He is also the captain of the special warfare brigade of the extension group of "Plane"

Zhao Hu’s plane is a strange place. The first true fairy instructor broke through nine robberies, and now he is the first to soar over Luotian.
Because of Lin Chong’s saying that the earth’s flesh may change after soaring, the earth pays special attention to this "soaring event" at the moment.
This place is guarded against an integrated regiment.
There are also various fortifications
This is to guard against extreme situations, and Zhao Hu will become alienated, harmful and human-restrained, such as becoming a Godzilla monster.
And the last preparation of the whole defense plan is to invite Dr. Lin Man.
Now Lin Man is monitoring Zhao Hu’s life state through various instruments.
In "Plane", the picture is played to Lin Man synchronously.
In the picture, you can see that the Chinese and Vietnamese Luo Tianjie have scattered millions of Lingshi to the whole world and took a sip of Lin Man’s mouth. "This … miser should feel bad …"
"Dr. Lin Man!"
Suddenly a scream sounded.
Lin Man also saw what happened in front of her eyes, and her golden pupil shrank.
Just now, I have been lying in the middle of the bed with all kinds of instruments closing my eyes like a sleeping Zhao Hu in reality.
….. gone.
There was a flash of bright white light in the air.
Zhao Hu disappeared.
This scene shocked all the technicians to watch the ceremony, and the top military officials even frowned with consciousness.
What’s going on?
But the scene is equally shocking.
Before Lin Man disappeared, her position was so fast that it almost broke the air. In the onlookers’ perspective, it almost teleported, and the position where the original Zhao Hu was lying was aimed at the white light that had not completely disappeared, and she reached in.
There was a violent noise like a hammer and a heavy drum. Everyone wanted to cover their ears.
"Dr Lin Man what’s the matter? !”
A military official was so busy that he couldn’t hear himself. The explosion just now was too loud.
People shocked Lin Man in the center, but nothing happened. She slowly withdrew her fist, looked at Zhang Wuzhi carefully, and murmured, "The little girl film is quite strong."
The Locke heaven the whole sway.
Someone seems to have punched me.
Lin Chong was startled. Zhao Hu had just entered heaven. He had not come to get a cake for him to celebrate. He was attacked and asked in surprise, "What’s the matter?"
"Someone took advantage of his soaring opportunity to attack the Yueluo Tianjie Exhibition!" When Lin Chong asked the envious figure, he first disappeared and then reappeared. He seemed to have traveled around, and then frowned with a slightly red and tender fist and said, "What a strength!"
Attack …? Lin chong was surprised.
"The Locke celestial plane wall, isn’t it? How can someone attack it? " Lin chong favour ask
"What is the miraculous boundary wall?" Envy is not white
How can a summer worm know what the outside world is like if he doesn’t know the ice and envy and has never been out of this world?
"Hmm …" Lin Chong thought for a while before he had the right words. "What is it that the other side can’t attack when Zhao Hu soars over Luotian?"
"The other party … is Dr. Lin Man" Zhao Hu suddenly said.
"Ah" Lin Chongwang Zhao Hu Zhao Hu is still the same military uniform but with different temperament. Bao Guang Shen Yun’s face is full of light. Is this what a fairy looks like?
Wait, that’s not the point.
The point is …
"Lin Man just attacked Yue Luo Tian Jie?" Lin Chong asked Zhao Hu.
"Yes, I just found out that Dr. Lin Man chased me up the path and punched me in the sky." Zhao Hu must say.
"Lin Man Earth!" Lin Chong woke Zhao Hu.
"Ah …" Now it’s Zhao Hu’s turn to stupidly. It’s unreasonable for the earth to be separated from Qian Shan by thousands of waters. He frowned. "I was just in a trance. It seems that all kinds of senses have converged at that moment …"
Leave Zhao Hu’s confused Lin Chong to look at the envious celestial manager again and explain it to me.