It is no problem for Yogaole to purchase money from China Real Bank in the name of purchasing raw materials and charitable donations from this parent company to handle the scale of several billion Romanian dollars each year.


However, after the scale of funds has increased by an order of magnitude, it is difficult to deal with it again.
Yogaole used to be health care, but in fact it was secretly selling vitality drugs. In the future, it is necessary to register vitality drugs and be approved as a formal city health care provider.
After two years of planning, Yogaole has been able to do this.
The health care market must be certified to be safe and effective, especially safety, and the policies of each country are not quite the same. Even if one country is approved, another country may not allow legal sales.
Hua Zhen and Yue Gaole have not been idle for two years. They have made samples through three institutions. The data accumulation plan is divided into three phases. The first phase is ten years, the second phase is thirty years, and the third phase is sixty years.
These three institutions are Guinea Spring Dan Center, Oheim Pharmaceutical Group controlled by Rochester, and St. John Biotechnology Company established by Yogoro.
What kind of health care product needs such a long time to track the accumulation of experimental data? I’m afraid only the second and third phases of Chundan, not to mention the first phase, will last for ten years.
Huazhenxing expects that the data recorded in ten years will not be as long as 30 years or 60 years, which first proves the safety of Chundan, but also proves its effectiveness preliminarily.
Sota signed a general agent agreement with Golog for a period of ten years.
After ten years, Chundan or vitality medicine can be officially marketed in some countries and regions, and there is no problem in a few countries.
However, about Gao Le has the ability to dig out a "small phase" abruptly, so this year, the Roba Alliance, a vital medicine, was officially launched, and it is of course no problem to follow suit in several countries.
The experimental data in Jokolo’s hands can prove that the safety is not the same as the validity of the control.
Although the vitality medicine is legally sold as a health care product, it is not available in the market and can only be enjoyed through membership.
Making money about Gao Le is not only selling medicine, but also adding value to other aspects.
But in this case, there are more problems to deal with, such as how many miles of national tax collection involves, how many miles of foreign affairs are easy to handle, and you need to ask Gao Le to worry about.
The two teams have also thought of many ways. For example, St. John’s Biotechnology Company plans to set up a production base for vital drugs in several countries, and the specific address is Port of Somalia.
The supporting center also puts the port of Somalia, which can greatly save money.
The production base is easy to handle. Chundan is simply produced locally and then processed into vitality medicine.
Matching is another alternative, because St. John’s biotechnology company is a set of value-added, such as vital drugs need expert guidance, but also the latest instruments to monitor the status of various physiological indicators
Then those who also set up these health centers in Somalia do not need to stay in the health centers all the year round, but it is best to receive expert guidance and monitoring there in those days when they are young.
All aspects of the infrastructure of the port of Somalia need to be configured in line with this point, which needs to be guaranteed by Huazhenhang.
It is a feasible way to send an assistant to receive guidance and buy vitality medicine to take back even if the real medicine user has no time.
It won’t be disappointing if you come to accept the arrangement of "health care" in person, but it’s absolutely worthwhile to set aside an island and set up a base in Bihu Scenic Area.
When the market is drugged and people come to several countries in an endless stream, it can also drive local consumption and tourism is an investment growth … These are the comprehensive expectations.
Huazhenxing can cover the success of this special project because of the high price of Chundan.
If someone buys a box of Chundan, they will send a 10-day tour to the country to enjoy the VIP treatment in Bihu Scenic Area, and the official organization of the scenic tour of the country will be optional according to their interests.
In this way, the production and sales of vital drugs are as far as possible, and complex taxes and other financial problems can be avoided.
To outsiders, it seems that Gambistin has made huge income by engaging in several projects of biotechnology companies in China.
Spending huge sums of money on raw materials in St. John’s Biotechnology Company leads to little or no profit, which is just collusion with local forces to do accounting and tax avoidance-which multinational company doesn’t do this?
This arrangement can be described as well-meaning, racking one’s brains, although not solving all the problems, but it is also quite difficult.
As the saying goes, such a big deal is not as simple as a grocery store selling goods. You pay and I give things.
For example, the payment requested by Huazhen Bank is Dong Guo currency, which is about 200 billion Dong Guo currency every year. There is nothing to get because Dong Guo currency is not freely convertible into international currency at present, and Dong Guo’s financial supervision is very strict.
It’s okay to pay Luo Yuanhua according to the foreign exchange rate at that time if Gao Le can try his best to pay the eastern currency first, but it’s okay to accept it or not.
However, Hua Zhenxing resolutely refused to accept rice yuan.
Chapter 464, the amount of merit
It is a strange choice not to accept rice yuan in Chundan transaction, because rice yuan is recognized as the international currency and the most important foreign exchange reserve of all countries in the world today.
However, the purpose of Hua Zhen’s trip is to avoid the occurrence of Chundan production and sales in the United States as little as possible, and the reasons why it does not happen at this stage are very complicated
First of all, historically, Guinea has been sanctioned twice by the United States for some inexplicable reasons.
First, Guinea received assistance from the former Mauro League in the 1970s; Second, at the beginning of the century, because the United States supported political forces to launch a coup but failed, it also triggered war.