"Yes" Lin Shuying

"I’ll be fine with you. Although you have Crimson Lotus’s help, I’m afraid it’s still a little difficult to remove all the eyeliner in this palace. Remember to be careful." Liancheng wore a thin and soft pure white dress with the same color gauze to cover her face. According to Huangfuyi’s words, she was tactfully and gently. "Don’t worry about me!"
Huangfuyi hugged her arms tightly and couldn’t wait to crush her immediately in her body. "I will pay you back a thousand times when they humiliate you today!" " Asking his woman to show her back in front of several people is really a sermon in Chapter 4.
"They are humiliating, but it’s really nothing to me. You can’t eat this. I know the limits!"
Quit his arms, smile and touch his face. Judo "I am you, you are you!"
Holding her hand and sticking it to her face, Huangfuyi whispered, "You must protect yourself, you know?"
Liancheng nodded
The huge square at the south gate of the palace was filled with people early.
"Why hasn’t Tainv appeared yet?"
"Do you think Tainu is a goddess or a witch?"
"When I came from West Street, I heard that there were almost dead birds in a forest outside the city, and I saw more than several times more than our street."
"Have you ever seen or heard that caesarean section is safe for the mother?"
"Not before"
"Then it’s over. I don’t believe that Tainu is a demon star reincarnation to harm our spirit month anyway."
"I don’t believe it either!"
The people in the square kept talking with their heads down.
"If Tainvbei really has a colorful lotus totem, then she must be the reincarnation of Luna, and the goddess turned to save us."
"You’re right!"
Suddenly someone shouted, "Look!"
Hearing the speech, people looked at the top of the tower one after another.
The white skirt danced lightly with the wind, standing on the top of the city building, facing the square, and counting the people.
All over the sky, Yuet Hua seemed to gather around her at this moment.
Although her appearance hides the veil, she can still see the outline in the reflection of the bright moonlight.
How beautiful!
Speech depicts beauty.
This is the heart of several people at this time.
One hand failed behind her, and her lips pursed without saying a word.
"Goddess! Goddess! "
Suddenly there was a loud cry in the crowd, that is, the goddess appeared around and the sacred moonlight would emerge; Only a goddess can have such a high-quality charm; Only a goddess can exude dignity.
Liancheng’s eye, like water, fluctuates as if it were still for thousands of years.
A raven head of long hair blooms like Mo Lian, flying behind her head, and slowly she turns around and carries each other.
Straighten your long hair to your chest …
Half-faded dress, she secretly started the spiritual force and immediately gave a breath.