Gibbs smiled and took the bulletproof vest handed by Kate.
Beside McKee and Tony, they are silent and don’t tidy up their own equipment.
Just then.
"Dada …"
Eliminate Gothic makeup and smooth the hair. Identification Bureau scenery Abby wore Kate to the bridesmaid yesterday.
The appearance directly attracted all eyes of Gibbs’ office staff.
Kate was even more surprised and said, "Wow, I will not fit again."
"It’s just my size," Abby said, walking up to Kate. "I’m looking forward to your bride now."
Kate smiled.
Heart can’t help but think of one thing.
it goes like this…
Mark is in charge of everything in this respect.
Does Kate remember not telling Mark what size Abby should wear?
How did Mark know?
"Ah, cut!"
"God bless you"
"… thank you"
Mark smiled at an old man with glasses and a white beard sitting next to him.
Rubbed his nose and looked at the scenery outside through the window.
around the corner
Mark had a stretch with his seat in mind, and then he glanced at the old man next to him.
The old man has been sketching with a white pen.
That hand speed
I can’t see at all that the person with this hand speed will be an ordinary-looking old man with a toad-like glasses and a white beard.
The blank paper appeared in the picture through sketch.
hold a gun
A little while
When a sketch appears, the picture appears.
Before Mark was curious, the old man turned over a page again and continued to draw quickly with a sketch pen.
But this time, the picture made Mark’s eyebrows inadvertently for a week.
It’s still on the roof somewhere
Still three men with guns.
But this time,
One person fell to the ground.
The eyebrows are pierced!
When I saw this picture,
Mark’s heart beat suddenly and rapidly.
A strange feeling came to Mark’s mind.
What happened?
While Mark was wondering, the old man had already painted the second picture.
After turning a page
The old man’s right hand is also inexplicable.
One second