Mark sits upright.

The white wings flapping slowly behind him brought stars all over the sky.
Mark looked at Caratu, who was trampled by wheat, and said dully, "When the burning throne rises from this planet, it will be a day when you cosmic bugs are completely gray."
After a meal, Mark’s eyes shifted from Caratu to a smile. "You can come in person, but you don’t show weakness. At the same time, you will expose your fear of death. But it’s a pity that you show weakness. How do you know that I don’t show weakness?"
Caratu has been completely dumbfounded. "This is impossible. The message I intercepted from the long river here is that it will take ten years for you to recover."
Mark laughed. "When life and death come first, do you think it’s your side or mine?"
Caratu struggled.
Is to break free and get up from the wheat foot first and then run crazy towards the saw.
He can only return to the body if his body center is strange, so as to tell the people who are heading for the earth and want to hack to death the Pluto family one thing.
All this is a trap.
Just like when Pluto first appeared, he completely beat them out of the way.
But this time, the result is no longer to stay away.
But …
exterminate a clan (as a punishment in ancient China)
Mark looked at Mai Mai and appeared directly in front of Caratu, and Caratu was pasted on the wall with one foot.
Sitting on the burning throne, Mark tightened his western sleeve and said softly, "Where’s that stupid dog?"
"I’ll get him …"
"woof woof!"
Before Mai will say something, I immediately waited until an earth-shattering dog called SHIELD. Several people looked through the three-flying decorative window and immediately saw that not far away, there was a three-headed dog covered with poisonous snakes. Cerberus stuck out his tongue and roared toward this side like a dog in the wind.
Cerberus bounced into the window.
Cerberus’s body recovered to a modest size, with three heads sticking out his tongue at Mark, and then bent down to lie down at Mark’s feet as Mark once saw in retrospect.
Cerberus Zuo
Mark looked up and said, "It’s time to end the fight here and go to the next universe. I don’t know …"
Just in the middle of the conversation
A pentagram array covering the whole room is rapidly displayed.
certain musical instruments
Kate, who was in Kryptonian Star Wars, looked at Mark with a smile and said, "Is it time to go to the next universe and recreate your experience here?"
Makha laughed. "How can you provoke enough women? Even from the current ranking, it is estimated that it takes one year for each person to accompany one day to rotate."
Kate said, "So what are you going to do?"
Mark smiled. "Later things are left to Mark to solve our life when the future is too far away."
Kate heard Ike shake her head again.
quite a while