Stop it!

Gordon has no eyes. People see the world by their ability.
Gordon said that he was afraid of many things, but hallucination attacks were the least feared.
Maybe this is what people often say about misfortune and happiness.
During the call, Mark still told Jiaying about the possible risks in Princess Ogu’s tomb, and Jiaying must take it seriously.
After all, aliens are allies.
Mark never says anything to his ally!
half an hour later
Mark just got back to his office and got ready to celebrate himself with a bottle of bordeaux.
Deputy director Cooper directly pushed the door and looked at Mark with a face of nai.
Mark took a sip of the wine and raised his glass to Cooper Yao Yao and said, "Would you like a drink?"
Cooper "…"
After sitting on the sofa, Cooper said with a glass to Mark Naidi, who was sitting in the office chair, "How many days did you say you were absent this month?"
Mark said without looking at the news, "I’m relieved to have you in the bureau!" "
Cooper opened his mouth and had nothing to say.
Is it good to take the salary of deputy director and do the work of director?
It must be good to promise.
This is not what Cooper, who has rich experience in workplace struggle, imagined.
What about infighting?
What about office politics?
Since the beginning of this year, it has been 10 months, 300 days, and it has been less than a month …
But it happened!
Even the chief justice department ignored it …
Chapter 393 Mark goddaughter
Mark is naturally clear about Cooper’s tangled little psychology
But isn’t that great?
Perfect to avoid the loss of the fight.
The deputy director of the salted fish life is diligent.
If it weren’t for the positive position, Mark would want to switch places with Cooper and live a free-range life as a salted fish.
Mark shifted his eyes from his brain screen to Cooper and said, "All right, help me to refer to which of these two gifts is more suitable."
Cooper "…"
Three o’clock in the afternoon
Cooper’s tangled and resentful little eyes, Mark left early again and drove directly to the supermarket with a white field car.
There’s a reason why London doesn’t stop for a moment.
My own goddaughter is today’s birthday.
Godfather Mark must be present.