About Gao Le and Le "Sickness may not be people’s health and behavior … China’s boss might as well just say America!" My doctorate in law is taken by the United States. "

Hua Zhenxing shook his head and said, "I mean not only America but many places."
About Gao Le "Boss Hua is from Dong Guohua, and I know you like Dong Guo very much, but you just said that Dong Guo is also showing signs now."
I hope that there will be no such thing as a trip to Hua Zhen. What is the purpose of rebuilding order in the port of Somalia, first of all, the judicial system? Lawyer Dong, are you white?
The Oheim case is a historical legacy that we must face. History is a special case in a special period, and I hope it will not happen again. "
When Dong Zegang went back to work after lunch, he was still a little stupid and really good. Isn’t it because he is the child who has the final say?
But on second thought, Dong Zegang had another understanding that it was three old people, which meant that Xiao Hua, the child, said it with his eyes beating him to wake him up and pay attention to the new principles of work today.
In a sense, Mr. Dong didn’t finish guessing the wrong idea of Hua Zhen trip, and he didn’t come out with three old people as tutors.
Locke and Dong Zegang have just left, and Yue Gaole is still sitting there drinking tea. Today, I have taken the initiative to clean up and clean the dishes. Hua Zhen asked, "Why is Lawyer Yue still sitting here? Aren’t you very busy?"
About Gao Le "This is what I’m busy with. I’ve been listening to you for a long time, but my problem has not been solved. If the prosecutor in Somalia doesn’t make a plea agreement with the client, he has to be frank and lenient, right?"
I want to get an early verdict, because my client wants to be taken to the prison road to escape. I am a conscientious lawyer and I have to try my best to help him achieve his goal. The administration of justice also has to pay attention to efficiency and inefficiency, and it can’t guarantee fairness, right? "
Hua Zhen trip almost gave gas music. "Don’t worry, it will be soon."
About Gao Le "I also suggest that you pay attention to a bail clause. Don’t return the bail after the verdict is pronounced in court, and cancel the joint guarantee until he is sentenced to prison."
Hua Zhen trip "It’s very thoughtful of you. Thank you very much! You are Oheim’s legal adviser, but you should be hired by Oheim Medical Group. "
About Gao Le "Yes, my consultant is not a private payment in Oheim, but a medical group payment, and there is no problem with the procedure."
Hua Zhen trip "Then you’ll almost finish this time. If those three magicians are also hired by Oheim Medical Group, they won’t have to be bodyguards for Oheim soon."
About Gao Le picked his thumb and said, "Boss Hua is so tall that he is waiting here! Your old friend Rothschild has almost taken control of the Oheim Medical Group. "Here, the tone changed again." But I have helped you so much. Are you going to let him fire me? "
Hua Zhen Bank: "How can a talent like an appointment lawyer be fired? I don’t know how long you have signed the contract. It is impossible for Oheim Medical Group to unilaterally break the contract. You can continue the law, but it may not be Oheim."
About Gao Le, "It is my duty to die well, and it is also Oheim Li’s duty. Even if the Oheim Medical Group wants to transfer me, it will have to wait until after the verdict."
Hua Zhen trip "OK, I promise you that Oheim will not leave the port of Somalia later than when I was in Chundan."
About Gao Le "I can call your account right now when six billion Dong Guo Yuan is converted into Luo Yuan".
Hua Zhen trip "don’t worry until January, anyway, there are not many days."
At this moment, Hua Zhen’s mobile phone shook and took it out. It was Charles who was very busy recently. In public, he had to host various meetings, make various speeches and sign various documents. In private, he had to learn all kinds of knowledge and receive various trainings.
Shire, the new mayor of Somalia, the local leader and three old people, including Hua Zhenxing, did not intend to regard him as a puppet, but really cultivated him, hoping that he would win the role.
At the beginning, there was no more suitable candidate for Xia Ercong, who was chosen by Hua Zhen, but it turned out that this choice was very correct, and Xia Ercong’s intelligence was brought into full play, which was just like hanging up.
Hua Zhenxing asked him what was urgent. As a result, he talked about it for a long time. Charles said that he had not seen him for many days, expressed his heart and greetings, and said when he would go to brush his noodles together. Recently, there was a new barbecue restaurant in the port of Sofia, where he could go for a beer.
Then Charles asked Manman about the situation and asked Hua Zhen to say hello to him. Finally, he went to Locke to express his gratitude and admiration. Locke has done a lot of things in the secondary vocational school of the municipal government recently and performed very well.
Hua Zhen hang up, but then he frowned. He can clearly feel that something is wrong. They are playmates since childhood. Although Hua Zhen feels more and more that he once looked down upon Charles, he still knows a lot about this person’s temper.
Charles sometimes talks a lot when he is excited, but he will never talk, let alone beat around the bush. Today, this sentence is very strange. It is unnecessary to greet Mann and praise Locke.
Although they haven’t met much recently, it’s not that they haven’t had a chance to meet. I really want him to come in two steps. Even if you make an appointment to brush your face and barbecue, it’s a specific time!
This is obviously not Char style. Char should have something to say but didn’t say Hua Zhen’s trip. He asked casually, "You have recently been released from isolation, and I also heard that you often brush your face. What is the most talked about topic recently?"
About Gao Le, "Boss Hua has closed his practice recently. It’s really a deaf ear to things outside the window! The most interesting topic in the streets is not what the city government has done. Everyone is talking about Locke these days.
There are no newspapers or TV stations here, and most people don’t watch TV or receive signals at home, and they won’t be online … "
Hua Zhen trip "Let’s get this straight. Most people here are illiterate! What do you talk about Locke? "
Because everyone is illiterate, it is very important to talk in the streets, which is the most important way for local people to broadcast and receive information.
The new alliance is very high, and those residents’ cultural life squares have been set up, and Charles’s speeches are broadcast every day, making Charles a celebrity.
But is there a second such person in Porto? People here may know hundreds of people around them, and hundreds of people know him, with the exception of Charles.
But now there is a second one, that is, Locke. Now the locals are familiar with the oil-sprinkled noodle restaurant. Recently, some people announced that these noodle restaurants are all Locke … This is true, but some people preach Locke’s deeds. "
Hua Zhen trip "What deeds?"