Mark has to admire Zheng Xian’s ability.

have a look at
This is only in line with the geocentric dimension, and it didn’t take long to bring the bank here.
It’s not about heaven. What is it?
Will mark care?
Stop it
Mark didn’t feel bad when he gave the geocentric dimension.
Knowing his former identity is naturally more impossible to love dearly.
Mark thought for a moment, looked at Reed and said soberly, "Be careful not to be brainwashed by that guy Zheng Xian."
It is no wonder that Zheng Xian’s core values have hit Mark’s memory today.
That is, Mark yearns for capitalism.
Ha ha!
Reid also thought of something, and then he laughed and nodded with nostalgia. "I still remember that it seemed that Zheng Xian specially held a lecture to invite all the cutting-edge figures to the past."
Mark took a sip of coffee and said simply, "It was Zheng Xian who went to Dongguo with him after graduation. I heard that all of them had been married and had children in Dongguo."
It was a lecture in less than half an hour that fooled three people. After graduation, high flyers had a bright future and flew directly to the East.
From this point, you can imagine that Zheng Xian is fooling around.
Just then.
A hearty laugh came from outside the coffee shop.
It’s an eastern language.
Dressed in a suit and hair, accompanied by Hank Hancock, Zheng Xian, a blue lion, entered the coffee shop and shook his head and said, "Mark, you are not authentic and secretly speak ill of others behind their backs."
Mark turned his head lazily and said, "Is there? Isn’t it true that I said it? You should be glad that I didn’t kill you with a hammer when I was in a dormitory. "
"Then I thank you for not killing Eun."
You’re welcome. If you give me another chance, I promise I’ll kill you.
After four people sit down, Caitlin will bring Blue Lion and Zheng Xian coffee.
Mark thumped his finger on the desktop and hesitated for a moment. He said to Zheng Xian, "Personal feelings, I don’t object to your contact with the geocentric dimension, but one thing I have to wake you up. You can’t smuggle anyone into the soil after the geocentric dimension."
Zheng Xian also restrained his smile and said in a formulaic way, "Why do you say that we are peace-loving?"
Without looking up, Mark said, "Then explain to me what the bank across the street is like?"
"You’re wrong about me," Zheng Xian said, nodding at Hank next to him in surprise. "This matter is that Mayor Hancock and Professor Charles came out first."
"Oh?" Mark looked at Hank the Blue Lion with some surprise.
Hank nodded. "Professor Charles came out on this matter. After all, it is hoped that the population of the city will increase, and the East China Mutant City will exchange markets to simplify the process between the two sides. We invite Director Zheng Xian to set up a freely convertible currency bank here."
Mark’s facial expression
Zheng Xian stood beside him and said, "Look at our purpose. You know that peace is our appeal and we reject all unfair wars and all misdeeds."
Mark laughed.
With a long mouth, Zheng Xianshen can say whatever he likes.
Do you believe in Mark?
Ha ha!
Chapter 479 Wan Ciwang specially trained
Mark looked at Zheng Xian.
Zheng Xian also looked at Mark.
When it seems to be condensed.
quite a while
Two people happen to coincide to look elsewhere.
Then burst out laughing.
Mark got up with a smile and stretched himself and said, "Well, it’s best if you love peace and I love peace."
This sentence is said in Makedon Mandarin
The blue lion can understand
But reed is listening to feel unconsciously.
half an hour later
Geocentric dimension wilderness plain
A line of twelve mutants ran wildly in the Grand Canyon in team mode.
Behind them