When they saw the information of Ji Xinghe’s combat data and record, they were shocked that Ji Xinghe was invincible like a god.

At this time, Ji Xinghe is like a vegetable market to buy food. The ordinary old man is mortal and somewhat vulgar and greedy
The combination of divine and mortal characteristics made them feel a little uncomfortable for a while.
However, when Ji Xinghe and the captain of the Heart Moon Fox decided that he would jump from the scarred Lonely Brave, many mecha could see the old face of the protective helmet Ji Xinghe.
And this 66-year-old man quickly ran to the broken imperial mecha for disassembly.
Because of different reasons of gravity, Ji Xinghe jumps high and falls slowly, which gives people a feeling of jumping for joy.
The sense of disobedience disappeared in an instant.
What is a god?
People who can’t be talented can also be called gods.
Great power is like the sea, and great power is like a prison. If it really means something, God will definitely ignore the war between human beings and orangutans.
What human beings need is not a real god, but a human nature like a god.
Dismantling workers soon finished. With the help of the space battleship mechanic of the Heart Moon Fox, the imperial mecha in the communication shielding area were all dismantled.
Here comes the jixinghe car. It’s time for the Xinyue Fox to go.
One hundred mecha didn’t board the ship for the first time. They lined up to face the mecha’s core engine without armor, and rode the Milky Way like a garbage collector.
Click mechanical ring one hundred federal mecha solemnly raise my finger tip Qi Mei.
The crew of the Heart Moon Fox was slightly stunned and then stunned.
Ji Xinghe let go of the engine and stood tall and straight.
Chapter 234 I will be strong and you will be strong.
Because the communication has been restored, the angle of view of the lone brave can be seen in many places
At the center of the war, some people in base 6 were assigned to pay attention to the situation of the Star River, while base 5 was relatively relaxed. Many people shared the view of the lone brave through restrictions.
So they can all see the tenth ace mecha in the federal active service sharing the harvest joy with them like the old farmer after unloading their armor.
Ji Xinghe didn’t share what it means to transport all the disassembled core components of the mecha to his transport vehicle.
He also has a self-propelled robot to help him, like a dog owner rushing around in the field.
The transport vehicle is like an ox cart. Every time behind him, next to an imperial mecha that has been dismantled, it will automatically stretch out the track plate of the carriage to make it easier for Ji Xinghe to carry the parts.
It looks like normal disassembly and porters, but the joy of harvest is dyed through the screen to everyone who can see it.
This is indeed a bumper harvest, a personal bumper harvest of Ji Xinghe and a federal bumper harvest.
Three hundred imperial mecha, a marquis and three earl.
If it is frontal battlefield encountered the imperial mecha corps federal mecha soldiers and need to pay how much price to fighters?
Federal fifty thousand active mecha number in normal combat for an average record, may need to pay nearly one percent mecha.
But now it really wins.
"When Lao Ji comes back, shall we also give him a gift?"
People at base 5 made a unanimous decision when they saw Ji Xinghe finally put on armor and set off with the transport vehicle.
"That must be."
Recalling the scene I saw just now, one hundred federal mecha saluted Ji Xinghe without armor. People at Base 5 thought they should salute Ji Xinghe, too.
The old man once again created a miracle, and before he knew it, his meritorious military service was worth saluting by all the federal people.
"I really want to ask Lao Ji how he did it."
"I also want to know."
"Then let’s wait for him to come back and ask?"
"Don’t ask. This battle has been classified as highly confidential. Knowing it will let you know what you shouldn’t know. Don’t ask."
People in base 5 are ticklish, and people in base 6 are ticklish, too.
Especially the Xinghe team, they just received the news that the empire launched 100 medium-range missiles, and one of the targets was that their captain Ji Xinghe was not worried about coming, so they received another news.
"It’s okay, Lao Ji. Three hundred planes chased him, and all the mechs were wiped out."
Chen Xungong was relieved when he heard the good news. If his facial nerve was not damaged and he became facial paralysis, his expression would be rich.
"Lying trough is not to say that there are one hundred and ninety imperial mecha? The dust storm has dissipated. How did Lao Ji do it? "
"There are one hundred missiles. I was almost scared to pee when I heard the news just now. That’s one hundred missiles."
"Yeah, I’m scared to pee, too. Old horse is awesome."
"Has the captain evolved or upgraded?"
"It should be that the plug-in has finally arrived. It has become a trump card. The golden finger of the mecha can be ok."
"No, I think it should be sixty-six years old before Goldfinger comes."
"How about sixty-five years old? Do you have as many cash stars as Lao Ji did when he was sixty-five?"
"Not as much as Lao Ji, but when I first met Lao Ji, I didn’t think he was as strong as he is now."
"Lao Ji said that others are level fitters because they have the level of level fitters and he is level fitters because they have the highest level in the fitter exam."
"The old man has always been so strong that he has no chance to show it?"
"It should not be said that others are ace mecha because they have the level of ace mecha and Lao Ji is ace mecha because the highest level of mecha is ace."