t know, but if you give us a little, we will definitely find the truth." Hong Mei is also full of doubts about this, but she believes that sometimes they will be able to understand Yang Xiao’s purpose
"When you find the truth, Huang doesn’t know where he is everywhere." Wang Jingang was dissatisfied with the cold hum, and he was also very dissatisfied with the efficiency of the lame tiger.
"The key is that the man rescued Yang Xiao from the’ Jing’ mental hospital. The man checked him for me. No matter what, I want to get his news as soon as possible." Longyou said coldly to the lame tiger.
Although Longyou had a bad attitude, the lame tiger heard a chance to make amends, and quickly assured Longyou, "If I can’t find out my lame tiger this time, I’ll break the remaining leg."
This is the most cruel oath for a lame man. You don’t know how to cherish the lame tiger until you lose it. You can imagine that the importance attached to the other’ leg’ is probably only after green gang, the intelligence stronghold.

Chapter 17 into the jaws of death
After taking the oath, the lame tiger went out with the help of red charm. He had just been crushed by the momentum of Longyou, and his legs trembled so much that he couldn’t walk.