But what will obadiah do when he has a steel suit?

Mental patients are much happier.
Mark is a normal person. He can’t guess Obodai’s next move
Just then.
Once again, the blue delivery door opens near the riverside grass.
Lailisi came out of the delivery door wearing a refreshing T-shirt and loose blonde hair and said with a smile, "I’m not late, am I?"
"woof!" Cerberus, who followed Riley, came out and shook her tail happily.
Kate stood up with a big smile to welcome her.
Mark asked curiously, "Why did you suddenly come back today?"
Lilith pointed to some little girls playing in the racetrack and said, "Dorothy told me there was a barbecue party at home today and … I’m hungry."
Riley said and walked over and shrugged her shoulders.
Mark and Kate were absent-minded for a while in this sentence.
Kate took a deep breath and looked at three-year-old Dorothy after being protected by five-year-old Dorothy.
Children in other people’s homes are taken care of by adults themselves.
But Kate’s turn?
The child will take care of the child by himself, and Kate doesn’t have to worry about it.
Kate nai can throw a dirty look at Mark and laugh.
Mark was dumbfounded, too
Holding hands at Kate is like saying, "Hey, what’s my business?"
Kate snorted the cold and immediately called Lailisi to sit on her side.
After the barbecue.
Lailisi took the lead in saying that she would continue to indulge in learning methods.
Kate and Pepper twist three children into the main building. After all, it’s getting dark.
Mark and Tony lie in the backyard lounge chair to increase their affection … brotherhood!
Mark flipped through his mobile phone and said, "It’s been more than ten days, and you’re not worried about Stark Industries?"
Tony ha ha smiled. "Stark Industries is valuable to me, and I am Stark Industries."
This explanation is very Tony-like.
Mark has something to say
quite a while
Tony waved his beer and immediately said, "But in three days, Jericho missiles will be mass-produced, and I need the army to show a face."
Mark one leng.
Is this back on track?
However, obadiah exposed Tony before. Will he still carry palladium on his chest this time?
Mark is curious.
However, Mark still said that "the strategic situation in the Middle East is very complicated."
Tony nodded and looked at Mark and said, "You think like Pepper. Pepper also asked me to bring jazz."
Mark smiled.
Pepper is also afraid of another incident. Is the story repeated here?
The battle clothes have become holy clothes. What’s on?
Turn over a new leaf?
Stop it
Pepper’s death is better than any panacea. Can’t you see that three small newspapers that rely on Tony’s lace news for a living have closed down in the past ten days?
Think of battle clothes
Mark said curiously, "How’s your … holy garments project going?"
Tony’s eyes lit up, and then he seemed very excited and said, "I’m developing a portable small ark reactor recently, so there’s no need to reconfigure the energy source if a suit of holy clothes is scrapped. I’m thinking of developing a wearable wrist guard ark reactor."
Wrist guard?
Folding Ark Reactor?
Mark lost his mind for a few seconds and then Naitu said, "Why do you bother? It is better to just dig a hole in your chest and stuff it into the ark reactor. The whole person is still flashing and it looks particularly classy. "
Mark, this sentence means spitting.